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PUBLIC: What is Ulcerative Colitis, IBS a & Crohn’s?

What is Ulcerative ColitisSometimes my patients come in and ask “What is Ulcerative Colitis, IBS or Crohn’s Disease and what can chiropractic care do about it?”

This is a self induced illness so we’ve got to find out why we’re inducing it on ourself. Some people call it our immune disorder. Some people say it’s genetic. None of that stuff makes sense. I want to teach you about how the digestive system works.

You might think at first that God screwed up putting a wet drippy thing over the mouth but no. This is where digestion is. Your entire health, how you reverse disease is dependent on your body’s ability to take carbohydrates and break them down to usable sugars. To take proteins, break them down to amino acids and fats to fatty acids. If you cannot do that you’re going to have a disease with life, dis-ease.

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