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Benefits of Juicing

http://benefits of juicingWelcome to the True Health Tuesdays. Okay now, tonight is going to be a little bit different. We’re going to talk about all the different types and benefits of juicing and blending and then we have an enzyme expert Jeannine, who’s is going to demonstrate a very safe, effective method to open a coconut, and then she’s going to demonstrate her method that she opens which…

Jeannine:  I thought they were one and the same.

Well, kind of. It just seems a little aggressive. Okay but, first I mean all of this stuff and you can see beautiful vegetables and all these machines and stuff. It might be kind of neat, but why? Why even make the effort? Now in the back, we have Tiffany doing scans and scans, we can do that after when we start juicing, because it will be a little bit of an interlude there, they test antioxidant level. Then most of these machines are available from Fern’s Nutrition, and we’ve got the owner of Fern’s right here, and she actually has a discount that it’s called special pricing. If you just mention, you know “Hey, I’m with Bergman Chiropractic, you know.” It’s not like something will fell off a truck, but you’ll get a better deal.

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So first what we want to talk about is I mean all of these things are methods to get food into your system and why would it be so important? I mean what’s the deal? Why don’t we just go down to McDonald’s and get something? Now a lot of people, and I’ll say “Well, you got to eat more fruits and vegetables. You’ve got to clean your arteries. You’ve got to get it.” Guess what the answer I get about 99% of the time? I eat salads. Okay and that’s cool, but the problem is how do you masticate it? Okay, the digestion process begins in the mouth, and we learned that last week with enzymes, so you start to chew it up. How many people chew their food well enough, or have good jaws or have good salivary amylase to breakdown the carbohydrates?

Now if you’re looking at a carrot, now this right here is a carrot that you could knock somebody over with the head with. Okay, now if you chew this up, you’re going to get about 1.0% of the nutrients, and that’s because the nutrients are, they’re inside of those plant cells. You’ve got to find a way to break them open. Now juicing, you actually separate the soluble fiber, which is the rich juice, the rich nutrient- rich stuff that you want to get in your system, with the stuff you can’t digest. So in juicing you’re going to simulate nearly 100% of it, so what do you want 100% or 1.0%?

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