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Exposing the Truth about Vaccines

  Don't just take the "Doctor's" word for it. There are scientific studies that show the dangers of vaccines... They are actually found in the inserts for the vaccines themselves! If you don't at least doubt the safety or effectiveness of vaccines you definitely will after this video. … [Read more...]

Vaccines, Measles and Money (plus the Truth about antibodies)

Measles, Vaccines, Antibodies and Big Pharma Money Did you know that the AMA strongly discourages ANY comments by Medical Professionals that cast any doubt on the efficacy of vaccines? Did you also know there are several studies that show vaccines as being ineffective and that the basis of vaccines … [Read more...]

Measles Truth

Did you know that since 2005 not a single person has died from the measles? Or that over 108 people have died from complications caused by the measles vaccine? Why is the media trying to cause a panic for diseases that are not life-threatening? Even the "big scare" of ebola has quietly faded into … [Read more...]

4 Simple Steps to Fight Ebola

Over 500,000 people die every year from malaria yet the "popular virus of the week" is Ebola. ¬†Granted, the hemorrhagic fevers are pretty drastic to see in the late stages, bleeding out of the eyes etc. Did you know that ebola was actually discovered back in 1976? We have known about it for decades … [Read more...]

Vaccine Truth

Vaccine truth Did you know that research shows that some vaccines actually CAUSE the spread of viruses? Did you know that the genome project was supported by Big Pharma so that they could convince people to take drugs BEFORE they even showed signs of any disease? How about the fact that some … [Read more...]

The “New” Flu Shot

We live in a world where the medical industry creates pandemonium for every new 'virus' or disease they discover- the media than tells us that we need to be vaccinated, but the vaccinations are in no way helping us and only making us more sick. [jwplayer mediaid="3833"] Click … [Read more...]

Vaccine Truth 2014 (Shocking Admission in Manufacturer’s Insert)

[jwplayer mediaid="3020"] It has been argued for decades that "Vaccines have never been shown to cause autism". This video reveals the admission of one vaccine manufacturer that a possible side effect of their product is AUTISM. ¬†It is actually found in the package insert of the vaccine … [Read more...]

Vaccination History

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Vaccinations updated 2013

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Kids Health & Vaccines

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