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PUBLIC POST: Blood Pressure

We’re going to talk about blood pressure, OK? Now, what’s tough is, this is one of the most ignorant therapies I’ve ever seen on the planet. And we’re going to start to break through a lot of barriers. It has to do with not just legend, but with false medical practices. So when we look at this, let’s figure out how we actually take blood pressure. pressureNow, this is going to sound really crazy because how we take blood pressure is over a hundred years old. It was found out in 1905. So what they do, and I’m going to walk you through this, so if this sounds antiquated and stupid and ridiculous. 

OK, they’re going to put a blood pressure cuff on you and they’re going to increase the pressure on this until they actually shut the blood supply off to the arm. Then they’re going to put a listening device a little bit further down the arm than the blood pressure cuff.

Then they’re going to slowly release the pressure on this until they start to hear a sound. And then they, oh, they write down that pressure! OK? Then they keep releasing the pressure until they hear, oh, it stopped! And then they write it down.

Now, this is considered how we take blood pressure. I know it sounds antiquated; it is over a hundred-year-old technology. But what it does, the theory is that the first number is the output of the heart; the second number is the overall resting pressure of the body. But now, let’s see if that’s really appropriate.

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