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Cure for Headaches: Migraines and Tension Headaches

Hello, I'm Dr. John Bergman for Common Sense in Healthcare.Tonight we're going to talk about the cure for headaches. Okay, now any medical journal you read between 93 to 97% of all headaches are cervicogenic, which means they come from the neck. So here's a clue. Should you take a drug or fix the … [Read more...]


DETOX DIET             “All medications are poisonous.” Medications are poisonous because “Anything that stops the metabolic process is dangerous to the body” Medication stops the metabolic process. Which medications are poisonous? Not only are cholesterol drugs, prescription drugs, poisonous, … [Read more...]


Weight Loss by Reprogramming Your Metabolism Adult obesity rates have doubled, and child obesity rates have tripled; obesity is a contributing factor to over thirty different diseases. Therefore, obesity is poison to our population. When your body takes in nutrients or extra calories it can't … [Read more...]

ADD disorder cause and cure

ADD & ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD Disorder) and  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD Disorder) and the cause of them both. ADD disorder and ADHD disorder are being “Treated in the United States at epidemic proportions with medication, stimulants.” However, “Instead of … [Read more...]

How to Cure Allergies

Allergies   During this Half Hour to Health, I discuss allergies, asthma, hay fever and all the overreactions of the body. I describe the history of allergies as “a new phenomenon that has affected so many people.” I define allergies as “an unhealthy immune system response." I am concerned … [Read more...]

What is “Healthy” Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure We're going to talk about blood pressure, OK? Now, what's tough is, this is one of the most ignorant therapies I've ever seen on the planet. And we're going to start to break through a lot of barriers. It has to do with not just legend, but with false medical practices. So when we … [Read more...]

Deep Sleep

Did you know that a third of our lives is spent in bed? Sleep is important, for “it is when the body repairs itself, so if you're missing sleep, there will be disastrous results.” In this discussion, I will teach you how to reverse disease using sleep. “Sleep deprivation is one of the greatest … [Read more...]

How to Have Healthy Feet

HEALTHY FEET  Did you know that a foot is stronger than concrete? It is because “you can actually kick something, you can break concrete, and you can break a board with your foot.” Feet have a beautiful, delicate design, over 26 bones and 100 ligaments and muscles, and it's so flexible and strong … [Read more...]

Depression & Bipolar Disorder

30% of Americans have some type of mental disorder. “This is epidemic.” There is a link between mental disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder, and nutrition, digestion and serotonin levels. I proposed a challenge by asking: “Would we [solve mental disorders] with medications, or would we … [Read more...]

How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally

Below is an excerpt from my Best-Selling book, How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally.  I have also included additional videos for members only.  I hope you enjoy the information and realize that YOU are responsible for your health. But first, here is the first of a four video series on ways to reverse … [Read more...]