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This book of recipes is for optimal healing. Your body is self-healing and self-regenerating and self-regulating. Nutrition is not taught in detail in Medical schools even though throughout time even the “father of medicine” Hippocrates said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” and even older than that there is an Ayurvedic saying “when diet is good medicine is of no need and when diet is poor medicine is of no good” This book is to guide you on how your body metabolizes nutrients and prevent and even reverse disease in most cases. I will present information to get the most out of the food you have available to where ever you live on our planet. Some places at some times of the year won’t have fresh vegetables available so I will ask you to substitute fermented vegetables and show you how to prepare them. You may not have access to fresh coconuts or fresh spices I will always give you alternatives so no matter where you are or what you can afford you will always have cost effective healthy food choices for you and your family. I will also show you how to have healthy meals that even the pickiest child or adult will like. You will need some equipment to predigest your food because most diseases start in the gut. Most people today have poor digestion from the types of food available and poor medical care like over use of medications and poor quality of foods. So we have to heal the gut first.


How to Recover from Fibromyalgia

I have had patients as young as 12 years old and up to 73 years old come to me diagnosed with FMS, with the average age being between 25 and 45. Every aspect of their lives has been affected with this disease, limiting even the most basic of daily activities and family interactions. I have seen relationships torn apart and the black cloud of FMS descend on whole families even though just one person has FMS. FMS affects spouses, siblings, children, and friends of the person suffering with FMS. 

Now, the tough part of this is that Fibromyalgia is a disease that, according to medical authorities, is incurable. The Mayo Clinic definition of Fibromyalgia is: 

Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals. Symptoms sometimes begin after a physical trauma, surgery, infection or significant psychological stress. In other cases, symptoms gradually accumulate over time with no single triggering event. Women are much more likely to develop fibromyalgia than are men. Many people who have fibromyalgia also have tension headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and depression. While there is no cure for fibromyalgia, a variety of medications can help control symptoms.



Blood Pressure BookI need to thank my patients for having the courage to stand up to a medical system that is not just broken but dangerous. It takes an incredible amount of courage to take responsibility for your own health. Too many people today abdicate authority over their health to a medical professional, submitting to medical procedures blindly, and many times with disastrous results. 
I have always approached health issues with the idea that the human body is intelligent and there are reasons for its responses to environmental stimuli (that is what doctors and people call symptoms). If you look at all symptoms, whether you are dealing with High Blood Pressure, Depression, Reflux, or even Cancer, know that the body has intelligent responses to deficiencies or toxicities – and then the solution for those symptoms or conditions will be clear. This driving thought has been inspiring me to research the true source of disease and the solutions for those diseases. 
In this book, I include real patients with real problems that have been mistreated by an obsolete medical system. I have changed the names of the patients, but their ages and the symptoms, and therapies they endured are real. I want you to appreciate the true courage one must have to take charge and responsibility for one’s health, and to go against the health authorities of today. Throughout history, changing a broken system has taken vision, courage, and the ability to focus on a different idea. When Galileo first had the idea that the earth wasn’t the center of the universe, he was threatened with excommunication from the church and ridiculed by those in power. But his ideas were proven to be true and today he is hailed as a hero.


“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” 

― Søren Kierkegaard 

The quote above is vital to ponder when we are confronting a belief system that arthritis is reversible. 
Arthritis reversal is more about human potential. On doing research for this book I studied several body-building groups. I found one in Japan where the minimum age is 75 years. That’s right; you have to be 75 years old to join. A lot of people think that as we age we’re supposed to break down, and that’s not true. If you don’t drive a car, the car is going to last a long time; but if you don’t drive a body, it’s going to break down early. With human beings, the more we use our body, the longer it works.




     With this book you will learn that emotions are chemicals produced by how your brain is wired. Your brain’s wiring and structure can be changed. There is a plasticity to your brain and with the information in this book you will learn how to change it. It is not the events that happen to you that are reality but it is your perception of those events, and changing your perception is in your control. You will discover the toxins you have been exposed to and how to detox and eliminate them. With this book you will learn how to rebuild your body, your brain and discover how your nervous system works. You will regain your health and vitality. Health is your natural state and it is yours; now take it and live well!!!



  1. Fleeta Gregory says:

    Do you still have the Diet book you mentioned in one of your videos with the 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off? If so, how do I get one?

  2. fionnuala says:

    Thank you so much………I am over whelmed my your wonderful videos. I love sending them to my 96 years of age mother and the best thing of all she gets it.

    I myself am on the hydrogen peroxide regime (from one of our videos) , but I certainly would suggest to all that they read from Cover to END to learn of the H202 protocol of the Book “One minute Cure” it after nearly 10 days has fixed a few minor issue that I have had and a few more to do.

    I will say I do not take one drug and have not seen a DOC since 1994, I do not eat any processed since 1980 of course I have eaten a BIG Mac about twice a year what the heck it cannot hurt.

    I have been told only yesterday that I look 40 years of age (did I smile from ear to ear). In this day and age it is so much hard work to keep this life style it is important and discovering yourself a few months ago has enlightened me as I have found someone who believes in what I believed in, all by myself.

    I now pass onto many of my work colleagues (amazingly my family of nearly 30 including in-laws etc are so hard to convert ) your wonderful videos.

    Thank you so very much Dr. Bergman you really are a very dedicated and inspiring man.


    • Hi Fionnuala, Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for taking charge of your health and for helping you family and friends. I am glad you find the information useful. You totally ROCK!

      Dr B

  3. Dr. Bergman, thank you for sharing your knowledge and so many how-tos. I am addicted to learning and have been watching your videos for days now. You have ore knowledge of anaztomy and hysiology than anyone I know. Thank you! I will put your info to good use in y own pratice. I am a specialized kinesiologist but cannot work on myself. I have been many kinds of chiropractors locally but none helped – so far.
    Over three years ago surgery to remove a tumor wrapped around my brain stem took out 2.35 cm of cranial nerves 9, 10, and 11. I have been a health fanatic for 42 years–being very careful about what I eat. Swallowing is still a challenge and live blood test showed food in my blood one year ago. I took my already excellent habits even further.
    Do you have any suggestions on how I can protect myself as the lower esophageal sphincter is paralyzed open leaving acid in my esophagus all the time giving me all the issues of acid reflux including severe nausea and burping as well as burning in my throat. Exercise often exacerbates the acid so I choose my workouts carefully.
    I am currently correcting hormone imbalances and noticing a reduction in the acid in my throat. When you say what to eat and what not to eat – I have doing all that for many years.
    Do you know of any corrective chiropractors in the Boise, Id area?

    • I do not know of any correct the chiropractor in Boise, Idaho. Use our 7 questions to find a good one because getting your nervous system working correctly is vital:
      1. Do you take x-rays?
      2. Do you get spinal listings off of the x-rays? ( some Doctors only take x-rays because they can bill for them)
      3. Is your goal to restore normal function or only symptom relief? (Most Doctors: MD’s, DC’s, Physical therapists treat only symptoms and that is NOT Corrective care)
      4. Do you take post x-rays to document the structural changes made? (This is the only way to show correction)
      5. Are you familiar with repairing disc injuries? (this requires a high level of skill)
      6. Do you work with post spinal surgery patients? (this requires a high level of skill )
      7. Do you work with Pediatrics and the Elderly? (this requires very specific techniques).

      Neurological damage can affect your ability to swallow. Chew your food slowly and thoroughly. Eat smaller meals, and don’t eat right before bedtime. Also juicing and blending will help predigest your food and may decrease your symptoms and you may want to try some bentaine HCL but ask your Chiropractor first about that supplement and digestive enzymes.
      I’ll help in anyway I can.

      Dr B

  4. Hi Dr.Bergman, enjoying your videos. They are very informative but I have not come across the diet material on how to change your matabolism. Do I need to buy a book? Also is there a corrective chiropractor of record in the Columbus/Dublin, OH area?
    Thanks and God Bless you.

  5. Andrew Gilbert says:

    Dr. Bergman, I’ve had my gall bladder taken out 7 years ago. I’m just realizing, through our videos, that gall bladder plays an integral role in processing fats! Any advice, regarding assistance, to ensure this is happening?

    • Hi Andrew, coconut fats are a MCT or medium chain triglyceride and you don’t need a gall bladder to digest them, so increase coconut oil, also to have had a problem with the gall bladder you have to get your blood healthy (toxic blood is one of the causes of gall bladder dysfunction) so make sure you get your nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor and get a healthy amount of vegetable juicing and good supplements like Vit C, D-3, and a plant based mineral supplement
      Dr B

  6. lorenanghel says:

    Hi Dr.Bergman

    I apologies for the long comment ,i know how precious your time is!

    I am Lorena from Romania living in Uk ,32 yrs old.I ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and helycobacter pylori 2 yrs treatment for Hashi as the doctor said to get rid of helycobacter first and than we deal with hashi. The doctor gave me a combination of antibiotics and i refused to take it as i wanted to try the natural way first.I ve tried mastic gum and colostrum for helicobacter ,later when i realised the symptoms came back i took matula tea.After matula tea ,my symptoms were gone and i felt good until 1 month ago when i had a chest infection and a dramatically change occurred in my body.I thought it might be due to hashimoto, so i went to my gp and mentioned that i was previously diagnosed with hashi .The test results he gave me are within normal range,except the helycobacter test came back positive again.(I am thinking that i might have been given it to my bf and returned to me or never got rid of it.) but i am feeling extremely tired, specialy in the moornign and afternoon,i have heart palpitation during the night and after minimal effort,insomnia and anxiety,i can;t fall aspeel even though i am extremely brain seems to be on fast forward with thoughts and immages ,extereme hungerif i do not eat every 3-4 hours i get exhausted and feel like i am fainting,also i’ve noticed i feel better and more energetic in the evenings,specially after dinner.
    These are the test results :
    THS, T4 and T3-within normal range
    Thyroid peroxidase antibody:11.59 IU/mL
    erythrocyte sedimentation rate- 4mm/hr
    Liver function test:
    serum total bilirubin 27 umol/L (High)
    serum alkaline phosphatase 53 IU/L
    serum alanine aminotransferase 19IU/L
    serum albumin 54g/L(High)
    they also made a kidney function test and said it is within range,
    i took my urine ph every day with ph stripes and it stays very acidic -average 5,75-6.00 ph urine, 6.00-6.25ph saliva
    I am usually a positive person full joy in everyday life,i eat healthy as much as i can ,since 3 weeks ago i gave up on gluten and try to buy organic food as much as i can afford it, i cook and never eat sugars or drink coffee.I am living healthy in general.I take vitamins supplements,b complex, coQ10 and omega,also i am taking himalayan spirulina.I was vegetarian for 3 months ,but since i stared feeling ill i got back on meat as i feel like my body can’t deal without.Even now when i am typing i feel an inside shaking and the need to rest my head on the keyboard even if it’s just 1 in the afternoon.I started working part time as i feel it s a struggle to work full time(i am a carer for people with learning disabilities).
    The reason why i am writing all these is cause my doctor said i am healthy and there is no problem with my body but my body is telling me differently,and i wish i would know what tests i should ask my doctor for and where or what i am doing wrong.Can just helycobacter cause so much trouble?
    Also if you know and recommend any doctor in London to help me figure it out i am not going crazy

    Thank you for your time!

    • lorenanghel says:

      I am watching more of your videos..i am getting into fermenting foods and i am trying to find out more about enzymes. Thank you so so much Dr Bergman, for sharing so much educational information about becoming and staying healthy!

    • Hi Lorenanghel, Helicopyloris is normal flora for the stomach so look for altered nerve supply to be the cause, so you have to look for nerve pressure in your neck, pelvis, thoracic and low back for the source of the sympathetic dominant situation you are in, first get to a corrective Chiropractor as soon as possible, you don’t need more tests you need healthy function the tests are just seeing how you are adapting to altered nerve supply or differing stressors
      I will help in any way I can
      Dr B

  7. Dayna Pittard says:

    Hi Dr Bergman,
    I recently saw your video on supplements and ordered the body balance liquid supplement from the US via the Life Force Australian website (I live in South Australia).
    The ingredients on the bottle say it contains potassium sorbate and potassium benzoate as preservatives and I have read that some people believe these preservatives are unsafe. I was going to use it for myself and my family (including my toddler), but now I am not sure if it is safe. I saw that the powdered version of body balance says it is preservative free but I noticed that you said the liquid version is better for the body.
    Would you recommend I still use the liquid version or use the powdered one? Or look for something else altogether?
    Thankyou! I love your videos and information, they have changed my life!


    • Hi Dayna, Thank you watching our video’s the amount of those preservatives is very low but for the travel for your area I would recommend the powder it will have the same nutrients and will stay fresher longer, I use the liquid but I’m just 100 miles from the factory.
      Dr B

      • Dayna Pittard says:

        Thankyou so much for responding to me Dr Bergman. I have been following your work for about 6 months now after struggling with chronic fatigue, headaches and pain since I was in my early 20s (I am now 32). My whole family is so much healthier now and I feel like I can now give so much more to my 1 year old son.

        I cannot thank you enough :)


      • Hi dr Bergman you inspire my life immensely thank you yippeee!
        I have seen a review on body balance which was less than in favour of using this product stating there is no clear labelling of the ingredients amounts just their own personal claims of their own brand of vitamin and mineral combination…?
        So much respect for your health revolution im on it with you yippee!

        • I actually had a chance to visit the Body Balance factory in San Diego and I met with the owner who took me through the entire facility. This is a really high quality product that I spent a long time researching, but if you happen to find another mineral and amino acid supplement that’s better, please let me know. I’m always looking for the highest quality supplements I can find.

  8. Hi Dr. Bergman. I have enjoyed watching your videos. They were very helpful. I purchased your book on arthritis hoping to find specific exercises for spinal stenosis. I have been doing the Nordic-trac or walking as well as doing exercises recommended by the physical therapist. I sometimes have weakness in my right knee. I also have numbness in both feet which began in 2001. I presently see a chiropractor every 2 weeks and have gone to every week to help with the healing. I am going to bed earlier and eliminating dairy, and increasing juicing. I eat mainly salads nuts and seeds. I have been healed of a systemic fungal infection manifesting is trigger finger and swelling 8 years ago. Jesus directed me to Doug Kaufman’s show Know the Cause. I changed my diet radically and was inflammation free in 1 month. The trigger finger that was beginning in my thumb was gone in 2 months. I know my body will heal of this stenosis. My spine has always had a strange curve. Doing sit-ups on the gym floor in high school, I would come home with a bruised and skinless spot on my spine. I have had x-rays as well as a prone MRI. I shared your information with my chiropractor. I would appreciate any suggestions. Eileen

    • Hi Eileen, You have made awesome changes!! you will heal!! It is vital that you are with a corrective Chiropractor one that takes pre and post care x-rays and that requires causing inflammation at the level of the disc’s to correct spinal stenosis, so very aggressive care over a short period of time can reverse stenosis, your Chiropractor can send me your spinal x-rays and I can give advice on how to correct your stenosis
      You Rock!! You took Charge of your Health!!
      Dr B

      • Thank you for responding so quickly. I will see my doctor tomorrow, but I am not sure if she is a corrective chiropractor. I will tell her to be more aggressive and to also send you my x-rays. They are pretty nasty looking. The M.D. at the office said most people would be in a lot of pain with my situation.
        God is good!
        Thank you for helping!

  9. Brent McCulloch says:

    Hi Dr. B.,

    I’ve watched a lot of your lectures on youtube, and i am extremely impressed with your knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. My background is in electrical engineering, but your lectures have really sparked an interest in learning more about anatomy and physiology for me. Could you recommend a book on anatomy and physiology for an absolute newbie like myself? Perhaps one that isn’t an incredibly dry academic text? :-)


    • The ones I used to teach doctorate level anatomy and physiology were “the anatomy and physiology coloring books” by Wynn Capit and Lawrence Eison
      They are clear and detailed and easy to understand and from your engineering back ground you will love them
      Dr B

    • Richard Freer says:

      Hi Dr. B, It has been some long time between my last visit. I/We moved and have been working to fix the house as we would like it. In my last post it mentioned my having RA an my question was how do you fix the gut and still take meds for pain.? I never got an answer as our move happened rather suddenly. To that RA end, as a member how to I obtain a copy of the book dealing with “Healing RA Naturally”? In you video you mentioned some web site and a discount. Please advise.

      I made mention of the trouble my wife is having also (in last post). Wife has had breast cancer surgery, heart by-pass surgery and has osteoporosis with major back fractures (11 kypoplasties). She then followed all the mentioned illness with a low thyroid problem. Seems the battle just keeps getting harder to fight for her.

      Add the more recent trouble with my dental problems and you will see we are both in some major problem. We are both in our mid seventies and have the will to get well and live healthy for the future God gives us. It is recognized now, due to extensive viewing of your youtube presentations, we both suffer from severe Immune System Disease. Is there some chance you could e mail some direct answer?

      • Hi Richard, Lets get you checked for fungal infection that maybe contributing to your symptoms (get a clear glass of water and first thing in the morning before you drink anything or before you brush you teeth, work as much spit working your tongue to scrap the inside of your mouth then spit in a full clear glass of water and if your spit forms clouds or strings or sinks then we have to get you on the detoxing protocols) if you have a positive result then do the Dr Daniels protocols I will be doing a take on detoxing from fungal infections and with you have been through I’m sure this is a factor, for pain check out our natural pain relievers handout and we have to get you and your wife to a corrective Chiropractor in your area as soon as possible
        I will help in any way I can, let me know of your results
        Dr B

  10. Gina Way Filion says:

    Dr. Bergman, you are literally a God send! I just learned of you last Saturday and I am completely fascinated with all of your teachings. Two quick questions 1# other than your own book, what other juicing books would you recommend? #2 When blending what protein powder would you recommend, I may not need it if I am eating only wild salmon everyday but just in case. Thanks to a praying momma, you and youtube I am on my way to recovery.

    • Hi Gina, I like a couple of books: “prescription for nutritional healing” “Diet for a new America””China Study” are great books. Be careful of daily wild salmon that is a predatory fish and from the west coast there may be contamination, plants are the best source of protein and you only need 5% of your diet has protein also check out Dr McDougall on grains he has some great research and information on food.
      You Rock!!
      Dr B

  11. Jennymagic says:

    Hi there, I love your videos and you are a real inspiration. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis last year after years of pain, put on hormone therapy and then followed antidepressants, migraines etc etc. I am now off everything and seeing a naturopath who is treating me with Desmodium, probiotics and L Glutamine and a Mineral complex with amino acids, B vitamins and Tryptophan for the next month. Probable Leaky Gut syndrome, hair loss and Depression. Please tell me I can get through this. My question is I keep reading that it is necessary to go Vegan for Endo but my naturopath is worried I am not getting enough protein and recommends I eat Dairy products. I am just very confused now and need one path to follow. Can you help me? Thank you. :0)

    • Hi Jenny, You will get plenty of protein on a plant based diet, raw dairy may help your thyroid, first you have to get your nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor to get you out of the cortisol metabolic state, that is why the hair loss is happening, also your pelvis maybe unstable ask your Chiropractor to try a trochanter support and check your C1, you should notice differences fast.
      Merry Christmas
      Dr B

      • Jennymagic says:

        Thank you so much for the positive advice. I just picked up your you tube video this morning, the best Christmas pressie you can give someone is hope. You just did that for me, thank you! Have a wonderful Christmas and 2014! :0)

  12. Hi Dr. B.,

    I love that you mention Ayurveda in your blurb about your “How To Be Healthy” book (which I wasn’t able to get ’cause the gift offer went in my junk mailbox grrrr). What is your opinion of Ayurvedic Medicine? I work with an Ayurvedic practitioner, and the more I learn and practice Ayurveda the healthier and more balanced I find I get. I discovered that just as you often remind us, we are all unique individuals and one man’s poison is another man’s medicine. That applies to food, too. I found over the summer and into fall that when I kept eating raw fruits and vegetables and drank your delicious awesome smoothies, my digestion got very poor and I spiraled down into depression, much to my chagrin. I now realize that I need to eat differently for each season, and I need to eat for my specific dosha, or constitution, which is Vata-Pitta (mostly Vata). It is yucky, bitter winter here in Rochester NY, and in order for me to keep balanced, I need to eat a lot of warm food consisting of cooked vegetables, grains, sweet fruits, and fats, all of which I had denied myself when I followed the Paleo diet. Paleo worked great for me in the spring, but the depression came back in summer and fall. Much as I love raw cacao, it is not good for me, nor is caffeine in any form. Interestingly, if I were to guess your dosha, it would be Kapha (maybe Kapha-Pitta), and your type thrives on lots of raw vegetables and strenuous exercise. Also, you live in a much more temperate climate than I do. I find this stuff fascinating, so easy to follow and I feel really great – not manic and not depressed.

    Here is a link to a video talk by UCSF’s Dr. Sudha Prathikanti: It is very enlightening, and mentions some studies actually being done.

    Thanks for all you do!



    • Hi Cate, Ayurvedic medicine is awesome it has been around for thousands of year and is very effective, and you are right at different times of the year diets need to change. great video thank you I like this DR
      Have a great day
      Dr B

  13. Dr B
    Is there a connection with perimenopause (low progesterone) and Irritable bowel. ?

    • Hi Jas70
      Yep there is a connection with IBS and low progesterone, if a leaky gut is present then that will cause a low thyroid function and adrenal fatigue and can put you in a cortisol metabolic state, heal the gut and get your nervous system working better and your gut will heal
      Have a great day
      Dr B

  14. Kathy Marygold-Small says:

    I was wondering if you have any suggestions for someone who has had a kidney transplant? I’ll try to give you a brief history. My son who is now 27 years old, and had no severe health issues, suddenly became very ill with flu like symptoms and was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia when he was 21. After 4 months of immunosuppressents and twice weekly visits to Dana Farber for blood and platelets, he made the decision with his doctor to have a bone marrow transplant from 2 donated umbilical blood units. I would not have chosen this route, but he is his own person and I had to be supportive, and at that point in time, I couldn’t figure out how to help him anyway. Because his immune system was completely shot, he came down with non-hodgkins lymphoma two months after the bone marrow transplant. Tumors in his lungs, digestive tract and spleen. He received treatment in the form of a shot which consisted of white blood cells trained to kill the EBV virus which caused the lymphoma. I took him home and also gave him “anti-cancer” type supplements and diet which didn’t interfer with the doctor’s treatment. Within a few weeks his tumors were shrinking and he has remained tumor free. However, only a month or so after the non-hodgkins ordeal started he was diagnosed with secondary TTP. His blood pressure went through the roof, his retinas detached and the blood vessels in his eyes blew out. At one point he had a seizure from PRESS. So he was now blind and went into kidney failure. After the hospital telling me there was nothing they could do, I took it upon myself to do some research and found something that I hoped would save his life. Fortunately, after 30 days of the alternative therapy, my son’s blood tests indicated he no longer had TTP. He never regained his kidney function, and so he was on dialysis for two years. He did however, regain almost all of his eye sight that of which his retinal specialist in Boston says he is a walking miracle… Yes, indeed! His friend gave him a kidney 3 years ago. My question to you is since he is now back on immunosuppressents to keep his donated kidney, do you have any suggestions on how to stay healthy as best he can? How does a transplant recipient stay healthy? He has a great girl friend who is nutrition minded. They mostly do Paleo, some juicing, but not a lot. I hope I have given you enough info to answer my question. Thanks.

    • Hi Kathy
      Your son and you have been through a lot. The juicing will be vital to have soluble fibers to keep the arteries clean, chlorella and spirulina daily, with the paleo diet make sure you are limiting animal products, and if you do eat animals make sure you get him the gelatinous cuts like ox tail, or shoulder cuts. For vitamins make sure he gets a whole food plant based mineral supplement I use “Body Balance” but any sea vegetable based formula will work, and vit D-3 will be vital, make sure he stays away from packaged foods and refined foods, and no processed oils like corn, soy, or canola. You also need to get his nervous system checked for subluxations by a corrective Chiropractor. I have several patients that have transplants and they are doing fine.
      Let me know if I can help in any way
      Dr B


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