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HOME REMEDIESNow, tonight we’re talking about home remedies. The tough part with this is it’s going to kind of put responsibility on you. How many people utilize medical care? I know, I know, what’s tough is when I say “medical care,” They’re not really into health care. One of my patients, she’s a pharmacist, and there was a conference going on and I said “well, are you going to this conference?” She said “No, that’s for healthcare.” I said “You’re a pharmacist! Aren’t you into healthcare?” She said “No, we’re in disease management.”  “You’re in disease management?” “Okay, yeah, we’re in disease management.”

So when you look at this, one of the greatest speakers I ever saw, his name was Dr. Fred [Barge], he would quote himself. So, in his honor: “Anything that helps the immune system is good. Anything that hurts it is generally bad.” That’s Dr. John R. Bergman.  I don’t know, I just wanted to quote me.

Okay, now, what’s tough is, if you look at this, we’re going to talk about home remedies but what are the main things? Infection and illness, so if you can solve both of them, it’s ideal, but the entire medical community is a juggernaut and it’s moving in the wrong direction. It thinks that the disease is the thing that we’re going after. We’re supposed to fight cancer, the war on diabetes, the war on this, that’s all a lie! It’s the wrong direction. 

Now, pathogens, they’re either virus, fungus, bacteria, or a mold. These viruses, funguses, bacteria, and mold are everywhere. They’re everywhere! They’re not a problem unless you have a weakened immune system. Now, Dr. Theobold Smith came up with this formula and I like formulas. This one works out really well. It’s called “severity of disease.” Now, severity of disease has a couple of different factors: one of them, the number of pathogens.

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