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Cure for Headaches: Migraines and Tension Headaches for headachesHello, I’m Dr. John Bergman for Common Sense in Healthcare.Tonight we’re going to talk about the cure for headaches. Okay, now any medical journal you read between 93 to 97% of all headaches are cervicogenic, which means they come from the neck. So here’s a clue.

Should you take a drug or fix the neck?

Obviously, fix the neck.

Now, let’s look at a normal neck. A normal neck from the side should have a beautiful 45 degree curve. The top of the neck should be over the base. So that means the ear should line up over the shoulder. Now any trauma; physical, chemical, emotional trauma, office work, football injuries; if that throws that head forward, is the body smart or stupid? I’ll give you a clue. It’s smart. God built it. For every one inch that head’s forward the pressure on the discs double. Now this is the insane part. If you have pain in the head; now this brain controls every aspect of the body; if you have pain in this head to take a drug to cover it up, that’s discounting the best warning symptom that you have, that God built in your body.

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