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PUBLIC: Strokes and Chiropractic

strokes and chiropracticPeople often avoid chiropractors because of some horror story they have heard about someone’s distant relative or friend and rarely a personal negative experience.  Stroke, paralysis and even death are obviously serious but the risk of any of these due to a chiropractic adjustment is minuscule. The truth about strokes and chiropractic and more details on the true causes of strokes are revealed here.

Welcome to the Half Hour To Health. Tonight, now, when you look at the death rates or the causes of death, number one and two, it bounces back and forth between heart disease and cancer, and number three is medical care. Number four is strokes. Now, the tough part with that is we want to know the cause of it. Now, 80 percent of all strokes, there are two types of strokes, and figure what that is, it’s lack of oxygen to the brain. One part of the stroke is called a hemorrhagic stroke. Now, hemorrhagic strokes are 20 percent of them, and that’s where a blood vessel literally bursts, and then blood can’t get to that area of the brain, or the area of the brain dies. The other part is called ischemic strokes, where they think, and this is one of the theories, is that a blood clot clogs an artery and an area can’t get that supplied with oxygen, so that area of the brain dies. They say antioxidants can prevent it, but if you look at this, this was copied out of a medical text, it’s considered to be the result of atherosclerosis. Considered. They don’t know. They don’t know what actually causes it, but it is important, because every 45 seconds someone suffers a stroke, every 3.1 minutes someone dies of a stroke, and this is in America, 4 million stroke survivors, 29 percent of the people that have strokes are under 65, so this is a very, very common condition. Now, this is tough, because I copied this off the American Stroke website, and some of their information is true, some of it’s not.

First off, the number one thing they say is high cholesterol encourages a buildup of arterial plaque, raw material for a stroke-inducing clot. That’s false. High cholesterol does not clog it, and you’re going to see several journal articles that I’m going to present that show that low levels of cholesterol cause an increase in strokes. Cholesterol, if it clogged arteries, wouldn’t it clot the small ones? Then people would be walking around with black fingers and toes. Cholesterol, or LDL cholesterol, is produced under tissue damage or under stress, but you’re going to find out tonight about triglycerides. Triglycerides are hugely important. Have you heard of high triglyceride levels, that that’s an indicator of a problem? Well, you’re going to find out the mechanism tonight of how they form and how they do arterial damage. 

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