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ADD disorder cause and cure


Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD Disorder) and  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD Disorder) and the cause of them both.

ADD disorder and ADHD disorder are being “Treated in the United States at epidemic proportions with medication, stimulants.” However, “Instead of drugging the kids, I’m here to present a possible cause of it.”'ADHD


A normal neck is suppose to have a gentle curve in it, but “If that curve is interrupted or has pressure on it, that could interrupt the brain signal to the body and cause what’s called a sympathetic dominant state AKA fight or flight syndrome”.

 During the birthing process, a child’s curve can be interrupted. You must “Understand how births are done in this country to understand that children can be injured during what’s considered the normal birth process”

80% of children have birth trauma.

This “Birth trauma can put pressure on the nervous system, causing a child to be hyperactive. The child is also under that fight or flight response”         

If a child has that pain in the neck from a traumatic birth problem (because the curve is interrupted), will they be consciously aware of it later? No, they will not.

Here are a list of other complications, aside from ADD disorder, ADHD disorder and chronic pain, associated with birth trauma:

  • Ear infections
  • Screaming at night
  • Digestion issues

“100% of the kids that have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD that have come in to my office, have had birth trauma.”

How can you prevent birth trauma; thus, preventing ADD and ADHD?

Take these precautions and steps:

  • Try and do home births most of the time, unless there’s some extreme complication, for it’s much healthier for the child.
  • Following childbirth, get your child’s neck examined immediately.
  • Get the child’s nervous systems checked.

Our bodies gives us symptoms for a reason, so get it checked out!

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