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Public Post:Forks Over Knives Review

This  Forks Over Knives review is for Americans wondering where we went wrong.

In the film, Forks over Knives. The film asserts that deadly diseases, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, can be prevented, controlled or reversed, if we improve (change) our diets. What is the meaning behind the name of the movie?

“The forks represent what you’re putting in your mouth and the knife is referring to a scalpel (aka surgery)”

We all know we could eat a little healthier.  What this film points out is the food we have been told is healthy may not be.  It goes in depth into the largest research study done in the history of mankind and reveals some shocking information regarding dairy products and their carcinogenic effects.  The corn and soybeans we had just 20 years ago is not the same today.  Monsanto and other companies have stepped in and genetically modified crops in order to produce more, less nutrient rich, produce.  If that isn’t bad enough, these GMO foods have caused a huge spike in autoimmune disorders due to their toxic contents.

Our diets have caused obesity and diseases. Here are the alarming statistics:

The average American carries an extra 23 pounds.

Every 60 seconds an American dies from heart disease.

460,000 American women died from heart disease and stroke this year.

There are 215,000 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed each year.

1,500 people a day die from cancer…

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