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Foods that Heal vs Foods that Kill

fast foodWelcome to the Half Hour to Health. Now tonight we’re talking foods that heal, foods that kill.  We’re living in a backwards society. We’ve got an FDA that’s supposed to control where you’re supposed to be able to go up to the counter, blindly pull anything off of the shelf and eat it without reading the package. Does that make sense? That’s what’s supposed to happen. But I was listening to this one guy and he’s right. He was saying it’s backwards. Like the media’s actually there, they’re supposed to disseminate information, but they don’t.

They don’t actually tell you that 95% of all cancers are reversible and preventable. When you look at doctors destroying health, the leading cause of death, in this country is medical care according to the American Medical Association. That doesn’t make sense, because I mean doctors are supposed to be in healthcare. When you look at this, this is a difficult concept. We have to rename diseases, because what we’re doing now it’s more of a legalistic health system. Where you come up with a disease or a collection of symptoms, you categorize it and then you have a list of treatments, and this is how the medical world goes through. The problem is it’s made up for the legal world. It’s not made up for the health world. So everybody that has high blood pressure, is it all from the same cause?


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I’m sorry, that’s common sense no. What is the American Malpractice Association say? Wait, I mean the American Medical Association. I get that one mixed up. Okay, the AMA, its American Malpractice or Medical? Okay no, well seriously, think about this. If everybody has high blood pressure, they give everybody a diuretic, a beta blocker or an ACE inhibitor and they’re not asking why is it caused? Is it from clogged arteries or anything else?

What I want you to look at, it’s a radically different concept that disease doesn’t exist. It’s the body adapting to deficiency or toxicity. This is huge. It’s a huge concept. Inflammation, now let’s say you eat a burger a day. I just had a patient this morning that drove me crazy. Okay, he’s been with me two years. He’s in his mid-70s. He has occasional cardiac arrhythmias. He came in to me. He was going to get a pacemaker put in about two years ago. We stopped that. He’s been getting healthy. Well, he changed his diet. See, I give a lot of diet recommendations. I say “eat this, don’t eat this” and I assume that he was following them. 

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