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PUBLIC: Natural Cancer Cures cancer treatment     Good. First off, thank you so much for making it here tonight, because I’ve got to tell you, to take time out of your day just to learn something. This information is radically different than what you’re going to learn from your doctor, and you’re going to find out why, because a lot of this information’s illegal. I know you’re thinking, “Information is illegal?”

      When we look at this, right now, if you’re looking at that guy with the long nose, that’s actually incredibly advanced technology for its time. At the time, we knew, without a doubt, that disease came from sin, evil spirits, and bad humors, bad air. In fact, that’s why around swamps, we thought it had bad air. You know how to say ‘bad air’ in French? “Mal air”. . . ria. See, we still use stupid terms like that. Of course, the red lenses means that spirits can’t pass through red lenses. We look at this now, and we think that’s really stupid, it’s ignorant.

       A lot of the therapies that we do nowadays are just as ignorant. When we looked at bleeding, you remember the practice of bleeding? It’s what killed George Washington. That was started by the Egyptians, practiced thousands of years. It was practiced up until 1900. If you talked to the doctors in the late 1800’s, late 1700’s, 1600’s, they would say, “Look, we have empirical data that this is what’s been done for thousand of years. It’s fantastically good. We know that the bad blood is in the dark ones, and the good blood is in the red ones, so we drain out the bad blood.” This is stupid. OK?

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