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The Law of Gratitude

You have heard about gratitude in the movie THE SECRET and almost every self-help presentation lately.  This talk will cover the WHY behind the law of gratitude.  WHY does it work and what are the physiologic changes that take place in the brain.  YES, you CAN actually make your brain BIGGER bu … [Read more...]

Brain Trauma

Brain trauma can cause a variety of neurological issues from memory loss to ALS.  Don't think you've had any brain trauma?  Answer the following questions: Have you ever "had your bell rung"? Have you ever had a "stinger" or "burner"? Have you ever been in a car accident? When you were … [Read more...]

Brain Health

[jwplayer mediaid="3188"] Alzheimer's and Parkinsons cases seem to be skyrocketing in America today.  Learn the simple steps to greatly reduce your chances of submitting to these conditions and even how to help reduce the symptoms!  Your brain has been keeping you alive since you were born.  Give … [Read more...]