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Mission Statement

Our mission at Bergman Family Chiropractic is to educate and adjust as many families as possible to optimal health through natural chiropractic care.


18582 Beach Blvd #22 Huntington Beach, CA.

We focus on the CAUSE of your symptoms and NOT just masking symptoms. 

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Are you suffering from radiating pain down your leg, numbness down your arms, carpal tunnel syndrome or migraine headaches?  All of these conditions have a myriad of medications that can be taken to mask the symptoms.  The problem is that these dangerous medications do not fix the CAUSE of the problem.  Here at Bergman Family Chiropractic we focus on the entire human body.  The central nervous system is the master system.  It controls breathing, heartbeat, sensation and every other body function.  The dynamic design of the human body is to be a constantly regenerating organism.  This means billions of cells are broken down and billions are regenerated EVERY DAY in a healthy environment.  Problems arise when this gentle balance is disrupted and more cells breakdown than are regenerated.  This leads to dis-ease.  Here in our office, we see thousands of people a month with chronic conditions that are supposedly incurable.  We take these patients and educate them on the regenerative ability of the body with optimal nerve function, nutrition and movement.  Dr Bergman is a best-selling published author, speaker and expert in the function of the human body.  Feel free to browse our new website,, to see some of the advice he has on blood pressure, fibromaylgia, arthritis and many other health conditions.



What is chiropractic care?

  • Chiropractic care involves the manual manipulation of the bones of the spine (vertebrae).  When a vertebra is out of place it can often put pressure on the spinal nerves that go from the spinal cord out to the rest of the body.  This is like pinching off a garden hose to a garden.  Without an open flow of water, the garden will suffer.  The same is true of the organs and systems the spinal nerves may go to.  IF the nerves are pinched, the organs and systems they supply will suffer.  Chiropractors use a variety of techniques to remove this pressure which gives optimal nerve flow to the body giving it the best chance at optimal health. Moving of the bones of the spine is called an adjustment.  Often times there is a small pop that can be heard.  This is not the bones “cracking” but rather a bubble of CO2 being formed in the synovial fluid in the joints between vertebrae.  Along with this relief of pressure is a release of endorphins, the body’s own feel good drug.  This often leads to an increased sense of well-being and/or warmth following adjustments.

Is chiropractic safe?

  • It is one of the safest forms of healthcare out there.  There is no comparison to modern medical care because it is one of the leading causes of death in America today.  People having the correct procedure done on the wrong arm or leg, properly prescribed drugs in the proper dose still cause a laundry list of harmful side-effects with suicide and death in some cases.  Is chiropractic safe? Absolutely

Are X-rays safe?

  • There have been many advances in X-ray technology over the last few years.  More offices are throwing out the old film processors and the chemicals that go along with them.  Digital Xray upgrades are more affordable every day. This means a drastic decrease in radiation which means less radiation exposure to the patient.  Our office has a cutting edge digital Xray machine the sends images directly into the computer which saves time and gives the patient the lowest amount of radiation exposure.  Are Xrays safe? In our office, they are as safe as you can get with today’s cutting edge technology.

What can I expect on my first visit?

  • You will get a tour of our office, explaining how we are different than most chiropractic offices.  You will then be taken back to the discovery room where you will be educated on the subluxation and their detrimental effects on the body.  The Doctor will then perform a detailed medical history and then check your range of motion.  He will also check for any imbalances in your spine.  After that, he will check you for any misalignments (subluxations) of the spine and begin your education on what specific subluxations can lead to certain conditions in your body.  If the doctor feels it is necessary, you will then be escorted across to the Xray room where you will have whatever Xrays the Doctor has prescribed taken. The entire first visit takes about 15-20minutes.

What do you charge?

  • Each individual patient is evaluated to determine what care they need.  Charges vary depending on what the Doctor discovers in the exam and on any Xrays he may have requested. We are insurance friendly.  We will make a copy of your insurance card during your first visit in order to verify coverage.


Where are you located?

18582 Beach Blvd. #22

Huntington Beach, CA




  1. Budi Y. Djunaedi says:

    Hi Dr. B,
    I am Budi from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve contacted you before on June 2015.
    Me and my family are planning to go to visit your clinic on Mid December 2015 (between Dec 14-23).
    I want to have your examinations on my daughter and my son.
    I have several questions regarding my visit:
    1. Are you available during that time?
    2. How do I make appointment with your clinic?
    3. What should we prepare before we go to your clinic?
    4. Can we get the out-of-towner special rate for first exam :) ?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Dr B, hope your well.
    Just a quick question, a friend of ours, has had problems with her coccyx for over 20 years, she has seen so many specialists over the years but now they are talking about removing it. That doesn’t seem a good idea to me.
    She has always been quite heavy, but i have started working with her recently, and she has lost 56 pounds and have fixed her constipation, as she was going only every ten days, now goes every day.
    What can we do for her?

    • Crawford
      You are correct my friend, it’s not a good idea at all. Removing the coccyx won’t help, actually it will make it worse. She’s already on the right path by losing weight that will help greatly. Find a corrective chiropractor in your area. CLICK HEREfor the 7 questions. If your potential chiropractor can answer yes to 5 of the 7 then you are in the right place. You’re awesome thank you for helping your friend out.

      Dr B

  3. Rabster973 says:

    Hi John, hope you are keeping well buddy.

    My wife is having problems with bother her feet – mainly her right. She is suffering what would best be described as some form of skin infection., kind of like dermatitis.

    She’s obviously deficient in certain minerals etc.

    Do you have any recommendations that would help her along a wee bit?

    Thanks again for all your help


    • Hi Robert, She may have low acid in her stomach, have her try bentaine-HCL, and dermatitis maybe from a fungal or candida over growth. She should start taking vitamin D 5,000IU’s to 10,000IU’s per day and probiotics. Have her take warm baths and moisture with coconut oil. She will get better, I will help in any way I can.

      Dr B

      • Rabster973 says:

        Great, thanks for that Doc. Yeah the low acid in her stomach would make sense as she always drinks sparkling carbonated water. Will do everything you have recommended. Thanks for your time Dr B :-)

  4. Wanda Hum says:

    Thank – You Dr. Bergman and family. Also, all the other people working behind the scenes.
    God truly has blessed you and your family and everyone else that is there. I am grateful. My sincere thanks.

  5. Brenda Martin says:

    Also forgot to mention that throat is very dry and throat is very dry– having been drinking water but very dry–head a little achy. Thanks

  6. Brenda Martin says:

    Are you aware of an emergency corrective chiropractor in Illinois– have problems breathing, understand nervous system, neck and spine are out of alignment, not natural curve, head has shifted forward–met thursday with Chiro Wellness in Illinois, did a brief neck adjustment and lower back adjustment. Felt fine Thursday– noticed breathing problem Friday and now ongoing Saturday only more intense. Understand from past experiences going to ER will not help but has done much to destroy my immune system with steroids and respirator. Please tell me what I can do to get some rest and sleep. Tomorrow is Sunday and have been googling Internet searching for a chiropractor that is opened on Sundays. My upper left back by shoulder blades is starting to bother me. I just need lungs to relax so I can breathe. Thanks for responding ASAP. Brenda

    • Hi Brenda, in Illinois check out Chiro-one they are a good start for a corrective Chiropractor, also make sure your hydrating well and keep up with coconut water and you might also want to try hot liquids
      Dr B

  7. Rabster973 says:

    Hi John,

    What is your stance with young kids who develop Brain cancers and rare forms of cancer such as Neuroblastoma?

    Obviously us adults are largely responsible due to all the areas you regularly talk about.

    In relation to the kids, is it due to the parents lifestyle before and during birth?

    Also, what recommendations would you have for these little ones?

    Many thanks in advance for any input you have


    • Hi Robert, The most common source of brain tumors in kids is vaccinations, a good site is there can be some toxic exposure from the parents that can also contribute to tumors but vaccination is the main cause also look for GMO exposure as well, to heal a child that has a brain tumor the best approach is from Dr Burzynski
      Dr B

      • Rabster973 says:

        So interesting you say this Dr B, I was just watching lots of Dr Burzynski’s work yesterday on You Tube, his story really is one of inspiration and a rule to us all to never give in to those that control the purse strings.

        Something else I forgot to ask on my previous post….

        My 2 year old is due lots of vaccinations shortly however I really don’t want him to get them, we’ve already refused the flu shot but now he’s getting closer to nursery he starts to get pre-school booster shots etc, any advice would be invaluable.

        Keep up the good, you are changing so many people’s lives :-)


  8. I have a friend who lives in St. Augustine, FL who is in need of chiropractic care. Is there a good place to find a corrective chiropractor in her area?

    • Hi Karen, I don’t know of any corrective Chiropractors in Florida, here is a list to ask of the Chiropractors close to her:
      questions to find a good one:
      1. do you take x-rays? you get spinal listing off of those x-rays?
      3. do you reverse arthritis?
      4. do you work on post surgical cases?
      5. do you take post x-rays to document the structural changes made?
      6. do you work on children and osteoporosis patients?
      7. is your goal to restore normal function beyond symptoms?
      If you find a chiropractor that answers “yes” to 5 of those questions you found a good one, if you find a Chiropractor that says “Yes” to all 7 then you found a rock star!
      Dr B

  9. Crawford Easton says:

    Hi John,
    First of all let me give thanks for all the kindness you showed to Marion and myself, it really was a great honor to meet you, and best of all be treated by you. Now back home in Scotland we have found a nice young chiropractor who is into nutrition and has an x-ray machine and takes listings from them.
    Just wanted to ask if you know of the Gonstead System that he practices.
    We are going back with the x-rays you gave us to see if he can continue the good work that you started, but unfortunately could not finish. I am feeling a lot better with the headaches and the dull pain from the neck, so thanks for that.
    ps hope you enjoyed the chocolate?

    • Hi Crawford
      It was awesome meeting you and Marion, Gonstead is a GREAT technique it is one of the techniques I use, and thank you for the chocolates me and my team enjoyed them, I hope to visit you some day and try some hagis and real fine scotch. Have your Chiropractor email me if he has any questions.
      Have a great day
      Dr B

      • Crawford Easton says:

        You and your family are welcome in Scotland anytime. Would love to see, take you boating on Loch lomond, visit Edinburgh etc. it would be great.

        Thanks for your reply.

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