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How to fix swollen feet feetThis is a really important subject because I have two. I have a right and a left. No, I’m kidding, but when you look at it, because, healthy feet, the number one fear of people as we age is, loss of mobility, loss of function. And if you know that feet are not only vital, but if they work and they’re cushions, your body’s gliding through. If they don’t work, you’re going to talk unstable pelvis, difficult menstrual cycles, gall and bladder problems.This is all from the feet. I like Da Vinci, when he said, “It’s a masterpiece of engineering.” And he’s right, it truly is.

Now, it’s complicated. What’s stronger? A foot or a block of concrete? You were right when you say a foot, yeah, because in martial arts, you can actually kick something and you can break concrete, you can break a board, you can break anything. And you got this beautiful, delicate design. We’re talking over 26 bones, 100 ligaments and muscles and it’s so flexible that you can actually stand on the toes, that strong, you can break a board, but the design is just phenomenal.


How do I stop my feet from swelling?

Feet are going to swell from sitting for long periods of time or toxic diet.  There is a pump on the back of the leg that has to be healthy and the diet has to be healthy.  Look for the cause of the swelling to shrink it.

Why are healthy feet so important?

If you have trouble walking it can destabilize the pelvis which can cause prostate, bowel and other problems. So it is vital to have your foot be a cushioned spring to glide you across the surface of planet earth.

Are bunions genetic?

No.  They are a result of weak intrinsic muscles of the feet.

I have to wear orthotics for my flat feet…don’t I?

No.  That’s like putting a brace on a weak muscle.  Unless you have deformities, flat feet come from weak intrinsic muscles of the feet and this is why orthotics are prescribed.  Strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the feet and you can throw the orthotics away.

is there any hope for my feet?  I have diabetic neuropathy.

You have a 95% chance of curing your diabetes.  The majority of diabetics are type 2 which takes about 4 days to eliminate the drugs and about thrity days to heal which will correct the diabetic neuropathy as well. 

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