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OSTEOPOROSISNow this is really important about Osteoporosis, how many of people in here have bones, people? Everyone, okay! If anyone wants to take up body building, you can join my favorite group but have to be a minimum of 75 years old. Maybe I’ll be there because I have about 23 years left. Osteoporosis is the thinning of bones and is this picture you have in your mind? Yeah! This is a frustrating thing because you’re going to find out that this absolutely not necessary. In aboriginal culture, Osteoporosis doesn’t exist so why is it popular in ours? We gotta look at the structure. 

Next week we’re  going to talk about arthritis reversal and in fact, we’re going to be talking about joints in the whole month of January. Did I say treat or reverse it, reverse? I thought that I spoke correctly. Reversing arthritis and if you look at your body, these joints are six to nine months old. Also your bones are only six to nine months old. Joints and bones are a very dynamic structure and there are cells that live, lay down, and tear up bones.

We have to figure out how they work or how they deteriorate. When we look at an example of the spine, and you’ll see that this is front and the back of the vertebra. The nerves come out of the middle and they control and coordinate every function of the body. Not a little bit of function, but everything. Do you see this in the area in between the bone, it’s called a disc and it can be a problem. The disc is about 70% fluid so if you have incorrect motion that will causes the bone to come down on the nerve. The body can’t control itself if the nerve is crushed and that would be very bad, right?  People tend open up the back area where the nerves are and they stand like this because it’s comfortable. If a person that stands like this means that the bone is coming on top of that nerve. There’s not a correct motion and it’s an incorrect fluid going to the joint so it will get smaller. Once the fluid gets out, what happens is that gravity starts taking its toll. However the 70 old guy stays the same.  Movement and nutrients is what keeps bones healthy. 

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