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PUBLIC: Autoimmune Disorders Overview

Autoimmune disorders are the fourth most popular disease known; however, it was almost unknown about four years ago. Furthermore, autoimmune disorders are when the body’s immune system reacts properly in the wrong direction. That leads to this question:

“Why is it that the immune system, which is designed to recognize pathogens, is attacking itself?”

Moreover, we have thousands of bacteria living inside each of our cells, so we live in harmony with them. Therefore,

“The real cause of disease is a weakening of the immune system”

The immune system is designed to identify and kill a pathogen (viruses, funguses or bacteria), which is called an oxidative metabolism. If one compromises the blood supply and nerve supply to their immune system, they will more than likely develop an infection.

For example,

“Your body produces 10,000 cancer cells a day, and you eliminate 10,000 cancer cells a day,” and “The problem is if this immune system recognizes a joint has a pathogen, then you’re going to develop rheumatoid arthritis”

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