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Public Post: Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia: Real Solutions for a Real Problem

Real Solutions for a Real Problem

Now, the tough part with this is, it’s a disease that, according to medical authorities, is incurable. Now, the symptoms are real. The symptoms are absolutely real, but, does the disease itself exist? Well, lets looks into that.

Now, first off, this is the Mayo Clinic definition of Fibromyalgia. Now, they’re talking about a lot of tender points. But if you look at it, a disease characterized by wide-spread pain, fatigue, memory issues, mood issues. So, when you look at this, the symptoms typically begin after a trauma or surgery. Think of this. So, we’ve got a condition that has wide-spread symptoms; pain, discomfort, mood alterations, muscle aches, joint pain, everything else that generally comes on after a trauma.

Does that make sense? So, what’s the modern medical world do when it comes to dealing with traumas? Well, first off, they do a chemical solution. They do muscle relaxants, pain relievers, anti-inflammatories. And all medications either slow or stop metabolic processes, or they poison an enzyme, or they block a receptor site. So, obviously, if we treat traumas with toxic chemicals, you’re going to end up with side effects. I love this. According to the Mayo site, there’s no cure for Firomyalgia. Because when you’re looking for chemical solution, or chemical sure to an actual nervous system problem, you’re going to have a challenge with that. Now, when we look at the facts about Fibromyalgia, people hurt all over. I’ve had patients come in here and say, “Doc., honestly, my hair hurts.” They can’t sleep. It’s miserable. It just wears you out.

Now, with the official diagnosis you need 18 out of 22 tender points. You need to be tender, or sore for at least 3 months. There’s no x-ray analysis. There’s no diagnostic criteria that’s subjective where you can go in there are shoot an x-ray, get a blood test, and say that you have this disease. It’s crazy. Then you’ve got this 19th century thinking. You remember the analogy of the blind man looking at the elephant. The guy at the truck says, “Oh my gosh, it’s a snake.” The guy at the tail says, “Wow. This is some kind of plant life.” The guy in the middle says, “It’s a wall.” And the guy hugging the leg says, “It’s a tree.” That’s pretty much what our medical system is.

You take these people with Fibromyalgia. They go to a Gastroenerologist, diagnosed with digestive disorders, and given an antacid, even though antacids cause muscle aches and joint pain. Then they go to a neurologist, because they have diffused nerve pain everywhere. Then they’re given Neurontin, or some other type of drug there. That’s not working, and they’re hurting and taking multiple drugs. So they go to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist goes out, and gives them more drugs that cause muscle aches and joint pain. It’s foolishness. It’s absolute 19th century thinking.[hcshort id=”8″]

So, we’re in a cycle now, with Fibromyalgia, that there’s no definitive diagnostic criteria. It’s 18 of 22 tender points. They don’t know the cause, and they’re considered incurable. So, you’ve got this vicious cycle of stress, your body’s natural responses to stress, chemical solutions to the stress, lowered resistance, increased sickness and disease. Or it’s symptom, drug, symptom, drug, symptom, drug, and that’s not how the body works.

Disease doesn’t exist. Fibromyalgia doesn’t exist. I know that’s tough to understand, and I’m going to get a lot of negative responses on YouTube. But, it’s like this darkness exists. No. You can see the darkness up in the corner, but darkness is just lack of light. It’s just not enough light forming. So, we have to look at darkness does not exist. It’s lack of light. So, disease doesn’t exist. It’s just lack of health. We have to look at this not looking for disease.

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