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What is a subluxation?

What is a subluxation? This is a question I answer almost daily in our office.

A subluxation is when one or more of the bones of your spine (vertebrae) move out of position and create pressure on the spinal nerves. Spinal nerves are the nerves that come out from between each of the bones in your spine. This pressure or irritation on the nerves then causes  interference with the signals traveling over those nerves.

How does this affect you? Your nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions of your body. If you interfere with the signals traveling over nerves, parts of your body will not get the proper nerve messages and will not be able to function at 100%. In other words, some part of your body will not be working properly. It is the responsibility of the Chiropractors in our office to locate subluxations, and correct them. This is done through a series of chiropractic adjustments specifically designed to correct the vertebral subluxations in your spine. Doctors of Chiropractic are the only professionals who undergo years of training to be the experts at correcting subluxations.


  1. Carol cumbie says:

    Dr. B
    I recently went to a new chiro I honestly don’t know if he is any good. I just got my xrays done. Can I get a consult on my xrays from your office. I would like to know what is going on before I go to this chiro. This is the second chiro . The first one I found was treating me for osteoporosis but would never look at my other problems. He kept telling me I had to be doing something to cause my adrenal to go out of whack. He wanted me to go on this adrenal stuff that they end up taking off the market for a while because people were having problems with the soy in it. I took it for a little while but had horrible vivid dreams I didn’t feel any better taking it. I had to part ways because he would not even help with my feet. He would tell me what disk it was but never tried anything. I had had problems with Sciatic nerve problems for years. He kept telling that he didn’t understand why one side was longer than the other. They told me I have fractured c1 and L5 C1was an old fracture that healed itself L5 was one they put cement in to help it heal. This was last year before I ever heard about you. I would go to you in a heartbeat if I was not terrified to Fly. I so wish you did service around the country. I have so much confidence in you. I have no doubt you really know what you are doing. Thank you for all that you do. My xrays are on a cd so maybe you will be able to read them if your be great if you can.

    • Hello Carol,

      If your chiropractor answered “Yes” to all 7 of those questions then you can be confident that they know what they’re doing. And if for some reason you don’t notice any differences or you’re not getting the results you were hoping for, I’m always available to teach and train your chiropractor if they are interested in learning my techniques.

      If you’d like me to have a look at your x-rays, I’m always available for Skype and phone consultations which you can schedule through this website.

      Let me know if you have any questions,
      Dr. B

  2. terry kerr says:

    I was diagnosed with (C.K.D) back in November of 2014, with an estimated (GFR) OF 12-15% of my kidney’s left. They said i needed to start dialysis right away 3times a week. I do not want dialysis i’ve known too many people that have been on dialysis and only one is still alive barely!!! I have been working with an N.D. and she has helped me considerably but there are certain areas that she isn’t comfortable with. I’ve been battling with high blood pressure since my early 20’s now i am 47, i’ve tried numerous types of medications over the years and nothing has worked. I just watched your You-Tube video and really liked the info would greatly appreciate more education on kidney disease and high blood pressure.

    • Hi Terry,
      High blood pressure is an adaptation to kidney dis-ease. You need to get your nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor as soon as possible, you maybe able to restore kidney function, the blood pressure medications if you have been taking them may have contributed to the kidney dysfunction, you might also try to get some root vegetable juices to help your kidneys your Chiropractor can contact me and I will help in any way I can
      Dr B

  3. Paul Jost says:

    Thankyou now i know what a subluxation is….p.s. i just came back from a 2 week healing session at your clinic just 2 days ago(March 1st – March 14th),although i have a long way to go i am so glad i went. My neck is feeling so much better and my back is a healing work in progress as well as my knee.I did make a mistake of almost signing up for a 20 session on a decompressing machine with a holistic approach of non surgery but after contacting your office im thankful i dident go through with it but did do one beginner lite session session :(..oh the stupid things we humans do out of desperation sometimes…Anyway i will be looking for a hands on approach chiro tomorrow,and am doing the exercises you prescribed religiously( swinging arm technique as well as the Cobra yoga pose and the swinging legs to build up the knees….looking forward to coming back im 6 months Paul jost

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