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            “All medications are poisonous.” Medications are poisonous because

“Anything that stops the metabolic process is dangerous to the body”

Medication stops the metabolic process. Which medications are poisonous? Not only are cholesterol drugs, prescription drugs, poisonous, but anti-acids and pain relievers, over-the-counter drugs, are poisonous too. Therefore,

“Every medication can slow or stop the metabolic process”

“If you’ve ever taken a medication, you need to detox.”

How do you detox your body?  

  • Get your nerve supply checked.
  • Get a colonic and clean your liver.
  • Eat mostly raw, healthy and organic foods.
  • Drink cleansing drinks (must contain bentonite clay and psyllium husk).
  • Consume more enzymes.
  • Supplement with vitamins and minerals.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Get sufficient rest.
  • Pray and meditate. 

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“We have to start appreciating the human body in approaching healthcare with wisdom, that the body’s smart.”

 Detox Diets work. Go to a cancer conference because natural cures for cancer are discussed. There is a detox they do there that strengthens the immune system and reverses cancer.

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“If you want a healthy body you have to detox.”