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Public Post: Depression & Bipolar Disorder


We’re talking about depression and bipolar disorder, but you’ve got to figure it all has to do with digestion. I know that sounds weird, but when you look at this, first off this is epidemic. Now this fellow here, Robert Whitaker wrote a brilliant book called The Epidemic, and it is an epidemic. If you figure one out of three Americans have some type of mental disorder, okay? Now that’s pretty obvious, particularly if you’re in Wal-Mart. you know, I mean if one out of three Americans have some type of disorder, the tough part is one in four women are taking some kind of medications for this, so this is ridiculous. There’s something going wrong when 30%, I mean if we were a herd of water buffalos and a third of the water buffalos were like running into walls or not socially interacting correctly, would we go there with medications or would we find the problem?

So now the tough part is the therapy that they’re choosing. Now this is going to sound completely insane, if you understand anatomy and physiology. In the old days and this is before the anti-depressant drugs, severe depression, and we’re talking severe depression, these are depression patients who would have to be hospitalized for it. Depression was considered short-term, six months hospitalization at most, and it was one time. So it was a very short duration, one time, people recovered and it never returned. Okay, so that was common.



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