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  1. eric malouin says:

    Hi Dr B

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to work alongside the great MH. i am looking forward to working with you and Micheal. You were right, that woman with the neuroblastoma never replied back, anyway I hope the info was useful to her. Just the opportunity to help her is good enough in my opinion. Here is anothe sad article. 18 year old with bone cancer ( why does conventional medicine always categorise these cancers as is as if they are justifying their inevitable failure in helping this kid thats had his life snapped away from him when in all probablity he could have been saved. To use your phrase ‘This has got to stop’.

    Always a pleasure mein freund



    • Hello Eric,

      That’s what I thought would happen, but at least you gave it your best.

      The interesting thing about that article and these types of cancers is that Osteosarcoma’s used to be rare, but not all the rare cancers are becoming more and more common. This is just like the autism rates in the past 30 years and how everyone used to think autism was relatively rare, but now it’s a relatively common occurrence. This insanity must stop immediately if our species is going to survive! I’m confident that things will change very soon but unfortunately it’s definitely going to get much worse before it gets better.

  2. eric malouin says:

    Hi Dr B

    I need your opinion concerning a woman who had neuroblastoma as a child and she sent me her story, I asked her a few questions and she replied. The dialog is as follows :
    Hi Eric?

    Her email :
    I just want to thank you for taking the time to reply to my email. I also subscribe to the trophoblastic theory of cancer (I have read ‘World Without Cancer’) especially in the case of neuroblastoma. I have also read up on prostate cancer and encourage my husband to do the odd pregnancy test (cheap and cheerful) as a means of detecting early prostate cancer as you probably are well aware that the tests utilise hCG hormone detection. It was interesting to note what you stated regarding radiotherapy damaging your stomachs ability to manufacture acid, potentially for life; only this year I have been diagnosed with CHAD (Cold Haemolytic Agglutanin Disease) and I thought that my stomach acid levels might be low and that I was unable to absorb enough B12 from dietary means. I immediately decided to increase my intake through supplements of Dibencozide & Methylcobalamin. I would add that I already follow a healthy regime of NO sugar, limited carbs, no processed food and cook from scratch as often as possible, eating apricot kernals, nuts (brazil etc.) and linseeds as part of a daily regime. My meds team have informed me that the condition is incurable, just manageable??? If my bloods drop too low, they have advocated rituximab with or without chemo. I have batted them off on both fronts regarding this suggestion, as I have looked into the study conducted for rituximab and despite them telling me that it has a 60% success rate for manageability, the study itself has a VERY low subject sample and only 1 complete response and even that has only had a four year follow up! To date, I have managed to control the condition very effectively myself with the enzyme supplements and have looked into research that Prof Valter Longo has conducted into water fasting and its effectiveness on resetting the immune system, particularly as regards white blood cells. My problem currently is that my white cells are attacking my red blood cells, so I would hope that this would rectify this problem! If you can shed any light on this, I would appreciate your contribution!

    I have also had comments blocked on the Daily Mail whenever I have mentioned Martin Bodian’s research or advocated any natural remedies ie B17 etc.
    My response

    I just have several questions:

    1. What condition have you managed up to now, do you still have cancer ?
    2. You say they have recommended rituximab, whose they ? and why rituximab ?
    3. Who are your meds team and what is incurable ?
    4. Why are you consuming Apricot kernels, I suspect for Laetrile, has Edward griffen (who is not even a clinician who claims cancer is a nutrient deficiency disease and he is partly correct, but there are other issues involved ) or anybody presented any evidence of its benefits to treat cancer like a case study with a diagnosed, biopsie proven, confirmed by a reputable clinic like the Mayo before and after ?.
    5. Did your clinician tell you the cause of your newly diagnosed CHAD ?

    Her 2nd response

    Hi Eric

    I will endeavour to answer all of your questions; you will have to bear with me as the whole picture is pretty complex and one I have had to live with for all of my life. Here goes, I was born two months premature and as a result developed pneumonia and it was as a result of a check-up for that, that the neuroblastoma was discovered in the abdomen at approx 12 months old. My mother is a qualified SRN nurse (also qualified midwife) and as a result was able to inform me that she was allowed to administer 1mg of cytomen daily, for nearly two years. This was after radiotherapy had been administered and also surgery (although when I was opened up, there was nothing they could remove as the tumour was deemed inoperable and had metastasised), she thought the dosage was to treat anaemia due to the cancer; I have subsequently thought the dosage was massive for an infant and after reading Martin Bodian’s research came to the conclusion that it was more likely it was therapeutic.

    Fast forward; I was 20 when I discovered lumps in both breasts, which were benign and consequently removed.

    I was 26 when I had a rare fibroma (which had calcified), originating out of the ovary, which was equivalent to a five month pregnancy, removed along with the ovary.

    I was 47 when a couple of lumps came up on my neck; initial diagnosis following a fine needle aspiration was Low Grade Lymphoma. It was at this point, I decided I wasn’t going to wait for treatment and had already decided no matter what the prognosis, I wouldn’t have chemo. I read everything regarding causation of tumours (Pure, White and Deadly) and possible dietary aids; linseed, B17, spirulina, etc. Another biopsy was performed and a lymph node removed. I had no idea at this point as to how many Apricot kernels I should be taking, so I was shovelling them down by the handful, on a daily basis!! After approx 2 months, the lumps on my neck disappeared. Subsequently, I allowed myself to ‘return to normal’ and didn’t follow the kernel ‘regime’. It was about 2 years later, that similar lumps occurred on the other side of my neck; I did not seek medical advice, instead, at the instigation of my husband (a design engineer), I reinstated the B17 kernels and achieved the same result within the same time frame (approx 2 months), with the same result; the lumps disappeared. I now have approx 6 kernels daily.

    Present day; I am in my early fifties and have been diagnosed with CHAD, although they (Haematology Team) at the hospital can’t tell me what caused it; other than to say it is B cell antibodies that are attacking my erythrocytes; my retics are higher than normal, indicating that the haemolysis is ongoing. I have been informed that the condition is incurable but manageable. The thinking behind Rituximab is to knock out part of my immune system, which would allow the red cells to proliferate and hence give me a better ‘quality of life’ as I had been having fortnightly transfusions from May to July this year. I was also told that Rituximab is more effective when used in conjunction with ‘Gentle Chemo’! Understandably I do not believe in chemo; gentle or otherwise! I was also told when I was admitted to hospital with jaundice, this year, and following lots of tests; liver biopsy, bone marrow biopsy, CT scan, MRI scan was informed that I do not have cancer! However, this was not the thinking initially, as I was informed it was probably lymphoma, as a stage four tumour had shown up on the CT scan, the team were wondering how to gain access to it. After this thunderbolt had hit, I realised what the radiologists had been looking at was in fact the neuroblastoma mass and told them so; their response was ‘oh, we thought it was a funny shape for a lymphoma mass’

    Understandably, this does not inspire confidence in external intervention, hence I am once again trying to source help for this new condition (CHAD), Valter Longo’s research regarding water fasting as a means of naturally re-setting the immune system seems a good bet and worthy of consideration. I have once again returned to my old friend B12! Currently I am on no meds whatsover.

    Incidentally, why B17? – amygdalin contains cyanide which kills the cancer cells but doesn’t affect healthy cells and that cyanide in small doses converts into B12 in the human body. I cannot take the risk of cancer; I have managed to keep myself alive thus far………….

    What would be your prognosis, initially she was interested in alternative cancer therapys and she says that the neuroblastoma mass is still there. She had lymphoma which she cleared up with Laetrile from Apricot kernels, she cant absorb B12 from diet so she put herself on B12 supplements, but if her parietal cells are not producing intrinsic factor it does not matter what source of B12 she takes it wont work without the intrinsic factor secretion from the stomach. A lot of things point to gut dysbiosis especially now that she has this condition CHAD which I have never heard of but it appears to be associated with an auto immune problem since her WBCs are attacking her RBCs. Could there also be some long term damage caused by the radiation she had as a child. I always remember Suzanne sommers who had radiation for her breast cancer before she met Nick Gonzalez said that the radiation had caused life long damage toward her stomachs ability to manufacture enough stomach acid so she takes digestive enzymes. She is into chemical free alternative medicine but she has been advised to take Rituximab to interfere with the immune system ( nasty ). She also mentions Valter Longo who claims that a low-calorie fasting-like diet, plus chemotherapy, enables the immune system to recognize and kill skin and breast cancer cells as tested in Mice but as far as I can ascertain he has no human case study to prove his theory.

    Thank you in advance for your opinion

    best regards


    • eric malouin says:

      Dealing with somebody who has had cancer is a way out of my depth. But looking at her medical history :
      1. She has Cytamen ( which is B12 I suppose ) administered for 2 years after birth
      2. They find a nureoblastoma in her abdomen that is left there
      3. At age 20 they find ‘benign’ lumps in both breasts which are removed
      4. At age 26 they find an ovarian fibroma, both ovary and fibroma removed
      5. At age 47 they discover 2 lumps in her neck leading to another biopsy and lymph node removal simultaneously taking Laetrile from apricot seeds.
      6. 2 years later more lumps appear in her neck which ( according to her ) she resolves using Laetrile again
      7. Early 50s ( present day) she gets diagnosed with CHAD an blood autoimmune disorder

      Since I am the ‘rookie’ I have to be prudent in how I proceed since I have no experience like you have but it would appear to me that a birth defect (s) caused her to be anemic at birth plus having the cancerous mass in her abdomen presumably the stomach which was the root of her initial problems ( Anemia and cancer ) that was never fixed appropriately so its still around and resurfacing. Now she has auto immune issues and shes trying to heal herself naturally. Everything points to the Gut causing the autoimmune problem, and the absorption issues. As you said once, certain bacteria in the gut is always present but when imbalance occurs, the bacteria gets demonised ,when the actual cause is a weakened immune system. Furthermore, administering B12 for pernicious anemia is masking the actual cause which is likely that her stomach is not secreting the intrinsic factor but I thought that there is a test for this ( but maybe not when this lady was born..if she is in her early 50s she was born mid 60s because you were born in 1960 and your just a

      So my recommendation would be to clean up the gut, test for intrinsic factor, take all 90 essential nutrients in a whole food and make sure she follows an organic diet including a raw part of that diet by juicing vegetables and since she has had life long gut issues take fermented vegetables ( which contain the highest concentration of probiotic). Once the immune system is firing on all cylinders it should melt away any lurking cancer with the help of some proteolytic enzymes ( Gonzalez blend ). Would you agree with this course of treatment. It wont hurt to have her nervous system checked by a chiropractor as well.

      Thank you in advance

      best rgds


      • Hello Eric,

        I don’t think she had a birth defect, because neuroblastoma’s are usually a response to neurotoxicity. So this was most likely a response to either her mother being vaccinated or exposed to some kind of neurotoxin and/or because a vaccination she received. All the “bengin” lumps are signs of toxicity because these lumps are actually parts of the lymph system with are responsible for filtering waste out of the body. Her autoimmune issues are from a combination of factors but the most important would be the gut dysbiosis because about 80% of the immune system involves the microflora.

        You’re recommendation is perfect! You should be treating patients! :)

    • Hello Eric,

      This is indeed a very strange case, mostly because she seemed to follow the medical route of treatment most of her life until her later years. Now she seems to want to try a combination of natural and medical therapies which is a terrible idea, but she seems extremely confident in her knowledge and the advice of her doctors. With that in mind I would ask her if she’s even open to receiving advice or at least your opinion, because it really seems like she isn’t interested. Usually, people like this have all of these things in common: birth trauma, vaccinations, medications, a long term toxic diet, and several underlying issues in their spine from either trauma or a sedentary lifestyle. Like you mentioned, there is most definitely an issue with gut dysbiosis so I think a good place for her to start would be restoring the health of her microflora. All the issues with the lymph nodes are a sign of major toxicity so after her digestive system is functioning properly it would be an excellent idea for her to massively detox her body. Just these two steps would be enough to get her on the right path to healing.

      • eric malouin says:

        Good morning Dr B

        i wanted to thank you for your input concerning this lady who had the neuroblastoma as an infant. May I call upon you further to review my reply to her and validate its accuracy. Your time is appreciated but I dont want to receive any nasty emails from her conventional doctor or any law suits :

        Reply to the lady
        Good morning. I have consulted with a mentor of mine who is a brilliant Chiropractor/Naturopath MD from California so as we can attempt to get you on the right track. May I say that Belief is a very powerful stimulus for the human body since our environmental input not only changes the way we express our genes but how we perceive our world and the world within us that is what is most fascinating with the human organism. Looking at your chronology you followed conventional medicine for a good part of your life ( you had no choice when you were first born ) but now you have sought after alternative medicine and are considering a mix of both which is not a good idea. There exists synergistic and antagonistic effects between everything you ingest including nutrients and even endocrine glands. Trace minerals are known to be involved in hormone secretion, their activity,and target tissue binding sites, DNA and protein synthesis, gene expression to name just a few. Several things I learnt from my mentor when you take substances that are designed for the human body such as nutrients ( not synthetic vitamins ) you are working with the body and moving toward health. If you take man made substances ( pharmaceuticals ) you are working against the body and potentially moving in the wrong direction ( Some drugs will lead your natural bodily process down a rabbit hole that may ultimately damage your DNA ). Having said that excessive amounts of natural nutrients can also cause an imbalance as well ( Even taking several drugs together the potentiation is unknown and in most cases could erode your health, so taking pharmaceuticals with natural substances could negate your pathway to health. So you must decide what path you want to take..Belief will always be a deciding factor because of the brain-body connection.
        Hippocrates stated ‘All diseases begin in the gut’ and you are no exception. 80% of your immune system is in the gut and at the moment your immune system appears to be in chaos caused by a gut dysbiosis from Nutrient deficiency and toxicity. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is the ultimate control center for the human body, it is the very structure that is established first during the initial stages of pregnancy followed by the organs that are then attached. This central nervous system controls every organ in the body including digestion, respiration, heart beat, blood pressure, endocrine function etc and is affected by Chemical, physical and emotional stimuli. The Chiropractor strives to diagnose and fix physical sublaxation that may occur within the human skeleton ultimately affecting Autonomic nervous function. My mentor, since he is a naturopath doctor as well, has the ability to resolve not only the physical but the other stressors as well ( chemical and Psychological) . The ANS has two pathways referred to as the Sympathetic ( Controlling our fight or flight response ) and the Parasympathetic ( Controlling our rest and digest functions). Since any substance that we ingest ( Pharceutical drugs, nutrients, food ) can affect this vital system. It is therefore essential to supplement with a whole food that contains all 90 essential nutrients. There are 60 essential minerals which include trace minerals in a colloidal form that the body can absorb. Most texts talk about 12-15 minerals but the body needs all 60. For example foods such as legumes are supposed to be rich in molybdenum but with current soil depletion and agricultural methods, even if it is organically grown we don`t know how much of this mineral is in there so it is always necessary to supplement, and if the food you consume does contain the nutrients you need then it is a value add. Our bacteria ( within our gut flora ) needs for instance molybdenum as an antioxidant. Lanthanum which is used 36 million times within the human genome as well as a building block for insulating nerve fibres is affiliated to Phenylalanine an amino acid. This amino acid converts into tyrosine another amino acid needed to make proteins and brain chemicals like epinephrine and thyroid hormones. Yttrium is essential for making whole protein synthesis. Turmeric for example is an Yttrium-boron based substance which can carry the much needed boron across the blood brain barrier. Dr Melvin Page in the 40s, one of the pioneers in nutritional biochemistry made mineral association to the ANS stating that phosphorous is a sympathetic ( stimulatory ) mineral while calcium is considered parasympathetic (sedative ) mineral. From the cited examples you can appreciate that all 60 minerals have a purpose in our bodies as well as the 12 essential amino acids, 16 vitamins and 3 fatty acids.
        My mentor believes that the health challenges you have experienced e.g the neuroblastoma formation and the issues with your lymph nodes are a result of toxicity which could also be the case with your blood in conjunction with your apparent gut dysbiosis which may be the cause of your newly diagnosed condition of CHAD which is an associative auto immune condition. Again you need healthy nutrients to have healthy blood such as magnesium, copper, manganese, iodine,zinc etc and Vitamins B1,B2,B3,B6,B12,C,A,D.Folic acid, Pantothenic acid and many amino acids. Wheat Grass is a wonderful supplement containing all the much needed nutrients for healthy blood as well as 30 beneficial enzymee. Wheat grass boosts the formation of red blood cells and white corpuscles. Cleanses and detoxes the liver and colon and is the best source of living Chlorophyll (contains up to 70% chlorophyll) an important blood builder. The chlorophyll molecule closely resemble that of the hemin molecule, the pigment which combines with protein to form hemoglobin. The major difference is the chlorophyll molecule contains magnesium as it’s central atom, and the hemin molecule contains iron. The molecular structure of these two substances is almost identical in all other respects. To further assist with your blood issue is to consume liver which is an excellent source of haem iron ( much more absorbable than non haem iron from plants. Futhermore meats also promote better absorption of non haem iron from plants while vitamin C from plants promotes absorption of heam iron from meat. Since you are unable to absorb dietary B12, I question whether you are able to absorb the B12 supplements (Dibencozide & Methylcobalamin ) either, since, as you are probably aware for B12 to work in the body it needs a glycoprotein called Intrinsic factor that is secreted by the stomach. Intrinsic factor and hydrochloric acid is produced by specialized cells that line the stomach wall known as parietal cells, during digestion the stomach acid release Vitamin B12 from the diet and bind to the intrinsic factor protein to form a complex which is then used for absorption in the small intestine. Have you tested for intrinsic factor antibody production to see why you are unable to absorb B12 ?. I think this may be a good idea although it is possible that once you resolve your gut dysbiosis issue, detox and cleanse, this issue may resolve itself unless irreparable damage has been caused by the radiation. Madame Curie perished from here own poison with anaplastic anemia preventing the body from producing new red blood cells. It is quite possible that any damage that may have occurred was repaired by the body ( its had enough time since you were just born ).
        One important aspect of physiology is that when we are young the body works for you because its primary purpose is to procreate so all bodily functions are full steam ahead but once we go beyond our normal reproductive years things start to slow down and you have to work for your body, metabolism for one, and our joints and muscles are not quite as flexible. This is why exercise is so crucial even walking is therapeutic for the body since it promotes Apoptosis ( natural cell death ), Autophagy ( cell recycling ) and Glutathione production ( the bodys most powerful antioxidant ) Unfortunately Gluthathione production diminishes quite considerably in our later years, however some foods like brussel sprouts ( should ) contain this antioxidant and the body knows how to harness it. There are Gluthathione supplements available but the body cant use Glthathione pre se, however the body can utilize Gluthathiones precursor amino acids Glutamic acid, Cysteine, and Glycine all of which are in raw milk protein powder concentrate ( avoid Whey protein Isolates since they acidify the body ).
        My mentor states that ‘I think a good place for you to start would be restoring the health of your microflora. All the issues with the lymph nodes are a sign of major toxicity so after your digestive system is functioning properly it would be an excellent idea for you to massively detox your body. Just these two steps would be enough to get you on the right path to healing’.
        The following healing regime would be our recommendation :
        Purchase a good whole food supplement containing at least the 90 essential nutrients. The one I use is ‘Supergreens’ by LivingFuel which also contains a proprietary enzyme blend, herbs ( Turmeric, ginger root,Dandelion root, Astragulus, Milk Thistle, Ginkgo Biloba ), antioxidants ( L-Cysteine, Quercitin,ALA,Glutathione,Coenzyme Q10 ), Superfoods ( complex of organic brown rice and yellow pea, barley leaf, Chia seeds,spinach,kale,brocolli,carrot and beet root,oat,spirulina, Lecithin and proprietary complex of sea vegetables incl Kelp ), and an excellent probiotic which includes 2 strains of Lactobacillus ( the human gut flora consists of approx 33,900 Trillion microbes – give or take a million or so spread over a 1000 different species; Lactobacillus is beneficial since it makes lactic acid which the bad bacteria cannot tolerate). I also take daily, a product called Body Balance from Life Force which contains Aloe Vera and 6 types of sea vegetables providing 74 minerals, 23 vitamins,21 amino acids, 11 enzymes, 3 essential fatty acids, 13 monosaccharides ( proteins are broken down into amino acids, while carbohydrates break down into glucose molecules. The single unit for a glucose molecule is called a monosaccharide so these substances will provide fast energy because the digestive system does not need to break it down, Fucus is an included saccharide within Body Balance that acts as an beneficial immune system modulator) and 28 phytochemicals ( plant nutrients that provide antioxidants for the body ). Since the supergreens includes organic vegetables and spirulina these should be able to detox your system ( the Liver loves Kale ). These supplements work for me but there are other whole food supplements such as the Youngevity products promoted by Dr Joel Wallach which I have not tried but I am sure are just as beneficial.
        Try and include some daily vegetable Juicing or blending. I blend my raw vegetables because I want the fiber but I usually include the following: ( All contents must be organic; you dont want to introduce more toxins in your body especially estrogen based herbicides) Filtered water, Ginger root, apple cider vinegar ( acetic acid good to stimulate your stomach juices ), whole lemon and Lime, organic Natto ( This is a nasty fermented soy bean product that japanese eat with rice for breakfast but it contains the highest amount of Vitamin K2 than any other food; K2 is a transport for calcium to prevent or move calcium deposits where they shouldn’t be into the bones and teeth ), Dandelion leaves, Kale, Beet leaves. Swiss Chard,Collard greens – you dont need to include them all but interchange them whenever you prepare the juice/blend ( Beet tops have the highest amount of Potassium ( 1300mg/cup) which you need 4700 mg of/daily – equivalent to 12 bananas. Potassium is needed for the bodies Sodium/potassium pumps ( Na/K ) which are located on the surface of every cell..there are between 800,000-30 million which are used to generate electricity to to open the cell to allow glucose and calcium into the cell. It takes about 1/3 of our diet to work these pumps. These pumps are also used to contract/relax muscle and these pumps take up to 60% of the calorific intake for nerve function. There are also Hydrogen/Potassium pumps (H/K) used to create stomach acid ), An apple. 2 handfuls of cranberries, 2 bananas, fresh Aloa Vera (occasionally- this is a medicine so you dont need to consume it every day ), handful of organic frozen berries. I would not start juicing until your gut flora goes back to normal since some dark green leafy vegetables like Spinach has a high oxalate value ( 800mg/cup ) which your own bacteria will munch on but if your flora is compromised you may feel uncomfortable).
        To further resolve your gut dysbiosis you should try fermented vegetables. Since my wife is from the former Soviet Union I learnt from her how to prepare them since most Russian families consume them. You need a good size glass jar with a lid. Cut a cabbage into small pieces and grate several carrots then mix everything in a bowl and then stuff the jar tightly with the mixture. Then leave it on the kitchen counter for 4 days with the jar open and exposed to the air. In 4 days it will be ready to eat and it tastes like saurkraut. Then you can take a cup or 2 cups of the fermented mixture and mix it with a fresh chopped onion and you will have a wonderful food containing the most beneficial bacteria. You can put the lid on the jar and store it into the refrigerator for weeks. We eat this from time to time with a baked potato and it is delicious and wonderful food for your internal bacterial garden. Other fermented products you can try ( if they are available to you ) Kefir ( a fermented milk ) and Kamboucha ( a fermented tea ), both can provide excellent probiotics for your gut flora. Despite the advertising Yoghurt cleans the colon and provides food for your existing bacteria but does not stimulate growth for new bacteria as is the case with Kefir, Kamboucha and Fermented vegetables.
        You need to fix your B12 issue, ask your physician to test for intrinsic factor. You should also be aware that the parietal cells that line the stomach wall also are responsible for producing stomach acid so if you know this is low then this is the same issue. You also have to be aware that as we age stomach acid production diminishes so in some people they need help. Betaine Hydrochloric acid is a good supplement, but before you use this lets clean up the gut issues first and your stomach problems may resolve themselves. A mixture of filtered water. freshly squeezed lemon/lime juice and organic apple cider vinegar drunk throughout the day will help stimulate stomach juice production ( this will also neutralize some of the oxalates from the dark green leafy vegetables when you start to juice or blend..Bear in mind cruciferous vegetables like Brocolli and Cauliflower also contain oxalates ). Take enough salt ( sea salt preferably since it contains other minerals + refined salt is not good for the body) since Sodium Chloride helps the production of stomach acid and bile salts.
        Avoid single vitamin/mineral supplements like multivitamins because of the risk of imbalance due to the complex synergistic/anatagonistic effects between minerals and vitamins ( e.g Calcium without sufficient magnesium can be toxic and can cause arthritis and kidney stones; Magnesium keeps calcium dissolved in the blood. A 2:1 magnesium to Calcium is an appropriate balance. Adequate amounts of Folate acid,Vit B12,Niacin, Vitamin E, and Calcium maintain DNA integrity while excessive amounts of Riboflavin,Pantothenic acid and biotin can cause DNA damage). The other problem with these supplements that you would buy in a chemist or drug store is that they may be synthetic. The classic example is Vitamin C. Some products are made from corn starch and sulphuric acid and referred to as Ascorbic acid but as Dr Royal Lee one of the greatest nutritionists in the 40s stated that Vitamin C in nature is a complex consisting of P factors ( referred to as a Vitamin P Bioflavanoid), which enhance capillary and vessel wall strength, and J factors, which increase the oxygen carrying capacity of blood ( a respiratory.vitamin, that maintains efficient lung oxygen inhalation ) As well, there is an enzyme in the center of the C complex called tyrosinase that is an organic copper enzyme which acts as precursor for the manufacture of adrenal hormones ( which is why the adrenals acts as reservoir for Vitamin C). Finally the ascorbic acid ( latin for ‘Anti-Scurvy) is a shell which acts as an antioxidant guard and acts as a deliverer of sorts by carrying, protecting, and dropping the vitamin C into the body. So just taking ascorbic acid is like preparing a meal and eating the plate.
        It is highly recommended to get your nervous system checked by a licensed chiropractor to ensure that your autonomic nervous system is working efficiently for all organ function. That means checking verterbrae alignment Cervical C1-C7, Dorsal ( Thoracic ) D1-D12. Lumbar (L1-L5 ), the Sacro and the Coxis for any sublaxation issues. You might want to ask for a heart variability test to see if you have any dominance toward your sympathetic or parasympathetic side or that you are balanced. Some specialist naturopath physicians perform what is know as metabolic typing to design individualised diets and supplement programs if dominance exists. For example sympathetic dominance are individuals that tend to follow a more plant based diet and do well with beta-carotene, B Vitamins, Folic acid, magnesium, Vitamins D and C and typically are type A personalities ( Managerial types, leaders ), while parasympathetic dominant individuals are meat eaters and thrive on Vitamin E, Calcium and they tend to have more of a creative character and a calmer air about them. This typing is not set in stone but is a guideline. The body functions at its best if it is balanced chemically, physically and Psychologically which you and everybody else on the planet should strive for. Another aspect of health is for the body to have an overall balanced PH ( although body maintains a strict blood PH and it will whatever is necessary to keep it that way between 7.35-7.45) but your body can become too alkaline or too acid depending on various factors like nutrient deficiency and toxicity ( e.g when cancer ignites in the body hard tumor cancers like liver,pancreas breast, prostate is a result of acidic PH while the blood cancers like Leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myloma is a result of individuals being too alkaline) Having said that the body being such a remarkable organism, brilliantly and intelligently designed can adapt which it does every day when necessary but all it requires to be in perfect working order is the right fuel.
        Taking organic wheat grass juice powder is an excellent medicine which you can try for a couple of months. Wheat grass is known to enhance digestion by cleansing the colon and restoring acidity to healthy levels and restores a smooth digestion process by re-establishing your gut flora. It boosts the formation of red blood cells and white corpuscles, balances PH and detoxes the Liver and colon. In the 1940s Anne Wigmore a holistic practioner started promoting the benefits of wheatgrass and other raw foods in order to “detox”, removing what she considered to be poisons of “unnatural” cooked foods and food additives added by industrial society; she believed this diet allowed and helped the body to heal itself. She believed that fresh wheatgrass juice and fresh vegetables – and especially chlorophyll – retained more of their original energy and potency (a form of vitalism) if they were uncooked and eaten as soon as possible after harvesting them. ( there is an article by Suzanne Hall that lists 50 benefits of taking wheatgrass ).
        One very important mineral is selenium. The following list describes how the body uses Selenium:
        1. The turnover of cells within the human organism takes up to 7 years ( the white blood cells that line the small and large intestines to assimilate nutrients and attack invaders ) so exposure to radiation, toxic chemicals, starvation etc can deplete nutrients (especially selenium that has cancer prevention properties). Selenium builds amino acids allowing the body to make 20 million new cells each day. In essence if the body is deficient in selenium for example anytime during that 7 year replacement cycle cancer could potentially ignite in the body.
        2. Selenomethionine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in brazil nuts and is used in all DNA to messenger RNA starting points referred to as the initiation codons. To have enough dietary selenium cuts the risk in DNA damage ( that can lead to cancer ).
        3. Even the National institute of health suggests that dietary selenium diminishes cellular changes that lead to prostate cancer.
        4. The tumor suppressing protein P53 found on chromosome 17 is a selenium based gene that suppresses the formation of tumors ( if you are not familiar with basic cell structure we have 46 chromosomes in each cell -these chromosomes are inherited by our parents 23 from each and on each chromosome there are approximately 1000 or so genes that express the functioning of the body). In the bodies daily production of some 20-25 million cells the body does make mistakes but there are mechanisms to correct them, however if there is not enough P53 operative these mistakes are not corrected and can reproduce as cancer so it is stated by some that all cancers are due to a selenium deficiency.
        5. Selenium is essential for various physiological levels such as the production of Gluthathione peroxydase a family of enzyme that protects us from oxidative damage by preventing the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide and lipid hydroperoxides which are oxydised fatty deposits (seen on the skin and are called liver spots which is a misnomer since the medical term is Lipofuscin or age spots ). These oxygen radicals can attack anything proteins, DNA which is why we need to consume antioxidants to assist the body in reducing this problem (Gluthathione is the bodys most powerful antioxidant.
        6. As we know today there are 25 seleoenzymes ( selenium triggered) including Gluthathione perooxydase as discussed above. Another enzyme is thioredoxin reductase that assist in the electron transfer within the cell but can become oxidised and cause havoc within the cell so with the help of selenium the oxidised state is minimised. In fact this enzyme is essential for cell growth and survival.
        7. The eye is normally rich in selenium so deficiency can affect vision
        8. The manufacture of dentine for teeth is dependent on selenium
        9. The thyroid gland that controls our metabolism requires iodine from our food to make 2 hormones Triiodothyromine ( known as T3 ) and Thyroxine (know as T4); approximately 20% of T3 is made and is the active form and T4 80% the storage form and the body converts T4 to T3 as required since T3 is 4 times stronger than T4. The thyroid gland is controlled by the pituitary gland and the pituitary gland is controlled by the Hypothalamus. This conversion needs the presence of selenium. It is important to mention that if your iodine is low then selenium supplementation will only exascerbate the problem and vice versa so it is important that you have adequate iodine levels. ( Supplementation with a teaspoon of Kelp every day ). It is important to note that thyroid problems can emanate from the thyroid itself, the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus and doctors will check the T4 and/or the T3 levels in the blood and may prescribe drugs which may not help if the problem is coming from somewhere else..they are not going to check your selenium levels in your blood so it is best just to put the fuel that your body needs for optimum function and in the case of the thyroid, appropriate levels of iodine and selenium.
        10. The heart in order for its contractile function to work efficiently it requires selenium ( cardio myopathy and Keshans disease are generally caused by selenium deficiency). Additionally, there exists in the heart approx 7 strains of cardiophilic viruses which are normally dormant and benign but under certain circumstances including selenium deficiency they can be activated and become virulent and can cause major problems.
        11. From the above you can appreciate that selenium is a natural antiviral agent and has been used to help patients suffering from the AIDS virus.
        12. The liver is normally rich in selenium and if deficient can cause necrosis in some cases.
        13. A condition known as lymphedema which is swelling of the lymphatic system caused by cancer treatment for breast cancer or the removal of lymph nodes. This is a horrible condition where women can very easily get infections of the lymph system since the system contains a blockage that by conventional medicine cant eleviate and women are subjected to long term anti-biotics to prevent infection. Selenium supplementation can help and in some cases reverse the condition quite rapidly.

        You can appreciate from this list how important Selenium is , and there is not enough in most, if not all whole food supplements so it is recommended that you take at least 300mcg/day which you can get from 6 Brazil nuts/day.

        One last point regarding nutrients is Sulphur. There are very few who talk about this mineral but its hugely important. It is equally important to eat sulphur containing foods like Cauliflower, eggs, garlic. Onions etc and on occasion take a hot bath with epsom salts..better still find a hot spring on holiday say in Iceland. In terms of cartilage for our joints the chondrocytes a cell that makes new cartilage needs sulphur. It is a healing mineral that functions in the body as an element in the nerves, myelin sheath ( a fatty substance that surrounds some nerves and the brain serving as an electrical insulator ), promotes bile flow, helps regulate the brain and heart, promotes healthy skin,nails and hair. Sun exposure is vital for health and its Vitamin D3 Sulphate that is manufactured in the skin and it is believed that it is this form, the only form that provides all the benefits of Vitamin D3 including cancer protection ( the only food that contains Sulphated V D3 is in raw milk (.thank you Louis Pasteur for depriving the population of this beneficial nutrient ). So you are not going to get the same benefit from a Vitamin D3 supplement. Vitamin D3 sulphate also strengthens your immune system and protects you from cardiovascular problems. Interestingly enough not only do you make V D3 from the skin but yoy manufacture cholesterol sulphate ( since the skin is made from cholesterol ) which is has free passage into the blood and the liver is not required to package it in an LDL ( known as Bad cholesterol ) transport so the LDL level goes down. ( So much for dermatologists recommendation to stay out of the sun).

        I hope we have given you enough food for thought and I if we can help further dont hesitate to contact me.

        • Wow, this is probably one of the most detailed treatment plans I’ve ever seen, especially the way you have everything written. I really hope she takes the time to read this. I’m only a little concerned that she might not be open to any new or alternative information because her response to you before was hinting at this. If she responds negatively to this message then I would suggest moving on because you put a tremendous amount of time into this explanation. The best case scenario would be that she responds positively and begins to follow your advice.

          No matter what happens you can be absolutely certain that your information is fantastic and scientifically accurate. Keep up the excellent work!

          • eric malouin says:

            Thank you so much Dr B

            The punctiation and paragraphing got screwed up when I cut and paste into your website but I will fix it before I send. I so appreciate your input and validity. In terms of guidance its the old axiom ‘You can lead a horse to water etc’. If you ever need any help to research or whatever, I am at your disposal. My email is

            Man, I will always be in your debt because it was you that put me on the right path to health some years ago. Let the force be with you O BE ONE.

            Best regards


          • Hello Eric,

            I’m in the process of starting a completely new website for myself as well as another site that will be focus on gathering research on all topics related to health and healing. I could definitely use your help in terms of researching and potentially writing articles. I’m going to give your email to my son who is developing all the new websites and perhaps you two can work together.

            Keep up the great work!

  3. eric malouin says:

    Hii Dr B

    I dont want to waste your time sending these articles but I had to share this one. This is criminal and these people dont even get a parking ticket.

    In his book Epigenetics Dr Joel Wallach explains how in 1977 he discovered Cystic Fibrosis in a Rhesus Monkey destined for Nasa space travel. When Wallach performed an autopsy on the monkey he noticed pancreatic disease and bronchial mucous production. His diagnosis ws reaffirmed by the CF experts at the time Dr Victor Nasar ( Emery pediatric pathologist at Atllantas Grady Memorial hospital and Dr John Easerly pathologist at Chicagos Lyingln hospital. All this happened while his boss was on vacation and upon his return he fired Wallach for announcing to the medical community that not only did he discover the cause of CF, he could recreate the disease, because, as his boss went on to say” every body knows CF is genetic”. Wallach said that this was not the case and the truth is the truth to which he replied “Nobody cares about the truth” which just about sums up our beloved ‘Healthcare’ system. So Cystic Fibrosis is caused by a Selenium deficiency so for the sake of a handful of Brazil nuts per day, these criminals transplanted both lungs which her body rejected and ultimately killed her.

    • Thanks for the articles, they definitely aren’t a waste of my time. This is an absolutely perfect example of what you should be doing. Whenever you see something interesting in your research, just write a short paragraph of your opinions and film a short clip to put on Youtube or Facebook. I guarantee you’ll have many followers and you’ll be able to help so many people. Think about it!

  4. eric malouin says:

    Good morning Dr B

    I would like to share this article proving that longevity way past a century is possible within us humans. I like the way that they write about good genes without a mention that it was how she expressed them throughout her life. After failing to find genes that expressed disease upon the completion of the human genome project ( especially when Francis Crick announced years after that the project was in part irrelevant since disease is expressed in the body because of bad chemistry) they want to complete an Epigenome project ( which as you know will never finish) thats a laugh. Healthcare is imploding and they want to spend money on this foolishness.



    • I was under the impression that everyone knew about this, in fact there’s a whole book that documents groups of people that consistently live over 100, it’s called Blue Zones. I’m sure you’ve probably read this book already. Technically, according to the science on DNA replication, human DNA is designed to replicate all the way until 120 years of age. After that age, DNA starts to break down too quickly for humans to survive. I’ve heard about the Epigenome project, which I think is a little ridiculous because it would be nearly impossible to track all the factors that effective Epigenetics.

  5. eric malouin says:

    Hi Dr B

    Thank you for the compliment, coming from you it is a great honor. However, I do not have any medical credentials to write articles on someting that i am very passionate about. I am an engineer that has a degree in computer,electrical and electronic engineering with a major in systems ( negative and positive feedback systems) which is why I understand the how the body works to maintain homestasis. I dont want to get sued for what I write or flayed alive for not possessing any formal certification on medical subjects or nutrition. I am a diplomed lecturer ( wrote a thesis on Psychomotor learning when I was 24 involving the nervous system; basically what is the physiology involved in a student learning a practical skill ). I would like to to do this, to spread the word of true health like Dr Mercola who writes great articles and conducts brilliant interviews.

    • It doesn’t matter that you don’t have any medical credentials. What’s important is that you have a passion for health, you can think critically, and you enjoy researching. You should definitely do something like Mercola. In the very least you should start your own blog and Youtube video channel. I’m sure people would enjoy hearing your opinions and advice.

  6. eric malouin says:

    Hi Dr B

    How are you ?, I am sharing the following link with you :
    It is quite possible that you are aware of this condition called Dystropic epdidemolysis bullosa ( another label from the medical priesthood). UTube has some other cases. I viewed your video on skin health but is this fixable. I believe that he has inherited some busted genes but I cant believe they cannot be rexpressed. From your teachings Dr MDH ( Modern day Hippocrates ) you talk about the microbiota ( Staphylococcus epidermidas) and immune system communication or gut-brain-skin axis of health so in all probability this link is broken. I suspect that there is very little collagen production, My understanding is that the body is made up approx 65% collagen; the arteries, eyes, skin, tendons,ligaments, hair, nails, in the blood, connective tissue around the organs and the body is supposed to convert protein in the diet to collagen but it needs a very acidic stomach to accomplish this as you are aware. So if digestion is compromised this conversion is not going to occur. As you say skin is replaced every 28 days which is probably occuring but in this case the skin has no integrity. Can we help this young pitiful boy ?. On another note my knees have been troubling me, my chiro has suggested that I could be overworking them by jogging every morning and playing tennis 9 hours per week ( OMG what is your quote ” if the body breaks down greater than rebuilding the body you move closer to death”) but i am only 66. Anyway I have started to take a shot of sulphate ( a Glucosamine,Chondroitine, Methy sulphate (MSM) supplement ) which should enrich the synovial fluid around the knee, am I correct in my hypotheisis. My chiro suggests Krill oil but I dont see a direct connection to improve my knees.

    Thank you in advance for your time which I know is precious

    best rgds


    • Hello Eric,

      I’m curious about the child’s toxic exposure because I’ve seen these kinds of cases occur from vaccinations. If the child was truly born with this condition then it was most likely due to an unhealthy pregnancy and a traumatic birth process. My approach to a case like this would be to get his digestive system functioning properly. As you mentioned, there needs to be a proper amount of acid in the stomach to digest nutrients necessary for production of healthy skin. So it would be great to get him on betaine HCL to increase the stomach acid. It would also be great to get him on juiced vegetables and blended fruits which don’t require a large amount of stomach acid to be absorbed and utilized by the body. I’d also get him on all the general supplements like minerals supplements, vitamin C, omega 3’s, etc. Then I’d have the parents apply coconut oil to his skin and keep the bandages off as long as possible to expose the skin to air as much as possible. Exposing the skin to air will help restore the natural microflora on the skin. Light therapy would also be fantastic for this child whether it’s a UVB lamp or direct sunlight. Usually with this kind of treatment protocol I’ve seen great results in a just a couple weeks.

      As for your knees, you might be overdoing it a little but that’s okay. You just need to increase your body’s ability to replace the tissue you’re damaging. Krill oil or Fish oil would actually be really great for your overall joint health because Omega 3’s are fantastic for pain relief and they actually increase joint mobility. For temporary pain relief, moist heat applied directly to the knees would be great. Also, turmeric is one of the greatest substances I come across for so many different reasons, one of which is joint health and pain relief.

      • eric malouin says:

        Thanks for the response, I actually commented on the article and suggested at least try and help this little guy by checking his stomach acid levels and start giving him a whole food supplement containing the 90 essential nutrients like the one I take which includes protolytic enzymes complex, probiotic ( lactobacillus acidophilus,rhamousus and B.Longum complex), herbs (turmeric,milk thistle,gingko Bilboa,astragulus ), antioxidants CoenzymQ10,ALA etc and a bunch of organic foods spirulina,kale brocolli,spinach,chia seeds etc. I also suggested in addition potassium since we need so much of it 4700g/day. But the bastards pulled the comment because it goes against their pre conceived ideas that Allopathy knows best and if they conclude that it is an incurable genetic disease then ‘suck it up and suffer’. If they dont fix this kid hes not going to last long, and what quality of life does he have. I am going to try to get a message through facebook and I will include your suggestions as well if I may.

        You always talk about vaccines, but are you aware of the adjuvant included in the new flu shot, its squalene which has messed up thousands of gulf war veterans when they received the anthrax vaccine which also included squalene. The inmates have certainly taken over the lunatic asylum now. Dr B please for god sake contact Trump and tell him your interested in the job that Ben carson turned down before we lose half the planets population. Here is the link to this article :

        always a pleasure and an honor to speak to the Hippocrates of the 21st century..Strength and honor and on my signal unleash hell



        • eric malouin says:

          Dr B

          I do have some more questions concerning partial hearing loss and snoring. Both have condemned me to the dog house and its getting cold out there now, although its only hovering around 0 and -2 here in Montreal. Anyway I have suffered both for many years. I was a lead singer in 5 amateur rock bands over the years although never experienced an exploding drum kit which is what happened to Pete Townsend when Keith moon decided to plant a small incendiary device beside his bass drum after a show. I can hear low tones in my left ear but they are not clear and I broke my nose at least 3 times causing deviated septums in both nostrils( which may have a link to the snoring as well as the uvala ) but should they not self repair.

          I was interested in your lecture on how the body works re the nervous system and have always been fascinated with the ANS from my research into Kelly and Gonzalez and their approach to metabolic typing; striving to balance the ANS using food and supplements. This infers that imbalance occurs physiologically and structurally but I suppose both can occur either mutually inclusive or exclusively. Gonzalez never mentions checking the nervous system structurally but it it is just as important since once symmetry has been achieved from the diet the ANS could still be out of balance structurally.

          Another question and it concerns digestion and nutrient absorption. Once the chyme has been broken down into single amino acids into a form that can be diffused through the epithelial cells into the blood and lymph vessels 90% of absorption has taken place within the small intestine. The other 10% of absorption occurs in the large intestine and it is here the K2, B12 vitamins are manufactured by bacteria and absorbed and not excreted out as is thought by some people ( since the body has an inate intelligence it would not make sense to manufacture vitamins and then excrete them out ). However, if there exists a flora dysbiosis then these vitamins would never be manfactured in the first place ?. Finally, since B12 requires the glycoprotein referred to as the intrinsic factor which are produced by the pareital cells in the stomach for binding and thus activation. Some people believe that the B12 which is manufactured by our own bodies is not enough so it is necessary to supplement ( is this true, or is this another hypotheisis, generally speaking ). I can see why you probably get frustrated trying to put the puzzles together on human biology since the research that divides fact from myth may exist but how much is tainted because the research may have been funded by pharmaceutical firms and conclusions fudged to meet their requirements. This is where I admire Stephanie seneff, she is a little ferret digging out the research and putting the pieces together and arriving at a consensus that is at the very least scientifically viable knowing full well ( i hope ) that at least 50% of research on the net is compromised.

          The same question exists in terms of Vitamin D3. Stephanie believes that only the sulphated D3 manufactured in the skin from sun exposure is the only viable D3 that our body can use ( the only other same sulphated D3 exists in raw milk ). In her opinion it is something else in the sun associated with D3 skin manufacture that provides the benefit ( could this be Scandium), so taking supplements is inferior and questionably how much is absorbed if any. However, there is flaw in her reasoning since lower primates like wild cats do not possess the ability to manufacture Vitamin D3 through the skin but rely on this vitamin when they consume the raw meat from their kills. It would follow logically then that we could possibly possess the same ability otherwise supplements would simply not work?. Then there is the question of age and that some schools of thought state that seniors do not absorb as much Vitamin D3 even from sun exposure…what does this mean seniors have to lie in the sun twice as long. Dr Heaney a leading D3 scientist also states that in general we humans get at least 1500IU-2000IU D3 from the diet ( healthy ) and to acquire all benefits from D3 we must absorb at least 5000IU to achieve approx a serum level of 60nm/ml so we need to make up the difference with supplementation or sun exposure. Then you have the Marshall protocol which states that appropriate Vitamin D3 levels are immunosuppressive but thank God Mercola debunked Trevor Marshalls theory which was driven by his own personal experience with Sarcoidosis. But as Mercola points out he is a biomedical engineer and not a clinician so he is approaching Physiological processes as if it were as man made electronics problem whereas physiological processes can only be reasoned and concluded by clinical trails ( empirics ) because of the multitude of variables ( activated by chemical, environmental, physchological permeabilities).

          I await your response o great one

          best rgds


          • Hello Eric,

            Both snoring and hearing loss actually can have the same cause which is lack of proper nerve and blood supply. The structures that are involved with snoring (the soft palate and throat) and the structures involved with hearing (the inner ear) are both innervated by cranial nerves which originate from the base of the brain, brainstem, and spinal cord. This is important to understand because any problem with the upper cervical spine can cause problems like hearing loss and snoring. With your active lifestyle I’m guessing that there could be plenty of trauma to the cervical spine. Running in general is probably one of the worst things you can do to your spine but it is particularly damaging to your upper cervical spine. So one key will definitely be getting regular care from a corrective chiropractor. Make sure you find a chiropractor that can also manipulate the bones of the skull because this can radically improve blood flow throughout the brain. You also might need to modify how you run, the amount of running your doing, or where you’re running. If I’m remembering correctly, you also play tennis for several hours every week. When you’re doing these activities, try to focus very hard on maintaining proper form so that your spine is in alignment. Many runners and tennis players tend to drop their shoulders and let their heads fall forward. This position puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the cervical spine. I know this is quite a lot of information for just snoring and hearing loss but there is so much I could tell you that it would probably fill a book.

            The ANS is very difficult to understand if you’re just looking at one part of it because it’s incredibly complex and there are so many things that can effect it. The problem with trying to stimulate the ANS with just diet is that this is only one aspect of ANS stimulation. Like I always say, your Sympathetics are activate by chemical, physical, and emotional stress. So by changing the diet you’re only taking care of the chemical stress, but if you’re not addressing the physical and emotional factors, then you won’t really change anything.

            It’s really difficult to find really good quality research on vitamins in general, but specifically the mechanisms of absorption, utilization, and production are even harder to find in research. The fact of the matter is that we don’t fully understand all the mechanisms involved. Most of the knowledge you’re referring to about B12 is actually just theory. These doctors and scientists don’t actually know as much as they think they know because we don’t yet have the technology to monitor all these processes. For B12, I think it’s best to focus on having a healthy microflora because this is absolutely necessary for B12. If you have a healthy microflora and you’re eating foods rich in B12 then you can be relatively certain your B12 levels will be fine.

            For vitamin D3, I think you’re definitely on to something very interesting. I’m not a big fan of supplements in general, but I’ve found it very difficult to recommend a vitamin D3 supplement. It’s not that there aren’t good quality vitamin D3 supplements on the market, but I just haven’t seen very good research on these supplements. Vitamin D production and utilization gets extremely complicated, but I think everyone can agree that it’s an extremely important vitamin. So obviously sun exposure is the best option for vitamin D, but now the many question is what to do in the winter time especially for people in more northern regions. For this, I think it’s best to look at how our ancestors survived. What did people eat in the winter time in the northern climates? Usually people drank raw milk and they ate meat as well as fermented vegetables, all of which are fantastic for vitamin D when you can’t get it through sun exposure. I think this would be the best option, but it’s extremely difficult to get people to eat like this when it’s so quick and easy just to take a supplement.

            Let me know if you have any questions.

        • Wow, that’s really strange that those people pulled your comment. So many people are strangely closed off to new information. I’m glad that you tried to help.

          Thanks for the info about the new flu shot. I’m actually planning on doing a new video on vaccines in December where I’ll be speaking about this as well as several other new things about vaccines.

          Great quote! How did you know Gladiator is my favorite movie?

          • eric malouin says:

            Hi Dr B

            Thank you for your response. So in your opinion there is no damage specifically within the inner ear it just needs some correction re the blood supply and/or nerve supply, that is interesting. I will definately take note of my running posture because I believe that is exactly whats happening, furthermore correcting the running posture probably will help the tension on my knees as well.

            I agree with you taking individual supplements is a questionable practice since you run the risk of buying something synthetic and how does the body utilize it as an isolated nutrient. Vitamin C is a classic case, what many refer to as Ascorbic acid, but this is only the antioxidant protective shell of the C complex. Science is aware of the synergistic/antagonistic effects between nutrients at the metabolic level. Unless you are aware that Vitamin D taken in excess ( There are people out there taking 50,000IU which is totally unnecessary since the average person needs only 5-6000IU/day; 1/2 hour sun exposure between the hours of 10am-3pm ( the timeframe that UVB dominates UVA and when Vitamin D3 manufactured in the skin) can provide the average person 10,000IU) hoping to increase calcium absorption can interfere with Magnesium,potassium or phosphorous retention or absorption. So people who take multivitamins to compensate for their unhealthy food choices are part of the reason that in 2008 the expensive urine statement was popularised. I prefer to take wholefood supplements containing all the nutrients you need like Body balance depending on the harvest can contain up to 74 minerals. 60 of which are essential like Yttrium that the master tumor suppression gene P53 uses and USB7 gene, the master key ( to the P53 ‘Padlock’) uses Cesium which is also beneficial for the immune system. Cabbage should contain approx 29 ppm of Yttrium and Brazil nuts contain the highest amount of Cesium (1.3 ppm), but how do you know how much mineral content there is in food and in terms of ppm how much does each person need. Richard Olree has made mineral/amino acid associations to the human vertebrae as well the number of times the body uses it in DNA sequencing so Yttrium occurs 18million times in DNA, and has a spinal connection to the Sacral 4 disc. While Cesium is coupled with amino acid asparagine, a spinal connection of the Coccyx 2 disc and appears 15 million times in the DNA sequence for example. These trace minerals are vital for life, and are truly anti-aging avoiding the body to repeat, for example cell, reproduction which it has to if deficient in certain material.

            To fully understand the unbelievable functional complexity of human physiology, its use of essential nutrients for life and the multiple backup systems that it uses to adapt goes way beyond human comprehension, so conventional physicians are playing Russian roulette with a casket full of substances that were never designed for the body and as I always say that if God wanted conventional doctors (not chiropractors or naturopaths ) to tinker with bodily processes he would have included a user manual at the back of the Bible.

            In terms of Vitamin D3 and raw milk, Canada,the UK, US and probably many other countries never got their clocks fixed so they are still behaving as if Louis Pasteur died last year so everything is pasteurized including milk, although I do take a scoop of organic whey each day which is made from raw milk ( since it contains Glycomacropeptide ) in New Zealand ( which has the cleanest animals on the planet ).

            I did not know but I guessed because only a person with gladatorial instincts and courage could do what you do healing and fighting the conventional medical establishment at the same time day in day out. Check out the song ‘ We want revolution’ by Covenant, could be a great intro to some of your more controversial video presentations

            Always a pleasure

          • Hello Eric,

            Yes, the solution might be as simple as restoring blood and nerve supply to the inner ear. You might have had some trauma to the inner ear after your years of rockin and rollin but your body is capable of healing from most traumatic injuries involved with the ear.

            I really appreciate all your knowledge on supplements, diet and nutrition. You’re definitely right on and I can tell you’ve done your research. Have you ever though about writing articles online or having your own website? If you haven’t done anything like this yet, I think you’d be excellent!

  7. Arron Rasmussen says:

    I was diagnosed with benign multinodular toxic goiter. I have a fairly large golf-ball sized goiter that has been growing over the last 10 years. I am working all the angles I can think of. diet. supplements. energy therapy. meditation.

    i have a question: I loved in Romania for two years, this is when i noticed the first small nodule develop. Romania had a thyroid endemic until 2005 when they iodinized their salt. I was there in 2004. I am theorizing that this might be the cause of my first nodule… this is my question:

    1. could a thyroid nodule form in order to help produce additional thyroid hormone (due to the lack of iodine in my diet)

    next: my t4 and t3 and fairly normal-ish range (slightly hyper) I had mad panic and anxiety for 5-6 years but now it’s fine.

    my TSH was 0.01 (i think that my TSH levels lowered naturally over time, because of the excessive hormone production from the leaky nodules) is that possible?

    my question, could the lack of iodine have caused the problem, the nodules then arrived as solution to that problem (more hormone production) then my TSH levels lowered… and perhaps this is what slowly caused my thyroid goiter to grow?


    if so: is it possible in any way to have only the nodules removed? non-surgically preferable, but surgically… perhaps.

    • Hello Arron,

      Nodules are a normal response of the body to either increase demand, infection, or injury whether it be direct or indirect trauma. So the key here is to promote proper function of your thyroid by giving your body everything it needs. Obviously your thyroid needs iodine which you can get through supplementation or through eating sea vegetables, sea weed, or small fish like mackerel.

      Try to not follow the thyroid tests too closely because these never give an accurate picture of what’s going on with the thyroid. These tests don’t take into account everything else going on with the body like your toxic exposure to endocrine disruptors, goitrogenic foods, or halides like chlorine and fluoride. All of these can massively disrupt thyroid function.

      I’ll be uploading a video to my Youtube channel this week which will cover the Thyroid in depth, so be sure to check that out as soon as it’s available. For now, focus on avoiding toxic exposure to things that will disrupt your thyroid function and start supplementing with iodine. My favorite iodine supplement is Lugol’s Solution from Ancient Purity, here’s a link to their site:

      The good news is that the nodules will eventually go away once your thyroid function returns to normal.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  8. Maria Hernandez says:

    Where do I go, to see Dr. Bergman’s response to my question. Thanks.

  9. eric malouin says:

    Hi Dr B

    How are you ?

    Thursday I did something assinine.played tennis in the morning and when I got home decided to cool off in the pool and then I left the pool without a towel and decided to go downstairs to the shower. I slipped and then snowboarded down and I managed to bounce the right side of my back on one of the stairs. The area of the back is right side just below the shoulder blade,could this be the ‘Latissimus Dorsi’ Anyway it is sore and I am experiencing muscle spasms especially at night having laid for a while on one side. The next day I walked for a while thinking that I had to move but the spasms are painful. I can handle the soreness but its the sharp painful spasm that hurts. I dont want to go and our friends in while coats since they will give me medication to work against the bodies healing processes but I need some pain relief until this thing heals. Why does the muscle spasm like this and what would you suggest for pain relief. I read that you should apply ice for the first 72 hours,,is that how long the inflammation lasts ? do I need than to apply heat to stimulate bolld flow and most importantly HOW LONG DOES THE SPASMS LAST ???

    Thanking you in advance

    best rgds


    • eric malouin says:

      Hi Dr B

      Further to my last mail instead of jogging I walked 3 km waving my arms and stretching and it seems to have taken the tension out of the muscle..the spasms have lessened somewhat and I have subsequently found out that muscle spasms are triggered by the bodys natural inflammatory process ( am I glad I did not take ibuprofen ). My back is still sore but it feels like its on the mend. I going to see Andrew my chiro to get an xray just to get an idea of the damage. Do these types of muscle injury ever require surgery..conventional medicine grade the injury 1,2 and 3. I am also fortunate that I am supplementing providing the nutrients the body needs to repair the damage. I remember once you mentioning the metabolic expense of the body in relation to fighting an infection. Does this type of injury divert other bodily functions such as bowel movement and digestion..I assume the pain triggers the adrenals to produce our own antiinflammatory Cortisol that puts the body into sympathetic dominance ( fight or flight ) diverting blood flow to muscles and away from digestion etc, which is why my normal bowel movements have been interrupted and slight loss of apetitite.

      rgds Dr B


      • Hello Eric,

        Keep in mind the body will adapt as best it can, but falls and injuries, even seemingly small incidents can massively disrupt your spine and body. Even without chiropractic care your body will find a way to adapt but it’s very important to correct any structural or functional issues with the spine before you develop more long term issues like arthritis and nerve interference. Injuries like this can set you up for many long term issues and send you into a Sympathetic Dominant State because of the chronically dysfunctional joints and nerve compression. Activation of the sympathetics will weaken your immune system, tax your adrenals, cause thyroid issues, and cause an assortment of health issues. Cortisol is very important because it’s the body’s first defense against stressors but when cortisol levels are chronically elevated this will cause all sorts of issues down the road.

        So once normal structure and function is restored to your spine and extremities your body will be able to enter the Parasympathetic state of healing that your body requires to properly repair any damage joints, muscles, ligaments and organs.

        Let me know if you have any more questions,

        Dr. B

    • eric malouin says:

      Hi Dr B

      Please accept my sincere apologies..I feel like the monty python character in the cheese shop sketch where John cleese reels off all of these cheeses but he only wants to purchase one type of cheese and in the end cleese asks..’Do YOU have any cheese’ to which the reply was ‘ sir I have deliberately wasted your time”. I have a diagnosis to my problem it is one broken rib..thus the muscle spasm is a defensive response of the body to protect the break if I make a wrong move. So now I have to be (a) patient and the allow the osteoblast/cast process do its job.

      My best rgds and apologies for wasting your valuable time


      • Hello Eric,

        I’m glad you found out what the problem is and don’t worry about waisting my time. Helping people is never a waist of time. Once that rib has healed, please make sure you get all your spinal issues corrected by your chiropractor because if the fall was bad enough to break a rib then you most likely suffered a pretty serious impact.

        I’m always here to help,

        Dr. B

    • Hello Eric,

      Muscles in the spine become tight and spasm because of an improper position and function of the vertebra. These structural and/or biomechanical problems with the vertebra send nerve impulses to the spinal muscles via the brain and the muscles respond by trying to correct the position. This is called proprioception which is your body’s awareness of itself and it’s position. You don’t have conscious control of these spinal muscles and it’s the vertebra sending their signals to the brain which cause contraction or tightness of the muscles. The best way to stimulate proper proprioception and proper positioning of the vertebra is to get chiropractic care.

      If you don’t have a chiropractor yet, the best option would be to find a corrective chiropractor that can analyze your spine and nervous system, identify the specific problems, and correct them accordingly. Make sure you find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to reshape the structure of the spine, restore normal biomechanics, and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing and normal function.

      Here’s a video that’ll help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

      For now, here’s a list of some natural pain relievers that will help reduce the inflammation and pain:
      Omega 3: powerful anti-inflammatory
      Boswellia (Indian Frankincense): contains specific active anti-inflammatory ingredients.
      Curcumin: reduced pain, blocks inflammatory pathways and increased mobility.
      Cayenne Cream: helps alleviate pain by depleting your body’s supply of substance P, a chemical component of nerve cells that transmits pain signals to your brain.
      Devil’s Claw (South African herb): decreases inflammatory pain
      Vitamin D: vital for pain reduction mechanisms
      Astaxanthin: one of the most effective fat-soluble antioxidants known and far more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs
      Ginger: anti-inflammatory and pain relief
      Bromelain: enzyme, found in pineapples, is a natural anti-inflammatory.
      Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO): found in fish and dairy butter, acts as a “joint lubricant” and an anti-inflammatory

      Let me know if you have any more questions, I’ll help in any way I can.

      Dr. B

      • eric malouin says:

        Thank you once more Dr B, I dont like to keep brushing your ego but I had a thought the other day, conventional medicine had ( are ) spending millions and millions establishing a medical system ( an industry given the vast array of personnel) thats made up of GPs and many specialists that are disconnected from each other providing substandard services driven by foreign ( to the body ) substances called pharmacology and then there is you the vanguard of true health with not only the expertise to heal the bodies structure but the nutritional knowledge to heal and prevent negative physiological adaptations of the body approaching the body as one organism as it truly is. I know there are other good chiropractors out there but not many that can provide this all encompassing healing as you do..I remember watching your video on the thoracic cage and you had a picture of the bust of Hippocrates and you said that this is what you will look in a few years..but the truth is you are the modern day Hippocrates and I SALUT YOU



        • Wow, that is such a wonderful compliment! Thank you so much! We’re definitely in the Dark Ages of Medicine, but I truly see the Renaissance coming because of people like you. Keep being a fantastically, dynamic and intelligent person, we need more people like you in the world!

  10. Hi Dr Bergman,

    My name is Aniko. I would like to ask your help in the following.
    My husband’s grandma (Her name is Erzsebet (Elizabeth)) is suffering in leukemia. She is old, 85 years, but before the illness (it has started (or I would say got diagnosed) a few years ago.) she was quite healthy, despite for her age, only some high blood sugar occasionally
    Also, she leaves in Hungary, incapable to travel long distance so bringing her to here for a therapy unfortunately is not an option.
    After her condition got worse, last year the doctors decide to give her some blood transfer but no drugs yet, since -as they said- circulation in this age is slow, so the sickness spreads slowly in the body. In this March, as she got into a even worst shape, after many exams they hospitalize her and did one chemo treatment. What chemo kind of helped her and did not: two of the main symptoms of the leukemia eased, the watering in her legs and abdomen, and the lymphoma, but right after the treatment she was really, really sick, almost couldn’t survive. Doctors worked on the side effects, and as she got over on it, after two weeks they released her home, hard to say, but to die home being around her family.
    Her daughter is a retired nurse, thanks for her help she got better.
    In general, after the chemo as a side effect of it, she got weak, got fever, pneumonia, not to mention her mood and some mental decadence, so there is some commute started between the hospital and her family (where they give great care her). After a while her condition stabilized, she gained some weight so she spend more time home beside she had to go to the hospital for checkups. Doctors decide not to give her a second chemo treatment because as she her body handled the first one, there is no doubt the second one would be too much for her current state. However they still try to figure out what is the next thing what they could do with her as a help. Her health never got back to the state as it was before, not even before the illness but before the chemo. Also her lymph’s started to grow again causing pain, and an other discomfort, now she has incontinence.
    Of course we would like to help her, but the western medicines seems a little hopeless, in best case they were able to slow down her decay but not to turn it back.
    I’m a big fan of you, watching your talks, reading the references, but couldn’t find anything about leukemia. Here it is what I would like to ask: What would you recommend us for her. We think about certain diet, nutrition’s, anything natural (food and ingredients) what her family can get in Hungary too, or anything else what is only present here but we could ship it to there. (Herbs, etc)
    Please let me know if you would like to hear more information, name of the drugs what she got or is getting, perhaps we can get that detail but maybe it’s not even necessarily.
    Obviously we won’t be able to efficiently work together with her doctors, because of the distant, but they also hard to work together with the family members around her.
    Receiving all the information through your videos, books we are just simply confused where to start in this difficult situation. We would appreciate any guidance what you can give us to help her to have a better quality life.

    Best regards,

    • Hello Aniko,

      It’s important to realize that all cancers are not isolated to one part of the body. Cancer is always a systemic problem, but what confuses doctors and people is that fact that cancer manifests in one area or organ of the body first. Then when it appears in a different area, they say the cancer has “spread”. This is completely false and if you understand the mechanism of cancer you can understand the solution.

      Cancer is not genetic, in fact, humans kill an average of a billion (Yes, a Billion!) cells every single day, Ten thousand of which are actually cancer cells.. It’s a normal part of the physiological process because it makes room in your body for new cells to be created. Your body is constantly regenerating itself and wants to get rid of these “cancer” cells. And “cancer” cells are nothing more than old cells that haven’t been recycled yet. So you’re probably wondering why certain people develop cancer. People develop cancer either from a toxic diet/lifestyle/environment or from a deficiency of nutrients needed to support the normal process of creating new cells.

      So if getting rid of a billion cells a day isn’t enough, we have to get rid of more “Cancer” cells. And on top of that, we need to create more cells now to replace all those cells the body is going to kill. This is the basis for all natural cancer therapies….. increase the body’s ability to get rid of “cancer” cells and increase the body’s ability to build new healthy cells.

      One of my favorites is the Gerson Therapy… they’ve been curing cancer for over 70 years. Their method is simple, flood the body with nutrients, strengthen the immune system, and detox the body. The therapy lasts for at least 1 or 2 weeks at their clinic but you can also do it from the comfort of your home. The therapy involves juicing every single day throughout the day, doing regular hydro-colonics and coffee enemas which draw out toxins from the body. If you get their book, it goes into detail on what exactly to juice everyday throughout the day. Like I said they’ve been curing cancer for 70 years and they have it down to an exact science. Check out their books and videos… this one is my favorite:

      In addition to the Gerson Therapy, I would also recommend detoxing her body, incorporating healthy dietary and lifestyle changes, and getting corrective chiropractic care to stimulate the nervous system and promote the healing process.
      Here are a few videos that will help her do all of these things:

      Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll help in any way I can.

      Dr. B

      • Hi Dr Bergman,

        Thank you for all your recommendation. I did order the book about Gerson Therapy and started to watch your videos again, taking notes about all the important steps.
        It is not an easy task to get organic anything in Hungary, but my family has their own vegetable garden and so far as I know they are not using any chemicals. Anyway I will do my research how to get everything.
        On their website there is two types of juicer but if i remember well, in one of your videos, you were favoring an Omega type. Which one would you recommend to keep nutrient, minerals and vitamins the best?
        As we will start juicing and all of these, she still better take her medication right? Improving her health, doctors will offer to stop taking drugs hopefully.
        Keep you updated on this!!

        I really admire the work you do :) I finished my 7 day cleansing (Vit-ra-tox-Ve Irons) a few weeks ago and I must tell I have never felt better than in the last 2 days during my cleansing. So energized, so alive :) I had 3 session of colon hydrotherapy. The lightness, cleanness what you feel, OMG :)

        Thank you Dr Bergman

        • Hello Aniko,

          The juicers that the Gerson therapy recommends are usually very expensive and sometimes very difficult to use and clean. This is why I prefer the Omega brand of juicers because they are inexpensive and very easy to use and clean. With juicers, you usually get what you pay for, meaning the more money you spend on the juicer is going to produce a higher quality of juice.

          As for the medication, it would be best to work with her doctor and a chiropractor to safely wean off all medication. If she doesn’t have a corrective chiropractor yet, this is extremely important because through proper chiropractic care you can stimulate the healing process as well as restore normal function to the organ systems. It’s vital that you stimulate the nervous system before she starts weaning off all medication because if the nervous system isn’t working properly she will experience many side effects.

          Remember, as with all medications they are chemically suppressing symptoms throughout the body while it continues to malfunction. Symptoms are signs that the body is malfunctioning and by suppressing those symptoms with drugs you’re basically just covering up the red flashing light on the dashboard in your car and hoping the engine doesn’t blow up. So the key here is to first restore normal function to the organs involved and then weaning off the medication. The best way to restore normal function to all organ systems is to first correct any nerve interference which could hinder the healing process which can only be done through corrective chiropractic techniques. Then she needs to make sure her body has all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc to rebuild healthy tissue and support normal function.

          Here’s a video that’ll help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

  11. Raul Pena says:

    Hello Dr. B,
    By your recommendation, I found a corrective chiropractor in Ocala, Fl. He did help me out however, we kind of reached a plateau so he recommended I get an MRI on my shoulder. The results were a partial tear in the attachment of the rotator cuff, extensive osteoarthritis and bone spurs. I would really like your opinión on my condition and how to get it fixed, would I be able to send you the CD of the MRI? Thank you -Raul

    • Hello Raul,

      The first step to shoulder regeneration is correction of any issues with the cervical and thoracic spine because this area is extremely important for the nerve and blood supply to the upper extremities. If your chiropractor is treating both the spine and the shoulder properly you should experience relief very quickly. If your chiropractor doesn’t know how to properly reverse arthritis in the shoulder I’m always available for consultations where I can explain how to treat the shoulder and reverse arthritis.

      Here is a great exercise to help reverse arthritis and regenerate the shoulder:

      That exercise along with regular chiropractic care will help tremendously.

      Let me know if you or your chiropractor have any questions.

      Dr. B

  12. eric malouin says:

    Hi Dr B

    Another article I wanted to share with you. From the way you appear I am sure that you appreciate music as much as I do..although these days I listen to Klangwelt, Within Temptation etc but you know Eric Clapton which is what this article is about concerning Perpiheral Neuropathy which apparently he has making it difficult for him to nobody safe ?..a legend like Clapton allowed to go to seed like this because nobody has told him about chiropratic correction. This nightmare has to end. Macdonalds is worried that there sales will fall by moving into Oprah winfreys old place..who cares..ban their poisonous food, and for God sake reboot the health care need to become Trumps national health care advisor. In the 60s Americans went to the streets to end the Vietnam war..why dont this generation go back to the streets and end this health care system. Stop talking about how to put combat obesity and see it for what is causing it..Nutrient Deficiency causing deep cravings and binge eating. Put an end to biotech who are tinkering with nature and creating chaos with mother I’m really pissed..thats my rant for the day.

    always a pleasure communicating with you and forgive me for taking up your valuable time with my ranting and rage

    best rgds


    • Hello Eric,

      It’s terrible to watch people slowly deteriorate from completely reversible health issues, especially legends like Eric Clapton. It would be fantastic to start a health movement like how hippies started the peace movements in the 60’s. I think the main problem is that people are much more sedentary today and there is so much manipulation through the media and internet that people aren’t aware that there is even a problem with our healthcare system. The best solution is to educate as many people as we can and when the majority of the population is educated we can then start a movement to create national and global change.

      Let’s change the world together!

      Dr. B

  13. eric malouin says:

    Good morning Dr B

    I have appointment with the Chiro next weeks but I wanted your opinion. When I’m playing tennis both my arm muscles just below the shoulder hurt and if I stretch especially on a backhand it hurts. In addition both knees hurt running across court chasing down balls. I feel like a cripple..last year I didnt have these problems. Last week I played 5 times ( 14 hours ), it only hurts when I play but off court after sufficient rest the hurt dissipates. when I jog in the morning my knees feel heavy like tin man but after half an hour the synovial oil warms up and its get also hurts when I bend my knees and when I walk downstairs ( not upstairs ). I have written to you before so as you may remember it is not an issue with unhealthy blood or my diet, its not lack of Vitamin D since I am playing 3 hours at a time in the sunshine..I walk bare foot in the grass and around the pool cleaning it in the sun. Am I overdoing it..14 hours/week tennis + 1/2 hour/day jogging and 3 hours/week golf. I know when you get older your muscles lose some of their youthful flexibility but I am only 65. Do you think corrective adjustment will alleviate the pain or do I need to double the dose of my daily supplements ( Supergreens living fuel and Body Balance ). when I stretch 1 knee makes a noise crack and pop..pressure release I am assuming.

    thank you in advance

    Eric Malouin

    • Hello Eric,

      First of all, it’s important to always keep in mind that as we age our bodies can’t break down food properly so even if you’re consuming plenty of healthy nutrients your body might not be absorbing everything it needs to function properly. A good solution to this is juicing vegetables and blending fruits because it literally predigests everything which makes it easier for your body to absorb and utilize. Also, for joint health you’ll want to make sure you’re getting plenty of healthy fats like coconut oil and grass-fed butter. Collagen supplements are also fantastic for joint health, I recommend the one made by Great Lakes Gelatin. The most important supplement will be Omega 3 especially if you’re eating primarily vegan. Animal based Omega 3’s are essential for joint health and will help with that “Tin Man” feeling. It’s like squirting only into those rusty joints.

      Now, another huge cause of joints problems is improper structure and biomechanics of the spine. Altered structure of the spine can compress the nerves that supply every organ and muscle in your body. So let’s say you have issues with the knees or feet, then there might be altered nerve supply in the lumbar and sacral areas of the spine. If you have issues with the upper extremities, you might have altered nerve supply coming from the lower cervical spine specifically the brachial plexus. That’s why it’s so important to have your spine checked and corrected by a highly skilled chiropractor. The best option would be to find a corrective chiropractor that can analyze your spine and nervous system, identify the specific problems, and correct them accordingly. Make sure you find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to reshape the structure of the spine, restore normal biomechanics, and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing and normal function.
      Here’s a video that’ll help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

      Let me know if you have any more questions. Let’s get you Healthy!

      Dr. B

      • eric malouin says:

        Hi Dr B

        Thank you for the response, however I do juice fact I take a green smoothie every day consisting of Ginger,celery,cucumber,lemon,lime,banana,apple,kale,rapini,pissenlit,swiss chard, parsley,apple cider vinegar and a berry smoothie with Coconut water,maca and cacoa that you recommended. My joints are fine it is muscle fatigue and in terms of food metabolism I take digestive enzymes everyday to take the load of my pancreas and as a cancer prevention since they are Gonzalez’s enzyme blend and dont have digestive problems since I have 3-4 bowel movements per day generally in the morning. I also take wheatgrass juiced powder regularly to ensure blood integrity among other things. I am probably overdoing it but I enjoy stretching my body envelope..stimulates Gluthathione production, autophagy and apoptosis processes.

        May I ask you about Parkinsons since the world is aware of Mahummad Ali’s demise. This guy has been suffering this debilitating condition since 1984 and yet you say that the main signatures is the massive forward head carriage stretching the brain stem starving the the brain of neuro impulses while the brain is transmitting neurosignals to the bodys extremities requesting input thus causing the shaking in the individual. Since the medical world suspect that this condition is mainly caused by trauma ( although they say their not sure..da ) so why oh why do they not embrace chiropractic correction for the forward head carriage. I suspect there is a gut issue in addition that needs this correct ?. Have you done a video on various dementias Alzheimers, Parkinsons etc and how they can be prevented and/or reversed.

        I play tennis with a GP on saturday morning and find out that he has prescribed lipitor to another tennis player and I explain to this player how destructive this drug is and if you continue to take this drug at least supplement with Coenzyme Q10 since the livers ability to manufacture cholesterol is blocked so to is Coenzyme Q10 responsible for one half of the Kreb cycle but these people don’t want to hear it..doc knows best. Even the doctor tells me that he has heard that vitamins and minerals are causing wouldn’t surprise me if this doctor throws bones up in the air, chants and slits the throats of chickens during his treatment analysis. Everything you talk about in your videos about dis-ease management is 100% correct…but I must say that when I saw the doctor wearing that long nose mask that was a dead give away.

        Always a pleasure communicating with the Number 1 chiropractor/NAD on the planet

        best rgds


  14. ajinkya patwardhan says:

    hi doctor…
    i did my disc surgery in jan 2016
    but in mri again its showing degenrative disc disease…the gap between two bones has become less after surgery…
    is there any natural way to regenrate the disc material and also how can i prevent my spine in future and keep it healthy…????
    do u recommend me chiropractor as i think my pelvis is out of balance…where can i send you my pics so u can judge it where my pelvis has tilted….

    • The intervertebral disc is living tissue so it can regenerate just like every other tissue in the body if it has the proper nutrient and nerve supply. These discs get their nutrients through imbibition which means they need proper, healthy movement in order to get nutrients. So if there are any issues with the structure or biomechanics of the spine or in the specific segment then the disc won’t be able to regenerate properly because it can’t move properly. This is why corrective chiropractic treatments are so effective in regenerating discs, because they reshape the structure of the spine and restore normal biomechanics so the disc can get it’s nutrients and nerve supply back.

      The best option would be to find a corrective chiropractor that can analyze your spine and nervous system, identify the specific problems, and correct them accordingly. Make sure you find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to reshape the structure of the spine, restore normal biomechanics, and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing and normal function.
      Here’s a video that’ll help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

      If you can find a chiropractor in your area, but they aren’t producing any results, I can help train and teach this doctor my methods of treatment which are extremely effective. I’ve trained thousands of doctors over the years and I taught chiropractic techniques for 8 years at Cleveland Chiropractic College. I have training videos available on Youtube and I can skype with them to discuss treatment protocols and techniques in detail. So if your doctor is open and willing to learn I’m available to teach them everything I know about healing.

      If you can make it to my clinic in Huntington Beach, California, I’ll be able to treat you personally, correct your underlying health issues and get you healthy. I have patients that fly in from around the world to my office. I treat these patients very intensively for however long they can stay whether it’s 2 weeks or 2 months and we see fantastic results in a very short time with this method of treatment. If you’re considering this option, I’d recommend you schedule a skype or phone consultation through so we can discuss in detail what our treatment protocols are and further discuss the details of your case.
      To schedule a consultation you can visit or use the link below:

      I’ll help in any way I can, Let’s get you Healthy!

      Dr. B

  15. Joella tiscareno says:

    Hi there Doc! What is good for me to take for thin skin? Seems to run in my family, any supplements or vitamins? Is this hereditary? Thanks doc you da bomb!!!!!

    • Joella tiscareno says:

      This might sound dump but how do I know when you answer me? Do I just keep looking or do you get an email or something? And what do I look under?takes me awhile to figure things out?

      • Hello Joella,

        You should get an alert when I’ve responded to your question. Or you can go to the same place on the forum that you posted your question and you should see my response right below your question. I try to respond as quickly as possible but sometimes it may take a day or two for me to respond.

        Let me know if you have any issues finding my responses.
        Dr. B

    • Hello Joella,

      For any type of skin issue, you first have to look at the digestive system because this is where all skin issues begin. If your digestive system isn’t functioning properly then you can break down proteins properly to make tissue throughout your body, especially your skin. Most people also lack the essential ingredients required for healthy skin like vitamins, minerals, omega 3, essential amino acids, and healthy fats.

      Also, if you’re experiencing any kind of chronic stressors, these will slow down digestion, cause adrenal fatigue, thyroid exhaustion, and an overall decrease in health. I explain this mechanism of stress affecting the body in detail in the video below if you’d like to learn more:

      You can start by detoxing your body through juicing vegetables and blending fruits which will supply your body with all the vitamins and minerals you needs. Make sure you eliminate any toxins in your diet and lifestyle. Healthy fats like coconut oil and olive oil will also be extremely beneficial for healing your skin. You can even use coconut oil as a moisturizer and apply it directly to your skin and whole body. These diet changes combined with proper sun exposure, proper sleep, and proper exercise will help you have healthy thick skin for the rest of your life.

      I explain skin health in detail if you’d like to learn more in the video below:

      Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll help in any way I can.

      Dr. B

  16. Hi Dr B,

    thank you for your enlightening work, it’s really been a revelation in my quest to help myself and my partner overcome our mental health issues.

    I have a question regarding my wife’s mental health (bipolar, adhd, PTSD), weaning off medications (lexapro, abilify & adderall), your thoughts on Traumatic Release Exercises and dealing with cravings throughout the healthy lifestyle transition.

    She is 32 years old, her grandfather and father both had/have Bipolar disorder, along with her half sister and brother. She had a traumatic childhood & since her biggest mania and resulting depression last year, it seems some of the disassociation/PTSD from those experiences has surfaced. This led to her formal bipolar diagnosis and she was put on Lexapro and Abilify. She has been feeling numb, apathetic and uninspired as a result, so her psychiatrist is suggesting she up her dose!
    She has also been taking Adderall for 2 years on and off. She started taking it daily around when her big manic episode began. Coincidence?
    She has all the food addictions you mentioned in your bipolar/depression video: pizza, diet coke, msg foods, smoking and wine.
    Lastly, she has lack of impulse control regarding spending money which tends to be one of the most costly (no pun intended) problems in her life.
    On the plus side she has great posture and is experienced in yoga!

    I found these 2 studies, describing how it’s not necessarily having Bipolar genes that causes impulse control problems but the correlation of mental health issues with childhood trauma giving the impression they are directly linked when they are not.

    My thoughts after learning from yourself and others are:

    1) Use TRE & other somatic exercises to heal the early neurological PTSD symptoms (I have had success for my own anxiety issues caused by early childhood trauma)
    2) Focus on improving Cognitive impairment related to finances and impulse control using NLP, CBT etc, whilst weaning off medications
    3) Start detoxification and flooding the body with fruits and vegetables in order to heal the potentially damaged GI Tract.
    4) Exercise and Meditation

    Bearing all that information in mind,

    Do you have any advice on weaning off medications in conjunction with beginning a healthy lifestyle? Is there a particular order of stopping the medications you would recommend?

    How could she deal with very strong cravings of the sugar,fat combination during the lifestyle transition? I have one anecdote of a woman who had bipolar/adhd and one day decided to flood her body with large quantities of fresh organic fruit, until 2 months later her cravings went away and the brain fog lifted. (I’m assuming that is due to her GI tract healing throughout this time?)

    Have you ever recommended Traumatic Release Exercises to patients? I have had success with them but I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

    Any tips on helping people to help themselves?

    Thanks again, for your life changing work, I’m feeling more confident by the day!


    • Hello Robbie,

      You’re definitely on the right track of thinking for natural healing. It’s possible for your wife to completely heal her body naturally, however, this requires a specific set of dietary and lifestyle changes combined with the will and determination to radically change and improve her life. If this is her desire then great, let’s get to work. Just keep in mind that if she doesn’t have the will and determination to radically change her life then this will be an extremely difficult process because she is the only one that can truly help herself. You’re in a very difficult situation because even as a husband you can’t force your wife to do what you want her to do. With that being said, let’s get to work on healing.

      With so many medications that your wife has been exposed to it would be best to work with her doctor and hopefully her chiropractor to safely wean off all medication. If she isn’t getting corrective chiropractic care yet, this is extremely important because through proper chiropractic care you can stimulate the healing process as well as restore normal function to your organ systems. It’s vital that you stimulate the nerves that supply several organ system, especially the digestive system before she starts weaning off all medication because if the system isn’t working properly she’ll experience many side effects.

      Remember, as with all medications they are chemically suppressing symptoms throughout the body and the organ system continues to malfunction. Symptoms are signs that the body is malfunctioning and by suppressing those symptoms with drugs you’re basically just covering up the red flashing light on the dashboard in your car and hoping the engine doesn’t blow up. So the key here is to first restore normal function to the organs involved and then weaning off the medication. The best way to restore normal function to all organ systems is to first correct any nerve interference which could hinder the healing process which can only be done through corrective chiropractic techniques. Then you need to make sure your body has all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc to rebuild healthy tissue and support normal function.

      The best option would be to find a corrective chiropractor that can analyze your wife’s spine and nervous system, identify the specific problems, and correct them accordingly. Make sure you find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to reshape the structure of the spine, restore normal biomechanics, and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing and normal function.
      Here’s a video that’ll help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

      She may have been exposed to vaccinations, antibiotics, and toxins as well as many medications over the years, so the next step to healing is always detoxing the body because all of these can negatively affect your organ systems and especially the nervous system. Detoxing can be as simple as incorporating things like chlorella, spirulina, and bentonite clay into a daily smoothie or it can be very intensive such as a detox program.

      Check out my latest video on detoxing for detailed info on how to properly detox the body:

      The next step is to incorporate proper diet and lifestyle changes to give her body everything it needs to heal properly. She can start by switching to an organic, plant based diet with plenty of healthy fats like coconut oil and olive oil. She’ll also want to avoid any packaged or processed food as well as any meats because these are loaded with toxins which directly affect the health and quality of your body. She’ll want to supplement appropriately with vitamin D, vitamin C with bioflavonoids, omega 3 (fish oil), Lugol’s Solution (iodine), chlorella, spirulina and a mineral/amino acid supplement like Body Balance from Life Force. Make sure you get the highest quality supplements can find because these are vital for improving your health.

      I also suggest juicing vegetables and blending fruits on a daily basis, in fact, I highly recommend a short term or even long term juice fast. If she has never done a juice fast I would suggest a 3-7 day juice fast where she’ll be juicing around 20-30 pounds of vegetables every day. After the juice fast she’ll need to do a hydro-colonic and coffee enema which will further detox her body, especially the colon and liver. Juicing and blending are fantastic because the soluble fiber in veggie juice can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream and bind to toxins which may be affecting the health of her body. Juicing/blending also pre-digests the food so the nutrients/minerals are more easily absorbed by the body. There are also enzymes and natural probiotics in the veggie juice/blended fruit that will radically improve her digestive system.
      Check out the videos below to learn about the proper diet/lifestyle changes you should start making as well as a detailed video on juicing/blending:

      Exercise will also be very important because it increases blood flow to the brain, helps you detox accumulated toxins and it actually increases the size of your hippocampus which helps to regulate your mood. Simply walking 20 minutes a day is enough exercise to stimulate healing. If she enjoys exercising I’d recommend High Intensity Interval training which can be applied to almost every physical activity. If you’ve never heard about HIIT then I’d recommend you check out Dr. Mike’s video below to learn more because there are a tremendous amount of benefits to exercising like this.

      Now, once she has implemented all of these changes, I’d recommend she start working on resolving any traumatic and emotionally charged events from her past. One of my favorite techniques is the Demartini Method which was developed by Dr. John Demartini. He has many videos and books that discuss his method, but I highly recommend going to the Demartini Breakthrough Experience which is a 2 days seminar that’s designed to help people resolve any and all emotionally charged events in their lives. This is the most logic and most effective technique I’ve ever come across for helping people truly overcome and resolve traumatic events to the point they’re left with absolutely no emotions except Love and Gratitude.

      I know that’s a ton of information, but it’s all essential to helping your wife regain her health and her life. Please let me know if you have any questions, I’ll help in any way I can.

      Let’s get your Wife Healthy!

  17. eric malouin says:

    Good morning Dr B

    I apologise for interrupting your usual heavy schedule but I cant go to conventional doctors with these questions because they may decide I am a perfect candidate for the next cancer trail so they can make their next BMW payment. I have had toe nail fungus for a number of years and I noticed that when I go south for 3 weeks to the sun during the winter, bathing in the ocean etc seems to improve it, so I suspect its a combination of ocean minerals, Vitamin D, and earthing thats attributing to the change. I have tried soaking in apple cider vinegar +water for 1/2 hour followed by bicarb +water for another 1/2 hour (acid/alkaline) for 2 weeks but it remains stubborn and never improves. Maybe i’m impatient and I need to do this therapy for 6 months. I saw some idiot on utube who claimed the best therapy for this condition, but when I saw a hammer in his hand and a bloody toe I thought…really. Since I have been playing tennis for some 50 years I thought that it was the sweat overtime promoting the fungus to take hold but I believe there is an immune function involved as in atheletes foot which I always suffered with, however that cleared up some years ago when I made the necessary diet and lifestyle changes. Can you suggest another modality other than a hammer or a 16th century toe nail extractor.

    My second question..oh by the way I assume you know Dr Richard Olree chiro+theoretical geneticist..this guy is extremely interesting..I purchased his book minerals for the genetic code about 3 years ago ( dr Tent referenced his book during a lecture on the american mineral crisis ). I always had difficuly understanding his biological periodic chart and his overlay that included the 3 codon sequence, amino acid name,mineral and the location of the spinal segment but to see his video lectures it becomes much clearer. How can the convential medical world deny the cruciality of minerals for our entire existence and the inner functionality of our very DNA that requires a start and end point where generally the end point is a mineral, without it the body throws away the protein it is trying to make and trys wonder nutrient deficient individuals age quicker and die faster because they are wearing out their body in total ignorance which is why the average doctor only lives to be 56, so why would anybody listen to argument you know only too well. I see that Dr Mercola is being forced by the FDA to pay back $5 million to his clients who have bought his tanning beds..saying that everybody knows sunlight causes cancer and that includes tanning beds. The lunatics have definately taken over the asylum.

    My apologies..I partener has heel pain..probably plantar fascitis. Dr Berg suggests an exercise of using the hand to wriggle the foot in a circular motion, it helps but only temporarily. Apart from a hammer or the nail extractor could you suggest anything else. My partner is a dressmaker so she is not standing all day ( maybe 2 hours per day ) during her work.

    Thank you advance for your time in responding to me

    best rgds


    • Hello Eric,

      First of all, fungi are opportunistic and only grow in acidic environments. Furthermore, they only become a problem in immunocompromised individuals. By strengthening the immune system and creating a more basic environment your body can properly deal with the fungus by breaking it down and flushing in out. Your body is extremely intelligent and can handle fungus issues as long as you give the body what it needs.

      You can start the healing process by detoxing your body, switching to an organic plant based diet, supplementing properly, and incorporating the proper lifestyle changes as well as finding a corrective chiropractor to analyze your spine and nervous system, identify the specific problems, and correct them accordingly. Make sure you find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to reshape the structure of the spine, restore normal biomechanics, and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing and normal function.

      Here’s a video that’ll help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

      As for the plantar fasciitis, this is a sign of a compromised nerve supply to the feet. If you’ve seen my foot health videos, I explain this in detail. The nerves that supply the feet originate out of the low back and sacrum so any problems in the low back, sacrum, and pelvis will directly effect foot function. What actually happens is the nerves get compressed in the spine which cause dysfunction of the intrinsic muscle of the feet that keep the arch of the foot functioning properly. The result is weakening of those muscles and flattening of the feet which then causes plantar fasciitis. The best option would be to find a corrective chiropractor in your area that can restore proper nerve flow to the feet. Chiropractic care combined with proper exercising and stretching will correct all underlying causes of plantar fasciitis.

      Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll help in any way I can.

      Dr. B

      • eric malouin says:

        Hi Dr B

        Excuse me but have you been smoking that wheatgrass, My body does not need a detox..I do that every day by taking a green smoothie ( blended not juiced) that includes Kale, rapinni,cress,lemon,cucumber,celery,parsley, coriander ( this is good for chelating heavy metals )ginger,apple,natto,applle cider vinegar. My diet is primarily plant based and has been for the last 4 years. I consume hemp,flax,lemon/lime zest,kelp,brewers yeast,raisins,turmeric,wheatgerm with porridge twice/week. I eat apples,pears,mango,raspberries,black cherries,blueberries,banana,papaya mixed every day and I consume vegetables brocolli.cauliflower,carrots,asparagus,potato ( ray peat states that this is a perfect food like eggs ),onion every day + baby kale and arugula every day and eat at least 4 boiled eggs with sprouted grain bread and lots of butter and cheese. I supplement every day with Body balance and living fuel supergreens and last but not least pancreatic enzymes ( gonzalez blend.pork pancreas fron NZ) for preventative measures and to take the load of the pancreas so it can release metabolic enzymes for body reconstruction. I also had 6 months of chiropractic adjustment for my pelvis just recently and as you know I jog/stretch for i/2 hour every morning and I play 9 hours of tennis every week and still I have this bloody nail fungus. You did give me a tip however so I am bathing my feet with bicarb to alkalise my nails and it seems to be working..annd maybe I can get rid of these bastards. My partner follows the same diet and she exercises every day in the gym.

        best rgds

        Future doctor..can I call you Bones as in startrek


        • eric malouin says:

          Oh one more thing Dr B, I take the berry smoothis that you suggested ( organic berries +maca+cacoa+coconut water ) every day as well and since my partner is from Russia we make fermented cabbage and carrot from time to time +kamboucha+kefir ( but the supplement living fuel contains a probiotic which includes the all important Bifdobacteria Longum which is produced from Colostrum at birth but slowly diminishes as we age and it absolutely needs Yttrium for protein sequencing as I understand).

          I watched your videos on restless legs and prostate health and you mentioned Glyphosate and the shikumate pathway. Stephanie Seneff is a brilliant researcher and her explanation of how the synergy of glyphosate and Glutamate in the MMR vaccine is the perfect storm to ignite autustic effects since the glyphosate disrupts the gut bacteria and starves the bacteria of manganese which it needs to convert nitrate ( from the glutamate) to nitrite thus rendering the glutamate to be less toxic.

          anyway Dr B allways a pleasure

          best rgds


        • Everything you listed sounds great, however, there is obviously a pH balance and immune system regulation problem going on with your body because fungus doesn’t develop in a properly functioning body. In addition to the foot baths, I also suggest walking barefoot, preferably on grass, dirt or sand. There are many benefits to walking barefoot including proper foot function, exposure to healthy bacteria, transfer of ions, and absorption of minerals from the ground. Foot fungus is almost non-existent in cultures that either walk barefoot or wear open shoes. Sun exposure will also be very beneficial because UV light kills almost all harmful bacteria and restores your normal microflora balance.

          • eric malouin says:

            Thank you Dr B

            I think we narrowing down the causality..this fungus was allowed to develop when I was eating a lot of crap prior to my lifestyle and diet change so I believe it is a remnant of my unhealthy past…is this possible ?. How does one check the bodies PH since this is a variable..I eat a lot of green leafy vegetables which should alkalise the body sufficiently and I eat fish meat ( once in a while I eat beef ) and Liver pate which should apply some acidity. I have never had a HVR to assess any autonomic nervous system dominance which could be affected by my diet. I haven’t had a cold or fever in 2 years despite jogging in -30 below some days during the winter so I assume my immune system is working. I could be Vitamin D deficient because as you know we dont get a lot sun during the long winters and I do not take Vit D3 supplements because I dont believe they do anything for the body because its not sulphated. To quote Stephanie she believes that the only effective Vitamin D3 is sulphated from sun exposure. This is why cholesterol is so crucial for the skin since it is the cholesterol sulphate in the skin that acts as the UV Converter for the Vitamin D3 precursor. The only sulphated Vitamin D3 that occurs in nature is in mothers milk. According to Stephanie as well Vitamin D3, as thought by everybody as a calcium transport for the cells, in fact does not play any part in this mechanism; this whole story of Vitamin D3 is still a mystery in part. Dr Holick the supposed expert on the sunshine vitamin D cannot shed any more light. I wonder if any Vitamin D3 from fish etc has any effect on the body. I know that the body stores this vitamin ( hormone) for up to 6-8 weeks so I replenish my stores when I go south for 3 weeks in Jan/feb. Whats your take Dr B.

            I agree that earthing is crucial for our cellular polarity and excitation and I try to do this when practical..gardening, cutting the grass, cleaning the pool etc..this is why when my partner and I are finally retired I want to spend 6 months walking on the beach in Punta carna..your lucky you live in a sunny place..a little polluted perhaps. We dont have that problem because herbicides etc are strictly forbidden where I live, and I dont see any chem trails either. I consume a lot of vitamin C ( complex ) from eating fruit and vegetables because I know it is crucial for the immune system. I dont have any gut issues..never had..I have 4 bowel movements per day..I can eat anything. I dont have bloating..a littlle gas sometimes probably from the green smoothie ( I am a little heavy handed with the Ginger which I love ). I eat a lot of onions and garlic so my sulphur intake is probably suffiicient ( Coconut and eggs also contain sulpur as you are aware I am sure ). The immune system is complicated because of its various locations in the body although 80% is situated in the gut, but there is the lymph system and the tonsils. Am I oversimplifying the immune system do you diagnose the immune system efficacy Dr B..I bow to your superior knowledge.

            best rgds


          • Hello Eric,

            It’s possible that the fungus is a result of unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits you had in the past, however, if you address all the underlying causes of fungal infection, you can easily and quickly correct it. A couple of keys factors I didn’t mention yet are blood and nerve supply to the feet. If there is any compromised blood or nerve supply to the feet, this can easily cause fungal infection. Once of the best ways to ensure proper blood supply is to work on your Soleus muscle which located just below your gastrocnemius (calf) muscle. This muscle acts as a pump to force blood back up the leg and eventually to the heart. The Soleus muscle tends to be extremely tight in most people that sit for long periods of time as well as runners. By stretching this muscle you can dramatically improve blood flow to and from your feet. Place the ball of your foot on a brick sized object (3inches) and lean your knee forward directly over your toes. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds at a time on each foot and do it at least once a day.

            As for nerve supply, I think you mentioned that you’re getting chiropractic care which is great, however, most chiropractors aren’t completely aware of how their adjustments can effect the nervous system. This is important because any nerve impingement in the lumbar and sacral areas of the spine can cause foot dysfunction and fungal infections. To make sure your chiropractor is practicing the correct techniques, I’ve developed 7 questions you can ask your chiropractor to verify the effectiveness of their techniques:

            1. Do you take x-rays? (essential to find the subluxations)
            2. Do you get listings off of x-rays? (shows where to adjust)
            3. Do you take post x-rays to document structural changes made?
            4. Are your treatment goals to reshape and restore the natural curves?
            5. Are you familiar with correcting disc injuries?
            6. Do you work on post surgical patients?
            7. Can you reverse arthritis?

            As for Vitamin D3, it’s so important to have proper vitamin D levels throughout your life. First of all with vitamin D, you have to keep in mind that not all supplements are created equal. The brand I use in my office is “Best” however, I’m always on the lookout for the highest quality supplement. If you’re living in a place that doesn’t get proper sun exposure then it’s vital you supplement with a high quality Vitamin D3 supplement. It’s also possible to get vitamin D from certain types of food, especially eggs, however, supplementation is the best option to ensure proper levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D is used in thousands of physiological processes throughout your body and proper levels of vitamin D are associated with a decrease risk of at least 16 different types of cancer and several autoimmune diseases.

            As for the immune system, you’re absolutely right, the immune system is incredibly complex and involves every system of your body. The vast majority of your immune system is made up of the bacteria and viruses within your body, most of which are located in your gut. There are many ways to measure the strength of your immune system, however, the most effective and accurate way is to analyze the nervous system, specifically the autonomic nervous system. As I explain in many of my videos, there are 2 parts to the Autonomic Nervous system. You have the Parasympathetic Nervous System which controls rest, healing, and the digestive system. Then you have the Sympathetic Nervous system which is the fight or flight response. The sympathetic nervous system reacts to 3 forms of stress whether it’s chemical, physical, or emotional stress the result is the same… blood pressure decreases to your digestive system and most of your normal organ function shuts down to bring more blood to the arms and legs. The sympathetic response is an involuntary reaction of your body to keep you alive in stressful situations. The problem is most people are in a Sympathetic Dominant State because we are surrounded by those 3 stressors almost constantly. This state of chronic stress is the reason why we see so many chronic health conditions in our society.

            This is the reason why you can take all the healthy supplements and healthy food in the world and still not heal from certain diseases or conditions. If your sympathetic nervous system is active, your organs aren’t functioning properly and you won’t be able to absorb those wonderful nutrients.

            So the best method of measuring the strength of your immune system is to get your nervous system checked. When I say nervous system check, I’m referring to going to an experienced chiropractor in your area where that doctor will analyze your spine and nervous system with x-rays, an exam, and a surface EMG (electromyography) which measures the electrical activity of your paraspinal muscles. A corrective chiropractor will analyze your spine and nervous system, identify the underlying problems that are producing your symptoms, and correct those problems through proper chiropractic techniques that will reshape the structure of the spine, reverse degeneration, and stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

            Let me know if you have any more questions.
            Dr. B

          • eric malouin says:

            My apologies Dr B

            There was one question re the immune it possible that my exercise schedule could be compromising my immune system..I always remember you saying that if you break the body down faster than its repair this can lead to disease..maybe I am overexercising because my arm muscles are painful ( pain is there when I make a specific movement like lifting 24 bottles of water for example for a few days after playing tennis and I feel my knees when I walk downstairs but it gets better the further I run. When I play tennis I can play for 3 hours running across court I have no problem..but its the next day when I start jogging they feel a little heavy but ease up after half an hour. Damn I wish I was 25 again when I had more flexibility.

            When I watched your video on prostate health which was excellent, but can you answer this. BPH occurs when Testosterone is converted to DHT (Dehydratestosterone ) causing the additional growth within the gland..I believe this is a function of the reproductive system when we are younger so why does the body continue to do this or is it the lack of nutrients over the years that promotes this phenomena by not silencing the appropriate genes that promote the growth. You suggested that appropriate adjustments in the pelvic region can promote better blood flow thus normalising the enlarged are you saying that it might be blood flow and thus nutrient starvation could cause BPH which in my book makes more sense because the ignorant urologists do not have a clue..and Urologists here have not received the recall notices about the ineffectiveness of the PSA test because they are still using the same protocol including puncturing the prostate to release prostaglandin into the system ( which by the way killed Dick Clark (American Bandstand) on April 18 2012 at the age of 82) which can cause heart attacks..I like Dick clarks obituary..Dick Clark died after a heart attack after he was admitted for an outpatient procedure.

            best rgds


          • Yes, you’re absolutely correct, exercise can hinder immune system function. There is plenty of research available that shows the negative effects of excessive aerobic exercising and a decreased immune system is definitely a major side effect. To avoid this and still maintain your hobbies and lifestyle I’d recommend incorporating High Intensity Interval Training into your daily routine. Interval training can be applied to almost any physical activity because it involves periods of intense activity followed by periods of relaxation. First, you’ll need a 3 minute warm of period. Then you’ll perform your exercise for 30 seconds followed by a relaxation period of 90 seconds. You’ll repeat this until exhaustion which is usually 3 to 10 repetitions of this cycle depending on the activity and your fitness level. This is the best way to exercise your body properly and maintain optimal health. My associate Dr. Mike did an entire video on High Intensity Interval training if you’re interested in learning more:

            As for prostate health and BPH, this is primarily a problem with the nerve and blood supply to the prostate. Any dysfunction of the pelvis and sacrum can result in prostate issues like BPH. A sedentary lifestyle and toxic diet can also contribute to prostate problem and hormonal imbalances. To completely correct BPH, you need a healthy diet which includes healthy fats to maintain proper hormone levels, a healthy nerve supply which can be stimulated with chiropractic care specifically to the pelvis and sacrum, and a healthy blood supply which you can stimulate by applying heat to the perineum as well as prostate massages.

            Let me know if you have any more questions.
            Dr. B

          • eric malouin says:

            Good afternoon Dr B

            Thank you so much for the feedback on foot fungus,the immune system,prostate health and the foot exercise routine which I actually do every morning after jogging..i take the ball of the foot and stretch it upright against a wall and and lean forward. I caught the end of your reply to another gentlemen with psychological issues and you mentioned John Demartini so I looked at 3 videos of his including a lecture to an islamic school in Chicago and he relates his belief system to the autonomic nervous system and he mentions the book the brilliant function of pain. His lecture to chiropracters and the man in the lime green suit whom he saved from suicide. Absolutely Emerson says envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide. What conventional doctors can learn it is mind boggling..those without mission or purpose will perish. Thank you again Dr B..your definately THE MAN.

            Best rgds


          • I’m so glad I could turn you on to Dr. Demartini’s work. He’s absolutely brilliant! He used to be a chiropractor so he relates many issues in life to the nervous system. I highly recommend going to one of his seminars, I guarantee you’ll be blown away.

  18. Michel Brosseau says:

    I have seen the knee regenerating exercise with the weights. It does well. What do you do when one joint has already been replaced and then the other joint is wearing down? Do you just put the weights on the ankle of the real joint and then do the small cross crawl or do you put the weights on both ankles?

  19. eric malouin says:

    Good morning Dr B

    I thought this link might be of interest :



  20. eric malouin says:

    Good morning ( afternoon ) Dr JB

    I have 2 questions which concern a couple that are friends of mine. They live quite near jeremy chimes (ex musician from the clash) whom you know. The wife ( I think she is in her 60s) told me she has had a back problem for 10 years with an MRI scan that confirms a compromised nerve near the spine, Jeremy has tried acupuncture and she has obviously consulted with the apothecarys in her area who have prescribed mercury and leeches to purify the blood. However, as it transpires it is a bone spur she has ( Osteophythe ) which is basically a calcium deposit is it not?. If this is the case then chiropractic ( or acupuncture ) adjustment will be of no help. Would you agree that she needs to fix her stomach PH which maybe preventing her in absorbing calcium, more vitamin D3 ( from the sun ) and Vitamin K2 to redistribute the calcium to where it should the bones and teeth.

    Her husband ( hes 70 just ) tells me that his kidneys are leaking protein ( I guess from a compromised filter ) so his physician has him taking blood pressure lowering drugs because he believes that its the blood pressure thats caused the damage ( Diabetes is also fingered in this saga ) although I dont believe he has sugar issues. What really does cause the kidney filters to be compromised..toxic blood, toxic lifestyle, lack of essential nutrients or in my opinion all 3. I would be inclined to tell him to start taking a whole food supplement containing all 90 essential nutrients like Body balance daily and juice or blend some vegetables including Kale, rapini, pissenlit, cucumber and celery daily which I believe would fix the problem so he can get off his meds. I am inclined to recommend supplementing with digestive enzymes allowing the pancreas to concentrate fixing and repairing his internal organs with metabolic enzymes..would you agree with this assessement ?. Anyway Dr B i hope you are well..I am still wearing out my body and the bloody temperature here is still minus and it snowed yesterday. Thanking you in advance and as always a pleasure to communicate with a doctor of the future.



    • Hello Eric,

      For the Wife:
      If you’ve seen my videos on Arthritis and Degeneration then you’ve learned these are actually intelligent responses of the body. I explain exactly how bone spurs (osteophytes) can be absorbed back in to the body.

      To understand how arthritis can reversed you first have to understand why it develops in the first place. Arthritic bone changes take years to develop and they only develop in response to 3 things: an injury/trauma to the joint, improper biomechanics (movement) of the joint or incorrect structure of the overall spine when arthritis occurs in the spine. Arthritis is a natural response of the body to either protect the joint from further injury or to adapt to new structural changes occurring in the body.
      The solution to Arthritis in all 3 cases is to change the diet/lifestyle habits to promote healing and to restore normal structure/biomechanics to the affected area. We do this every day in my office through specific corrective chiropractic techniques and to make sure the proper changes are taking place we take before and after x-rays to observe what changes are occurring. Once proper movement and structure are restored to the arthritic area the excess protective bone is absorbed by the body because it is no longer needed. Generally, it takes about 90 days of treatment in my office to start seeing major structural changes and arthritic absorption.

      The best option would be to find a corrective chiropractor that can analyze her spine and nervous system, identify the specific problems, and correct them accordingly. It’s important to find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to reshape the structure of the spine, restore normal biomechanics, and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing and normal function.
      Here’s a video that’ll help her find the best possible chiropractor in her area:

      The human body is amazingly intelligent and as long as we work with the body and not against it, you can make miracles like this happen every day. Always keep in mind, all joints get their nutrients through proper movement and as long as both the blood supply and nerve supply are sufficient and there’s proper movement, joints won’t degenerate or develop arthritic changes.

      Check out my videos on arthritis reversal for more info:

      For the Husband:
      Kidney disease has many underlying causes however, they can generally be divided into 2 categories, Toxicity and Deficiency. The body may have been exposed to toxins in the environment or food or perhaps toxic chemicals such as vaccines or medications. If the body is also deficient in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and healthy proteins then you have the perfect recipe for kidney disease.
      One major culprit of kidney disease is taking OTC pain pills such as aspirin, Motrin, Advil or Tylenol, which can cause major kidney damage. About 15 percent of the people on dialysis (an artificial blood-filtering process used to clean the blood of malfunctioning kidneys) are getting this treatment as a result of the damage that Tylenol and/or aspirin did to their kidneys. So, avoiding Tylenol and aspirin will be very important to preventing kidney disease.
      Another danger to the kidneys is mercury and other heavy metal toxins like aluminum. The body may be exposed to these toxins through vaccinations, toxic food, toxic water, or environmental toxins. The majority of heavy metal toxicity occur through vaccinations which contain many toxins including mercury, aluminum, and many more. Check out my videos on vaccines for a completed list of toxins and research. This is important because many people get a yearly flu vaccine which is loaded with mercury. Many of these toxins can be naturally cleansed from the body through proper methods of detoxing.
      Check out my latest video on detoxing for detail info on how to properly detox your body:

      Check out my Kidney Health videos for more info on naturally healing the Kidneys:

      The healing process begins with detoxing the body and incorporating the proper diet and lifestyle changes necessary to promote health and healing. He can start by switching to an organic, plant based diet with plenty of healthy fats like coconut oil and olive oil. He’ll also want to avoid any packaged or processed food as well as any meats because these are loaded with toxins which directly affect the health and quality of your body. He’ll want to supplement appropriately with vitamin D, vitamin C with bioflavonoids, omega 3 (fish oil), Lugol’s Solution (iodine), chlorella, spirulina and a mineral/amino acid supplement like Body Balance from Life Force. Make sure he get the highest quality supplements he can find because these are vital for improving his health.

      I also suggest juicing vegetables and blending fruits on a daily basis, in fact, I highly recommend a short term or even long term juice fast. If he’s never done a juice fast I would suggest a 3-7 day juice fast where you’re juicing around 20-30 pounds of vegetables every day. After the juice fast you’ll need to do a hydro-colonic and coffee enema which will further detox your body, especially the colon and liver. Juicing and blending are fantastic because the soluble fiber in veggie juice can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream and bind to toxins which may be affecting the health of your body. Juicing/blending also pre-digests the food so the nutrients/minerals are more easily absorbed by your body. There are also enzymes and natural probiotics in the veggie juice/blended fruit that will radically improve his digestive system.
      Check out the videos below to learn about the proper diet/lifestyle changes you should start making as well as a detailed video on juicing/blending:

      Let me know if you have any more questions, I’ll Help in any way I can.
      Dr. B

      • eric malouin says:

        Hi Dr B

        Thank you so much for your response and so fast as well. So I have forwarded our dialog to this couple but will they implement is another matter. One human phenomena is that people get set in their ways and to make changes is difficult because it is about belief. Another friend from 40 years ago…his wife found me on facebook and began contacting me and I learned that her husband was obese, had gout, taking statins, calcium blockers and basically given up on life…no interest in anything after retirement. I wrote reams of information about how to get healthy and dump the meds and his only reply was that it was easier to take the drugs. It is astonishing that people are willing to die an early painful death rather than make lifestyle and dietary change. So Iheard you on extreme health radio..I was not aware that you can measure the autonomic nervous system dominance ( you called it Curos interval ), and surface menography to measure muscle function and temperature differential to measure organ function..absolutely cool and fascinating. Why doesnt my chiro have these gizmos. Did you make a video demonstrating these modalities ?. Anyway as I intimated before you should be in the hall of fame for naturopathic doctors alongside Nick gonzalez and other heros of our time…Thank god you are the resurrection of the most gifted man that ever walked this earth Hippocrates.

        Thank you again Sir

        best regards


        • Hi Eric,

          I definitely sympathize with your situation. I deal with people like that constantly and even after 20 years I still take it personally when a person rejects the information and of course they get sicker and eventually die. It’s a terrible cycle that’s incredibly hard to break free from for these people and most never break free.

          As for the surface electromyography and heart variability scanning techniques, I don’t think I have any videos demonstrating this machine and it’s procedures, however this is a link to the machine that I use:

          This machine is easy to use and comes with all the tutorials and materials you need to train people. They’re easy to use and very affordable so I’m not sure why chiropractors don’t utilize them. And if you combine this with weight bearing x-rays you’ll have a fantastic analysis of the spine and nervous system. Hopefully chiropractors and even MD’s will catch on to this.

          Thank you for all your wonderful compliments,

          Dr. B

  21. Raul Pena says:

    Hello Dr. B,
    I live in Ocala, FL. I have had neck and shoulder pains for a couple of years. I had some neck and shoulder x-rays taken by a chiropractor locally. It showed that I had lost much of my neck curve and a little bit of arthritis, nothing on the shoulders. After that, I went to an orthopedic surgeon and he recommended neck traction with a device (water weight that stretches neck). It has helped some. What else would you recommend? Could you recommend a corrective chiropractor in Ocala (or somewhere close by area). Thank you!! -Raul Pena

    • Hello Raul,

      I would recommend you combine chiropractic care with the proper exercises to correct your neck curve and spinal issues.
      Unfortunately, I don’t know any chiropractors personally in Florida that practice corrective techniques.
      However, you have a few options:

      The best option would be to find a corrective chiropractor that can analyze your spine and nervous system, identify the specific problems, and correct them accordingly. Make sure you find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to reshape the structure of the spine, restore normal biomechanics, and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing and normal function.
      Here’s a video that’ll help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

      If you can find a chiropractor in your area, but they aren’t producing any results, I can help train and teach this doctor my methods of treatment which are extremely effective. I’ve trained thousands of doctors over the years and I taught chiropractic techniques for 8 years at Cleveland Chiropractic College. I have training videos available on Youtube and I can skype with them to discuss treatment protocols and techniques in detail. So if your doctor is open and willing to learn I’m available to teach them everything I know about healing.

      If you can make it to my clinic in Huntington Beach, California, I’ll be able to treat you personally, correct your underlying health issues and get you healthy. I have patients that fly in from around the world to my office. I treat these patients very intensively for however long they can stay whether it’s 2 weeks or 2 months and we see fantastic results in a very short time with this method of treatment. If you’re considering this option, I’d recommend you schedule a skype or phone consultation through so we can discuss in detail what our treatment protocols are and further discuss the details of your case.

      For now, here are a few videos that demonstrate the best exercises for spinal correction:

      I’ll help in any way I can, Let’s get you Healthy!

  22. Arian Asolli says:

    Dear Dr. Bergman,

    What is your opinion on body-wide muscle twitching and occassional stiffness in various areas. This has been going o for over a year already. I don’t believe it is stress related or anything like that, since it all started 1 month after an illness (such as sinus infection). The muscle twitching is persisent on some areas (such as feet, legs) while in some other areas it comes and goes with no specific pattern. What do you think I should do; I was told it will go away on its own but it has become a year since and their still there. Thank you in advance for your answer. I will follow any advice. All the best!!

    • Hello Arian,

      With Muscle twitching issues such as benign fasciculation syndrome (BFS) which is characterized by fasciculation (twitching) of various voluntary muscles in the body, you have to look to the nervous system as well as the musculoskeletal system for the underlying problems that cause this condition. Remember, the nervous system controls every function of the body and any nerve interference can causing issues with muscle contraction.

      The best option would be to find a corrective chiropractor that can analyze your spine and nervous system, identify the specific problems, and correct them accordingly. Make sure you find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to reshape the structure of the spine, restore normal biomechanics, and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing and normal function.
      Here’s a video that’ll help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

      In addition to analyzing and correcting any underlying problems with the nervous system you have to incorporate the proper dietary and lifestyle changes necessary to promote proper function of the musculoskeletal system. First of all, most people are extremely mineral deficient which directly causes muscle twitching. Start by switching to an organic, plant based diet with plenty of healthy fats like coconut oil and olive oil. You’ll also want to avoid any packaged or processed food as well as any meats because these are loaded with toxins which directly effect the health and quality of your body. You’ll want to supplement appropriately with vitamin D, vitamin C with bioflavonoids, omega 3 (fish oil), Lugol’s Solution (iodine), chlorella, spirulina and a mineral/amino acid supplement like Body Balance from Life Force. Make sure you get the highest quality supplements you can find because these are vital for improving your health. I also suggest juicing vegetables and blending fruits on a daily basis, in fact, I highly recommend a short term or even long term juice fast. If you’ve never done a juice fast I would suggest a 3-7 day juice fast where you’re juicing around 20-30 pounds of vegetables every day. After the juice fast you’ll need to do a hydro-colonic and coffee enema which will further detox your body, especially the colon and liver. Juicing and blending are fantastic because the soluble fiber in veggie juice can be absorbed directly into your blood stream and bind to toxins which may be effecting the health of your body. Juicing/blending also predigests the food so the nutrients/minerals are more easily absorbed by your body. There are also enzymes and natural probiotics in the veggie juice/blended fruit that will radically improve your digestive system.
      Check out the videos below to learn about the proper diet/lifestyle changes you should start making as well as a detailed video on juicing/blending:

      Also, you may have been exposed to neurotoxins which may be negatively effecting both the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. So a vital step to healing is always detoxing your body because all of these can negatively effect your organ systems and especially the nervous system. Check out my latest video on detoxing for detail info on how to properly detox your body:

      Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll help in any way I can.

  23. eric malouin says:

    Dr B

    Your the man..If you didnt live so bloody far I would treat you to a big mac (lol) to show my appreciation not just for your recent advice but for the awakening you gave me some 4 years ago to health exposing the sheer scale of corruption and deception that has infiltrated our food and health industries and banking and possibly the prison system ( last count 2.5 million inmates..whose driving the buses ?). The medical establishment don’t want to hear about real health as you you pointed out to me and millions of others with great clarity from your excellent ‘true health Tuesday’ presentations and the ‘cherry on the cake’ occurred in 2012 when James Watson stood up on the rostrum facing many of the worlds top scientists and geneticists to provide a status on the Human genome mapping project. So 13 years of work by thousands of scientists at a cost of 2.7 billion ( 1991 $) he said that one purpose of this project to find genes that expressed disease was irrelevant since disease prevention comes from good chemistry ( nutrition ).

    Thank you again I and millions of others appreciate your efforts..Strength and honour

    It was cold this morning jogging -37 ( -27 surface temp ).

    best rgds

  24. eric malouin says:

    Good morning Dr B

    Thank you for the reply and the apologies for writing to you in a dear john format..far too familiar Doctor. I want to use my body to the fullest so when I finally expire no bastard can start selling the parts and it will only be fit for the knackers yard. According to Joel Wallach we have the potential to live 120-140 if we take in the right fuel..Wallach is another hero, you know he discovered the first cystic fibrosis case in a rhesus monkey while working for the Centre for the biology of natural systems and the top experts of the time ( 1977 I believe) including Dr Oppenhauer from Johns Hopkins, however when his boss came back from vacation he fired him saying that he could not go around claiming that he can recreate this condition in a monkey (since after all it was only a selenium deficiency ) because everybody knows its genetic and Wallace said I am only conveying the truth to which he snarled “The truth doesn’t matter”..that about sums up the conventional medical world. On top of getting fired he loses his wife to ‘complications of the use of a new form of chemotherapy for Hodgkinsons’ ( we all know what that means a physician induced murder) leaving him a widower with 4 nippers.

    I have just finished with the chiro..( remember I asked him so time ago your 7 questions including the one about putting the vacuum cleaner in my wallet, and he was also a friend of Terry Chimes when he worked in London ) I took an xray and there was aymmetry in my pelvic region which he adjusted, so when he was doing this wouldn’t he have noticed ( or felt )some sublaxation in the lower cervical region ?. Even he told me to go easy on the exercise (reduce your tennis session from 3 to 2 hours). When you say major damage could ( or maybe) occur, I thought these systems regenerate with movement ( take in nutrients, expel the waste products ).

    I mentioned replacing my racquet with a frying pan in order to change the mechanics of shot making to more ‘Aunt Jemima’ style ( flipping a pancake ) which some of the women in my club have perfected ( they hate me).

    best regards


    • Hello Eric,

      We can absolutely live to at least 120, I think you’re just getting started with life so keep up that incredibly active lifestyle, I love it!

      With that being said, you need to make sure you’re taking all the necessary steps to maintain your health and vitality. It seems like you have a firm grasp on the concepts of a healthy diet and lifestyle, however, you need to make sure you’re getting proper corrective chiropractic care. Even if you’ve gone to a skilled chiropractor in the past, with your active lifestyle you should make sure you’re constantly maintaining your spinal health. This is why athletes are constantly getting chiropractic care throughout their lives because it keeps them in peak performance shape. The strains and demands of an active lifestyle can be just as damaging to the spine and body as a sedentary lifestyle so keep that in mind every time you play tennis. Movement is fantastic for health, however, you could be damaging your spine in the process. Also keep in mind that tennis is an extremely stressful sport for your spine and body. The quick stops and starts, the bending, turning, and twisting, the intense swings all contribute to spinal stress and damage.

      So get to your local corrective chiropractor and get your spine checked out, I want you playing tennis when you’re 120!

      Dr. B

  25. eric malouin says:

    Hi John

    I have written to you before but can explain why I have muscle pain in my upper torso. I have a rotator cuff problem initiated by playing tennis of which I play approx 12 hours 3 days a week but since last summer I have muscle pain in both arms. Its not bad when I’m playing except if I have to stretch on a backhand shot. During my rest periods when i’m not playing its ok although if I put either arm in an awkward position I feel it. I am 65 and have played since I was 10. I jog every morning for half an hour as well. Is my body producing too much lactate acid or am I trying to play like a recycled teenager without the youthful elasticity in my muscles. I did visit the chiro who treated the rotator cuff and it recovers much faster after 3 hours of tennis than it did before. I know the serving action is brutal for the shoulder but I feel the pain sometimes when I crack the ball at speed and my muscles feel they are absorbing the shock of hitting the ball. Whats your opinion..throw the racquet away and replace it with a giant frying pan.

    NOTE: As you might remember I follow a strict diet of fruits and steamed vegtables, consume a blended mix of kale,ginger,lemon.celery,cucumber,apple,natto,a shot of apple cider vinegar, watercress daily and the organic berry mix with maca,cocoa and coconut juice ( as you previously suggested and I take 2 supplements daily Bodybalance and Supergreens Livingfuel and digestive enzymes ( Gonzalez formula )

    Thank you in advance and as always a great pleasure messenging with the doctors doctor of the future ( I was in Cancun last week for a couple of weeks and I mentioned your name to a bunch of californians I met there and insisted that if you want to be healthy stay away from Dumb world the land of the flat earth thinkers)

    best rgds

    Eric Malouin

    • Hello Eric,

      First of all, I have to congratulate you on being one of the toughest and most active 65 year olds that I’ve encountered in a while.

      As for you arm pain there could be a few underlying causes. First, you need to be getting proper chiropractic care on a regular basis especially with your active lifestyle. There could be many underlying problems with the structure and biomechanics of your spine which are negatively effecting your upper extremities. For example, if nerves that supply the muscles of the arm are compromised which originate in the lower cervical region, then your arms won’t function properly. You may be unaware of the impaired function, however, it’s causing major damage to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints of the upper extremities. If the underlying issues in the lower cervical region are corrected by your chiropractor then you’ll eliminate any arm pain, except for occasional soreness after one of your crazy days of playing tennis.

      Please make sure your chiropractor practices corrective techniques so you know that you’re getting the best possible care. Did you ask your chiropractor the 7 questions?
      1. Do you take x-rays? (essential to find the subluxations)
      2. Do you get listings off of x-rays? (shows where to adjust)
      3. Do you take post x-rays to document structural changes made?
      4. Are your treatment goals to reshape and restore the natural curves?
      5. Are you familiar with correcting disc injuries?
      6. Do you work on post surgical patients?
      7. Can you reverse arthritis?

      If they answer Yes, to at least 5 then you know you got a decent chiropractor.

      Let me know if you have any more questions and keep me updated on your progress.
      Dr. B

  26. Dan Kowell says:

    Hi John, Im about your age, that means i had the same vaccines you did and had no idea until now what the effects are. I have been suffering for the last 10 years until i found your videos as well as doing research and correcting my eating habits. I now have been moving back to old ways. You are doing a great thing for Humanity, why our elected officials cant is beyond me…. however with that said, they are probably drinking the fluoridated water and getting vaccines. I have spent myself broke on getting chickens, greenhouse, juicing machine, etc . . . and so on, but i guess health comes at a price eh. I live in a remote village in AK, no Docs except for the occasional visit 2 or 3 times a year for routine checkups. I found it interesting that when the Doc ask me why i was not taking the blood pressure meds….. i told her i was taking Pine Bark Extract and/or Hawthorn Berry Extract and now she refuses to see me. She ask me if all my vaccines were up to date…. i told her i havent had a vaccine since 1966 or ’67 and she went balistic.

    I may need to talk with you at some point because i still have some residual issues, but for the most part nowhere near what they were. I was a total basket case for about 8 years and could rarely get up and go outside. But now with the changes i have made i am getting out more and getting more active again. Maybe i just need more time for healing since i suffered for 8 years and started the diet changes only in the summer of 2014.

    Thanks for your effort in teaching the info to help people wake up and choose better health.

    • Hello Dan,

      Congratulations on taking charge of your life and health. The majority of people in the world don’t have the courage to radically change their life and their health the way you did.

      Please let me know how I can help and guide you on the pathway to optimal health.

      • Hi, Tnx John,

        How can i email you my notes and the 2 blood analyses that were done ( if helpful ) ? My notes were made with the observasion and help of a friend because i had constant brain fog to the point where i could not have told you what the answer to 1 + 1 is. I no longer have that problem since i have been consuming sprouts, juicing, etc…


      • Actually I guess at this point i can summarise what i feel now instead of sending my PDF file with the notes.

        * Had accident in 1997, fell off a 2nd story roof landing feet first ( luckily ), > both hips dislocated > heel bone broken / separated in right foot > bones in right foot crushed and shattered. Amputation was considered but i said no, so the Doc said they would try to push what bones they could back into place.
        * Jan to Feb 2014: Diagnosed with high BP and COPD.
        Was given HCTZ for BP, i stopped taking them after 3 months and started using Pine Bark Extract and Hawthorn Berry among other Herbs.
        Was given a prescription for inhalers for the COPD but refused to get them ( why the hell would someone put something into damaged lungs that need to heal ), not crazy… thats insane.
        * Also suffered with dehydration, severe constipation, on and off sleep, deep brain fog all the time, poor cognitive ability, dizziness, disorientation, no strength, no energy, no nothing, walking into walls, falling over at random when moving around, etc, etc… most all of these symptoms i have elimenated with veggies, sprouts, minerals, wild game food, etc.

        Residual problems now: > slow / sluggish thinking > fatigue quickly when trying to do physical tasks or activity > heavy to laboring to breathe when trying to do physical tasks or activity > frequent bouts of muscle spasm or something in the lower back area. At times it is so intense i cant get up or stand up, the only way i can get relief is to pull my knees up to my chest and stay laying down. When this happens it can last anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on the severity. ( sometimes mild and sometimes moderate to excrutiating pain ).

        I can email my PDF file with the Urinalysis and Blood Analysis which were done in 2014. I need to get a new one done to see where my Cholesterol level is now. Last time ( Aug 2014 ) the Lipid Panel was 162 / Triglycerides 43 / LDL 80 and HDL 74 — this one was flagged as high.
        Really ? i think those numbers are dangerously low ?
        Since i have been consuming eggs from my own chickens i am hoping my cholesterol has come up. Also been doing the juicing, smoothies, sprouts, grow lots of greens and cabbage during the summer, make my own kraut, grow a few other veggies during summer, Ascorbate Bio C w/ bioflavonoids, Fulvic minerals, Himalayan Pink Salt, Herbs of all kinds, and lots of other things.

        Let me know if you need other info.

        • Hello,

          Considering your medical history and list of current symptoms, the best and fastest solution to restoring your health is corrective chiropractic care. A massively traumatic event like your fall will radically alter your spinal structure and biomechanics which causes compromised nerve supply through the body which will negatively effect many different organ systems. The fatigue, sluggishness, difficulty breathing, and muscles spasms all point to underling problems with the nervous system. And the fact that flexing your spine (pulling your knees to your chest) provides relief, absolutely points to a problem with the spine and nervous system because this position opens of the vertebrae to allow more space for the nerves.

          You need to find a corrective chiropractor that can analyze your spine and nervous system, identify the specific problems, and correct them accordingly. Make sure you find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to reshape the structure of the spine, restore normal biomechanics, and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing and normal function.
          Here’s a video that’ll help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

          Let me know if you have any more questions and keep me updated on your progress.

          Dr. B

          • Tnx John,

            Wow, all these years i have been led to believe that i had damaged muscle, ligament and tendon in the lower back. I just hope my ignorance hasnt caused permenant damage with calcium deposits or deteriated discs.

            Yes, i do walk with a waddle and bent out of shape somewhat. I have change my pillow last year to one of those foamy type that allows my head and neck to be at a more natural level.

            The only Chiropractic option we have up here is Arctic Chiropractic which has an office in Nome, 75 miles away from me. You can check out there web site when you have a chance and let me know your opinion please. I live in a remote village so travel is very difficult for me.


            According to the questions you posed in the video, it looks like these guys are pretty good. Its my only choice, and i most likely wont be able to get there until summer.

            Tnx again John, and keep up the good videos.


          • Hello Dan,

            That’s great you found a chiropractor, but wow, I had no idea you lived in such an isolated area. As for exercises the best option would be to first be evaluated by a chiropractor to ensure these exercises are correct for you, however, in your particular situation your options are somewhat limited. So here are a few exercise videos to get you started.

            Keep me updated on your progress and let me know if you have any more questions.

          • I forgot to ask….. do you any videos that show exercises i can start doing now at home ?


          • Tnx John,

            Excellent vids ! This will be extremely helpful until i can get to Nome. We are getting buried in snow at moment, and we are on the coast of the Bering Strait. You can see on a map if you look up Port Clarence, the Village of Teller, AK.

            ** Note….. i have tried and found extreme relief when sitting in chair, i will put a rolled towel between the low back and back of the chair, then lean the chair back against the wall and sit this way for awhile. I had a friend come over and look at my back….. she said it appears i have no curve in the lower back area….. and that when im sitting i am actually curved forward.

            So i would assume that i need to try and get some curve restored to the lower back ? The Cobra exercise feels really good also.

            Thanks so much John.

          • Hello Denik,

            Yes, sitting with that rolled up towel will be fantastic for your lumbar spine. You can do that for 20 minutes at a time… so 20minutes with the towel and 20 minutes of sitting normally. Doing this combined with the cobra exercise throughout the day should massively decrease your pain and over time it will help restore that lumbar curve. Also, the twisting exercise will help to rehydrate your lumbar discs which will further improve your spinal health.

  27. Hi doctor bergman. I am a 25 year old male and I have had neck and shoulder pain for several years. I also suffer from cardiac arrhythmia. The pain in my neck can spread down to my right shoulder blade and down my right arm. I suffer from tension headaches quite regularly and get sensations around my temple. I did have a right pneumothorax when I was 17 which resulted in a pleurectomy. I have went to physical therapy for my neck which didn’t correct the problem. I do exercise as regularly as I can and eat well. What do you recommend I should do and does my previous medical history have any connection to my neck shoulder pain.
    Thank you

    • Hi,
      For cardiac arrhythmia you have to look to the nerves that supply the heart so you have to get to a corrective Chiropractor to get a set of x-rays of her neck and upper thoracic area’s and you will see nerve pressure at the top of the thoracic spine. This is where the sympathetic nerves that supply the heart are. By getting pressure off of this area you may be able to solve arrhythmia. The headaches are also coming from nerve pressure from the neck. Physical therapy will not help, go see a corrective Chiropractor, you maybe able to find one in your area, check out our video on how to find a good one. 
You will get healthy fast I will help in any way I can
      Dr. D

  28. Linda Noyce says:

    Dear Dr. Bergman,
    My name is Linda, I’m from the Boston area. I stumbled upon one of your videos online about a month ago, sort of by accident…and I’ve been addicted ever since! Literally every day while I’m getting ready for the day, I am listening to you speak on a different topic! I absolutely love your philosophy and finally feel validated on a number of views I’ve had for a long time now!
    My question concerns both my brother and I…he was diagnosed with Stage 5 End Stage Renal Disease due to IgA Nephropathy in March of 2014. He was told his total kidney function was below 15% and would not improve with just lifestyle changes and that a kidney transplant would be inevitable! His BP was obviously through the roof when he went in to the hospital, roughly in the range of 200/100…so of course they put him on a bunch of hypertension meds and he has been on them ever since. He is on beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, clonidine, phosphate binders, and calcitriol…and he may be taking a low dose aspirin a day as well. He has been compliant with lifestyle changes…he quit drinking and follows the renal diet. He was about 30 lbs overweight when he was diagnosed and he quickly got down to a healthy weight, but in the last 6 months he has lost even more weight (he was cleared to go back to work and has been working the last 6 months.) He is 44 yrs old and his doctors say he’s a great candidate for transplant due to his age, compliance, and the fact that he’s not a smoker. His kidney function has camped out at 15% for almost 2 yrs now and he has not had to go on dialysis yet.
    This past Spring I started the process of being a possible living donor for my brother. I quickly found out that I was a match for blood and tissue typing and continued with the rest of the extensive testing. But I’ve dragged my feet a little due to the fact that I want ALL the information I can get before I make this HUGE, potentially life changing decision. Let me follow that by saying that I LOVE my brother more than anything and will do anything I can to help his situation, we are EXTREMELY close! The fact that my brother is not on dialysis yet has given me time to really think and not rush into any decisions. I’ve had some concerns due to my own health issues. A quick run-down on my history…chronic ear infections from infancy-age 15 (basically on antibiotics that whole time), intestinal surgery at age 3, thyroid storm-like episode at age 15, diagnosed with PCOS at age 19, diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue at age 28. I was and active child and have remained fairly active into my adulthood. I’m bubbly and energetic by nature. But as you can imagine these episodes in my history really threw me off. [Side-note: I graduated from nursing school 2 yrs ago and chose not to work in the profession after being so turned-off by the “healthcare system!”] Earlier this year I met a kidney donor who mentioned how she’s tired ALL of the time…and I’m talking years after her surgery! I know that’s only one testimony but hearing that really scared me! Then yesterday I spoke with another woman donor who has had an amazing experience so far (granted it’s only been 1 month since her surgery.) But as an energetic, adventurous 35 yr old woman who has yet to get married and have kids, I can’t help but think about how this surgery may drastically change my own life. With my history on top of the Standard American Diet, I know now more than ever just how toxic my body has been my ENTIRE life! And its clear to see that my brother’s body is as well!
    Besides the obvious need to clean out our systems (which my family is beginning to do with all organic products, etc), do you feel surgery is inevitable in his, and possibly my future? Like so many other parts of the body I’ve heard (or been taught) that kidney tissue cannot regenerate…at least not once the damage has reached a certain point. I know you have helped so many patients turn their lives around through diet and therefore prevented surgeries thought to be their last and only option.

    Lastly, I am so excited about what you are doing to revolutionize the “healthcare system!” It makes so much sense!!! I want to be a part of it! I feel so encouraged and I thank God I stumbled upon your videos! Thank you SO MUCH for your time! Hope you have a joyous holiday season! :) BTW, I’m sorry this is SO long!

    Linda Noyce

    • Hi Linda, your brother migh be able to restore his kidney function, have him check out our blood pressure video because the drugs they give for high blood pressure cause kidney damage, and he needs to be checked by a corrective chiropractor as soon as possible, and lets get him started on juicing and blending to get healthy soluble fibers in him to clean his arteries.
      Let me know how he is doing
      Dr. B

  29. Hi! first of all I just want to say thank you so much for sharing all of this information to people and helping in the ways you do.. Truly appreciated!

    I am mainly speaking for my dad as he has many health issues and is going down a downward spiral and I am out of ideas!
    He has Ankylosing Spondylitus, high blood pressure, anemia, IBS/diverticulitis, leaky gut, restless leg syndrome and I’m sure other auto-immune diseases such as hyperthyroidism and fibromylgia and nutriant deficiencies.. He is taking Morphine, NSAID’s, immuno-suppressants, blood pressure medication and Omeprazole for his stomach lining. He is on and off his immuno-suppressants as he keeps getting infections and understands he needs his immune system at times but our plan is to get him off them all! so far I have convinced him to get off his depressions meds and doesn’t feel any worse on them. But is health is at an all time new low.. There isn’t a moment where he isn’t in discomfort or is relaxed and is heavily negative because of this which i can’t snap him out off which is understandable but constantly says things like I don’t know if i can last much longer which upsets me greatly. Recently he has been much worse and he says that he feels like his whole body is constantly working or moving inside to where he can’t relax or sleep and feels like his body is constantly eating calories as he is loosing weight. He says it’s similar to his restless leg syndrome ( which is worse now ) but seems to be all over his body and always feels like he has to hold his body in certain positions to get some comfort. It’s like a generalized discomfort but possible worse in his legs. He always eat bad and I have got him to eat a lot more plant based food in his diet but he refrains from stopping eating gluten, grains, dairy etc.. I am so far planning a diet and lifestyle change for him to try for a week which he has agreed to and says if he feels any better after that week he will continue to do so.. I would feel over the moon if you could help out in any way possible!

    Also I wonder if you have any ideas for myself that could help me. I have extremely bad memory and bad concentration.. Perhaps an Attention Deficit disorder – I don’t know. I feel like I need to walk to have any brain clarity at all. I walk an hour throughout the day, eat plant based and have a general healthy lifestyle.. Plus I take certain things like Ashwagandah and nootropics which help somewhat but i don’t want to have to take all these supplements every day of my life just to think clearly.. I understand this is a difficult one and could just be me so don’t worry if you have nothing to add.

    Thank you ever so much :)

    • Thank you for taking charge and for helping you father. A raw vegetable diet would be good for him. We need to detox his system and heal the gut. Have him go gluten and dairy free and eliminate any soy, corn, or flax, give him a healthy amount of coconut oil and water, and NO packaged foods, he should be eating lots of fresh veggies , fruits, and healthy potatoes (the small colored ones) and raw chocolate. Lots of probiotics to counter all the medication they have given him. Let’s put him on an anti-inflammatory properties, lots of turmeric, 60 ounces of veggie juice per day, this will clean his arteries with healthy juices you maybe able to reduce his meds. We have to get you both to a corrective Chiropractor. For your memory try ambrotose from manatech that is the best supplement for brain function, along with healthy fats and electro-lights, your brain will work great also do the neurolinguistic programming for your brain. Check out our video on how to reprogram your brain to solve depression. You both will get better fast.

      Dr B

  30. eric malouin says:

    I decided to write to you to update our status. We found a good Chiro Dr Andrew Kerklaan. He spent 5 years practicing in the UK ( one of his patients was Roger Daltery of the WHO..thats kinda cool since I used to work during the school holidays for Marshall ( amplifiers/speaker columns ) and I met Daltery and Pete Townsend when they were returning the equipment they had smashed to pieces on stage ). So according to my diagnosis confirmed by X-Ray my pelvis is asymmetrical that requires you suspected I presume My partner has multiple issues in her neck and TMJ..again as you suspected..cant thank you enough for your advice..she does not have Neuralgia. So the chiro has suggested at least 4-6 sessions of adjustment for both of us. We are making the berry smoothie as you suggested and I am applying heat to the prostate and I have my do-it yourself kit for the DRE for the prostate massage. I have also decided to take another supplement Haelan 951 which is a fermented soy beverage which the company claim ( Walter Wainright ) can 1. cut off the blood supply to tumors by reducing cytokines, 2. turn up the P53 tumor suppressor gene, 3.increase P21 and increase BRCA1/2 DNA repair proteins. It also reduces BC12 (anti apopotosis gene) and increase BAX ( pro aopotosis gene). Increases Macrophages, slows down Mitosis, produces beneficial metabolites ( e.g MTD-13) and increases the number of estrogen beta receptor sites ( 3-B Adiol) and reduces the number of estrogen Alpha sites (3-A Adiol) and finally decreases circulating levels of 4 & 16 hydroxyestrogens ( that damage DNA) and increases 2 hydroxyestrogens ( the good guys)..not bad for a beverage if their claim is not all bull. So I will take it as a preventative measure. I am determined to ensure that my PSA levels stay under the radar because for sure I dont want this walnut size gland to be the last chapter of my life.

    I would like to share something with you as possibly an adjunct to your video lecture on Cancer. Since you are an open minded person I believe, who thinks outside of the box. In your lecture on Cancer you mention Dr Nicholas Gonzalez as referenced in Suzanne Sommer’s book ‘Knockout’. According to Gonzalez and his original mentor Dr William Kelly the brilliant orthodontist from Texas stated that the immune system function is irrelevant when cancer has ignited within the body. To treat this condition Kelley and later Gonzalez devised a 3 stage plan. Part of which included specific nutritional diets and supplements. Its purpose, to align the imbalance of the autonomic nervous system in individuals. For instance parasympathetic dominance patients (Patients thrive on meat based diets, do well with high doses of Vitamin E, Calcium) have a very strong immune system and are are prone to immune cancers like lymphoma, multiple myloma, leukemia so the nutritional protocol is to tone down the immune system. In the sympathetic dominant patients ( who thrive on Plant based diets, do well with Beta Carotene, Bvitamins,Folic acid, Magnesium but dont do well with Calcium for example) the immune system is weak. The third category as you are aware are balanced individuals where their nervous system is working in balance with, on occasion, a bent toward either sympathetic or parasympathetic in some people. So in terms of treating cancer the immune system is secondary in terms of its effects to battle the condition, and in terms of the immune system cancers it is prudent to reduce immune system function. As Dr Kelly pointed out it is not the immune system that destroys cancer cells it is the ingested pancreatic enzymes.

    Twenty years ago it was stated that Interleukin immune therapy could be the cure for cancer but it never materialised. If you accept the trophoblast theory of cancer as discovered by Dr Beard the brilliant embryologist in 1900. Beard discovered the trophoblast cells of the placenta were identical in nature to cancer cells. This was confirmed by Drs Micheal Murray and Bruce Lessey both of the department of obstetrics and gynecology (University of North Carolina) in their 1999 article ‘Embryo implementation and Tumor metastasis. It could be summised that cancer may mimic the immune tolerance of the placenta during pregnancy.

    Since the body is highly intelligent and logical in its functioning, the placenta, which is an immunological barrier between mother and fetus, avoids detection by the immune system by secreting Neurokinin B molecules, and dampens the response to interleukin 2 cells by the presence of lymphocytic suppressor cells inhibiting maternal cytotoxic T cells. Could it be that cancer once ignited may display similar characteristics. This is not to say that it is folly to strengthen the immune system as a preventative measure as you is essential. Since the origin of cancer as Beard pointed out in 1900 are vagrant stem cells nested within the bodies tissues, they can develop naturally as invasive trophoblastic cells attaching to the uterine epithelial lining, thus ultimately becoming a highly differentiated tissue mass referred to as the placenta, or a disordered trophoblast that develops into an undifferentiated proliferative invasive mass that we refer to as cancer.

    I apologise if some of this stuff is telling you to suck eggs since you know far more than I do.

    Best rgds

    Eric Malouin

    • Hi Eric, you’re absolutely accurate and correct, I have suggested the Dr Kelly method for years. The key with cancers are that the immune system needs to be helped and the toxicties need to be eliminated. Your on the right path my friend
      Dr B

      • eric malouin says:

        Dear Dr B

        Thank you for the ack..I have just watched your presentation on the nervous system…absolutely brilliant..I dont know what audience you might have on Utube but you need to be on a world stage..the Albert hall for example giving a talk on why you are not an alternative physician but the future MD that can reverse this insanity called conventional health care. With a presentation like you gave on the nervous system you will have every doctor in the house burning their conventional medical degrees..I mean why is it that the mass populus has become this meandering lump of ignorance while your president and his family eat organic. President Regan refused conventional treatment for his cancer and he went to Germany where they fried the tumor by raising his temperature to 107 degrees for a certain time over a course of weeks. Do you know James maskell founder of the evolution of medicine..he organises talks and presentations and you should definately be one of his most respected speakers. I honor you and all the work you are accomplishing as well as being the coolest dude on the web.

        my very best regards

        Eric Malouin

  31. Hi Dr. Bergman,

    I made a comment / question today on YouTube. Thanks for getting back to me really fast. Let me just elaborate a bit more this time:
    My sweetheart (45 years old) has cardiac arrhythmia (ventricular arrhythmia, LOWN III, sinus node dysfunction). Her blood pressure is usually really low: 100/60. Each year she has a holter monitor attached to her chest to monitor her heartbeat for 24 hours. She has had cardiac arrhythmia since she was about 6 years old. She got sick really bad and the doctor prescribed wrong medication so she barely survived. While in elementary school she couldn’t do a lot of exercises in the gym because when she had a lot of effort she passed out. About 12 years ago she had her gallbladder removed. She has a sedentary office job as well. She is also complaining about headaches.
    A week ago she passed out in the office. It turned out her liver is not working quite right and there was some small stone blocking the gallbladder canal.
    Because her heart is week she is now scheduled to get pacemaker.

    I hope this makes some sense … and looking forward for you comments.

    Kind regards from Slovenia, Europe.

    • Hi Robert,
      Let’s get your sweetheart healthy. For cardiac arrhythmia you have to look to the nerves that supply the heart so you have to get her to a corrective Chiropractor to get a set of x-rays of her neck and upper thoracic area’s and you will see nerve pressure at the top of the thoracic spine , this is where the sympathetic nerves that supply the heart are. By getting pressure off of this area you may be able to avoid the pacemaker. The headaches also have a good chance of coming from nerve pressure from her neck. Also make sure she gets healthy amounts of a good quality omega 3’s , and with the gallbladder issues she needs to change her diet and how she handles stress.
      I will help in any way I can
      Dr B

  32. eric malouin says:

    Dear sir

    I have 2 questions :
    1. My partner some 2 years ago had root canal surgery, 2 months later she developed Trigeminal neurolga, since there was a time lapse between the 2 events I assume they are nor connected and that the neurolga was coincindental..she was 55 at the time. Having received several scans CTSCAN and MRI the neurologists found nothing. Researching this condition it appears that pain management is the only option and surgery ( which carrys high risk and probably ineffective ). Her dentist suggested that her crowns be removed and all toxic matter replaced which was done..$6000 later no change. I refuse to consult further with the neurologists who refuted that it wasn’t neurolga at all. One criminal in a white coat actually prescribed an anti depressant whose one side effect actually could trigger this condition. I understand why anti depressants are prescribed because since this condition is referred to as ‘suicide syndrome’ all sufferers want to tear their teeth out. In my partners case she does not suffer extreme pain for several minutes which, as is reported characteristic of this condition, but her teeth are sometimes numb and her lips on occasion feels a tightening sensation in her face. Do you have any emprical knowledge of how this can be it synomynous to learning and rewiring of the brain, where in the case of the nerve, it too rewires as a repair function..and indeed how long does it take..does anybody really always talk about the body replacement paradigm does this not include dysfunctional nerve transmission.
    2. Do you know of any study that was completed on oncagenes associated with the oncologist tells me that they dont know..In my case my grandfather died of prostate cancer, my father had his prostate gland removed because of cancer and last year I had a hOLEP procedure to clear a BPH condition I had and after analysis they found some cancer tissue, so it would appear that the gene expression associated with the prostate is turned on and since I lead a healthy lifestyle ( I jog every morning summer and winter for half a hour, play tennis on average 12 hours per week winter and summer, I only eat fruit, vegetables, seeds, grains, I drink juiced veg ( kale,celery,ginger, cucumber, brocolli stalks, apple, apple cider vinegar for example), I eat fermented vegs, sprouted grain bread only, kefir and I take 2 supplements Body balance and Living fuel greens every day, so I would think that if this gene is not mutant the diet should reexpress tumor supression. I am 65 and take no pharma poison and avoid the priests in whit coats and I never visit their temples except for the prostate problem I choice the uretha was completely blocked and I had 4.5 litres in the bladder and the day before I went to emergency I played tennis for 2 hours wondering why it was uncomfortable.

    Finally, I am avid fan of was you who opened the world to me in terms of what is realIy going on in the worlds healthcare system and that doctors are not approaching the body with awe and respect but as a 1994 mazda that needs a few replacement parts and and a bandage to keep the muffler from falling off. You have talked about cancer in some of your great presentations but you have never mentioned the enzyme treatment for cancer that was discovered by the brilliant embryologist Dr John Beard in Edinburgh in 1900..and his trophoblast theory of cancer. If it hadnt been for the idiot that proposed the left over nitrogen mustard gas from WW1 as a possible solution to cancer and indeed became the precursor to the poisonous chemotherapy that is administered today, or Madame Curies Radions, the non toxic enzyme therapy could have been included in mainstream medicine today..oh but wait what about Rockefellers money that perverted medicine in the first place oh and the world is flat…

    Thanking you in advance for your response

    best rgds

    Eric Malouin

    • Hi Eric,
      Let’s get you and your sweetheart better. First of all you have a gift for writing. I usually don’t like long letters but I enjoyed yours. To fix Trigeminal noralga the source of the problem is in the TMJ joints and upper cervical area, affecting the fifth cranial nerve. I have seen hundreds of cases such as this, and all recove fast. She needs to find a corrective chiropractor skilled in the TMJ correction. Also someone skilled in upper cervical correction. CLICK HEREfor the 7 questions. If your potential chiropractor can answer yes to 5 of the 7 then you are in the right place. To solve prostate and bladder issues we need to get you pelvis and your lumbar checked by a corrective Chiropractor. And to suppress gene expression your doing everything right. There’s just a few things you can add, direct heat applied to the prostate area externally and prostrate massage internally. This will get blood flow and stimulate the immune system. Also supplement your diet with a smoothie containing frozen organic berries, maca powder, cacao powder and coconut water. There’s also a horrible tasting supplement call magistrol that we get from Washington State. Also vitamin C with bioflavonoids at least 2000mg four times a day. Let me know how you’re doing my friend,

      Dr B

      • eric malouin says:

        Dear Dr B

        I thank you for your reply and forgive me by responding with several questions and I will try not for it to develop into Rousseau’s confessions. Do you perform these 2 corrections yourself ( TMJ & Upper cervical ) and if so is this a one off visit and how much does it cost. The same for the pelvis and lumbar check..wrt I am sure you do, my apologies for asking. I just get the feeling that if I do find a local Chiro chances are he/she may not have naturopathic tendencies..excuse the term, and he might grab his blunderbust and march me out of his office..I mean how could he possibly perfom his work without taking Xrays ( I am aware of the situation in Japan where legislation forbids chiros to make Xrays).. I guess the chiros are just masseurs there. How do I apply direct heat externally to the prostate.. a hot bath and for how long..6 months,year, forever, and am I to assume that internally massaging the prostate would require a rectal exam synthesise by my often for 6 months, etc.

        Why specifically do you choose this smoothie mix. The supplement Magistol is to alleviate discomfort caused by BPH, but that problem has been solved..I pee like a racehorse now so I do not see the need. Apart from the supplements I mentioned Body balance and Living fuel..I take these because as you have pointed out in one of your previous lectures consuming organic produce does not assure you of ingesting all of the minerals that the body needs because of possible soil depletion. Dr Olree in his publication ‘minerals for the genetic code’ points out the body uses for example Germanium to bring more oxygen into the vital organs. So can you suggest such a Vitamin C with Bioflavanoids supplement..I did not know they existed..because I want to avoid the GM synthesized absorbic acid capsule. I assume the bioflavanoid content is to insure that the transcription factor Nrf2 gets turned on to activate the bodies xenobiotic defence system (to release superoxide dismutase and Gluthathione peroxidase enzymes).

        So I’m done, I tried to keep it under 500 words

        Thank you again for the invaluable info..I could have saved $6000 and given it you for a lifetime membership on your website

        best rgds

        Eric Malouin

        • Hi Eric
          Yes I do correct TMJ and its usually a fast correction but you also need to fix C1, just like all human beings with only a 10% awareness of your systems we would need to check your whole body and all of the xrays scans exams and reports its only $99. For the prostate the magistrol is just a good supplement for life. A good brand of vitamin C is ester C with bioflavonoids.
          I hope to meet you someday, I taught Japanese Chiropractors with the JCA in the 1990’s they might be a good place to start looking for a Chiropractor in Japan.
          Dr B

          • eric malouin says:

            Hi Dr B

            Thank you for the response…if we decide to visit you how long would we need to stay to complete the treatment for both of us..adjustment, xrays etc since we are coming from Montreal, I guess you are not aware of a chiro of your ilk here in Montreal. By the way my old schoolfriend in England just informed me that he has atrial fibrillation..wait thats the priests special language.irregular heart beat and the cardiologist has prescribed I suppose beta blockers, warfarin, statin..I dont know, but it is my understanding that this is potentially due to a squeezed nerve or dysfunctional nerve from the autonomic nervous system so I suggested he contact Terry Chimes in London. I also red a comment from Jos in march dealing with epilepsy, again according to Natasha Campbell mcbride who specialises in gut issues ( she has published work called GAP- Gut and physiology/phsychology) epilepsy is a toxic condition the ‘fit’ is the bodies way of flushing out the toxins that have crossed the blood brain barrier which will build up again if the toxicity is not we dont have to live with epilepsy but to simply fix the toxicity..anyway I am sure I’m telling you to suck eggs.

            Finally, you did not answer my question re applying heat and massage to the prostate..

            Thank you in advance again



          • Hi Eric

            For visiting our office schedule at least two days for diagnostics and between one and four weeks for post x-rays for just symptom relief. For the heat and massage to the prostate it’s excellent for prostate health, for epilepsy toxicity is one source the other is information of the spine to the brain.

            Dr B

    • The 7 questions
      1. Do you take x-rays? (essential to find the subluxations)
      2. Do you get listings off of x-rays? (shows where to adjust)
      3. Do you take post x-rays to document structural changes made?
      4. Are your treatment goals to reshape and restore the natural curves?
      5. Are you familiar with correcting disc injuries?
      6. Do you work on post surgical patients?
      7. Can you reverse arthritis?

  33. Teresa Riquelme says:

    Gloves, then he couldn’t eat a lot of things. When he went to take the ECA test he had diarrea all day long and couldn’t eat anything. I gave him homeopathic medicine and tibicos and he felt a little better, so he couldn’t start college, he’s very sad we are back in Ohio, the endoscopy showed that he had inflammation intestine, and h. Pylori, they gave him antibiotics, antiespasmodics and omeoprazole, he has lost 20 pounds, all he can eat is eggs (whites), salmon, beef, chiken, some fruit, yellow and corn tortilla. The worst part are the gases, he has them and can do very little, even walk is hard. I started with your recommendations for leaky gut, but I really don’t know what he has. What do you think he should be eating? Is a yeast overgrown? Thanks a lot

  34. Teresa Riquelme says:

    Hi Dr Bergman, I’m Teresa Penafiel, My son Ricardo, 19 has digestive disorders. This started in May with a lot of gases and bloating, we are from Mexico, I cook all the time and he used to eat very well, vegetables, fruit, meat, but he also loved junk, I gave him beer yeast. He started with more and more gases and eating a lot of bread. He was suppose to start college this summer, so he was really stressed. We have lived in different countries moving a lot, so he’s being under stress most part of his life. I gave him a laxative and he felt horrible, the problem increased. I took him to the gastro and he gave him omeoprazole and antiespasmodics, nothing changed. As we where in Mexico he had diarrea again, he eat a very spicy good and felt terrible. I took him to a gastro in Mexico, gave the same medicine, sent him to tests. We took him to another gastro, this one gave him antibiotics and medicinoe for parasites and this time he didn’t even could walk he was too weak, and his hands turned white as if he was wearing

    • Hi Teresa

      Lets get your son better. He has to get to a corrective Chiropractor get his nervous system checked, we have to restore his nerve supply and we need to heal his gut. the Chiropractor will direct you to certain smoothies, make sure to use papaya and the seeds of papaya, maca, cacao, coconut water, and frozen organic berries for the smoothies. The seeds of the papaya have anti parasitic properties. he will get better, i will help in anyway i can.

      Dr B

      • Teresa Riquelme says:

        Hi again, thanks for your answer, every time I tried to give him another food he gets more and more gases and feels very bad. Papaya doesn’t feel fine. But now I’m worry because, I don’t know, with the diet he has now, he has started shaking his head and closes his hands, does it have to be with the protein? Do you think he may have leaky gut? I’m very scared, and what is an organic plant based diet? Thanks a lot

        • Hi Teresa,
          You have to get his nerves system checked. Find a corrective chiropractor in your area. CLICK HEREfor the 7 questions. If your potential chiropractor can answer yes to 5 of the 7 then you are in the right place. Protein is the least important, but other ingredients are a must. Yes more then likely he has a leaky gut. A plant-based diet includes everything that is planted and that has been grown organically, every and all vegetables and fruits. I recommend avoiding animal products for at least 30 days, to help heal the gut.

          Dr B

          • Teresa Riquelme says:

            Hi again dr, a chiropractic is already working with him and he said he has subluxation in the back, and that is going to take like 3 months to fix it. So, as he already lost like 25 pounds, I tried to give him coconut oil but his stomach didn’t take it well, is it true that it could be absorbed by the skin? And as he can not tolarate a lot of foods, including onions, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, what could I feed him with? Do you really think we could fix his leaky gut? Thanks a lot

          • Absolutely his gut could be healed. If he can’t tolerate coconut oil try juicing apples and carrots that will have anti-mold properties which is a major factor in leaky gut. You can also try cooking all the vegetables and puréeing them, serve that to him like a soup and see how he does. And please make sure the chiropractor is a Corrective Chiropractor who will look at his whole nervous system.

            Dr. B

          • Teresa Riquelme says:

            Hi dr Bergman, so I can start with juices and vegetables soup, let’s say the first week, ok, and how do I know if his chiropractic is a corrective one?, do I have to worry about his head shaking? My housband is going to take him to a neurologist but I’m sure he won’t find anything wrong. So do you think the shaking is a nerve? Or a immune desease? I did the spit test for Candida, and according to this he has it, is this true? This is so hard, how’s possible that medicine don’t know anything about something so important? Really thanks for your advice

          • Hi Teresa, shaking is a central nervous system issue and to correct the problem you have to change the information flowing into the brain and detox the body. Neurologists don’t have the skills to do that. To find a corrective Chiropractor use our 7 questions and if you get at least 5 yes’s then you have a good one.
            I will help in anyway I can
            Dr B

  35. Mark Tyack says:

    G’day Dr John Bergman,
    We are seeking advice for the best approach concerning my partner’s health concerns and while we have researched your videos, we are still looking for some more answers.
    We are from Melbourne, Australia and looking for A Chiropractor who fits your 7 point test, no results as yet. But first some important histories, to best describe her current condition.
    Work injury in 2010, to right shoulder rotator cuff, which caused the tendon in her shoulder to be torn in two plus injuries to C4,C5 & C6 due to heavy lifting, they are telling her she has no cartilage left between C4, C5 & C6 and she is bone on bone. From that she has tennis elbow and tendinitis and in both shoulders bursitis. Had surgery to her right shoulder to repair tendon and she has 4 pins to screw the tendon back to the bone, and it’s developed another tear and she has restricted movement in that shoulder.
    She has had an MRI done on her spine and it is erected (Almost straight), she’s always in pain have bad headaches and she was told nothing can be done and will have to live with it and survive on pain killers.
    In 2011 she was suppose to have a curette because of heavy bleeding but when they opened her up they found her uterus was full of fibroids which resulted in her having an hysterectomy. They messed up the surgery and she ended up with internal bleeding and her lungs collapsed and her heart stopped and she was rushed in for further surgery where she was revived, she was given 8 units of blood to replace what she had lost and after sent to ICU. When she woke in ICU she had infections everywhere because they didn’t clean her up properly in surgery. So she was put on heavy antibiotics and had to be on 24 hour oxygen to breath. She was then sent home after recovering and 3 days later readmitted to emergency with high fever due to reoccurring infection and again placed on heavy antibiotics.
    Since then every year she has been having surgery with 7 operations in 2013 because of trouble with her kidneys, liver, bladder and breast, and 2014 she had surgery again to remove scar tissue because the scar tissue is causing her organs to stick to each other. This problem is continuing with her having a reoccurring bleeding cyst caused by Endometriosis and one of her surgeries in 2014 was to remove a bleeding cyst again.
    Now in 2015 more organs have stuck back together she has another bleeding cyst on her right ovary and surgery is being insisted upon to remove both her ovaries and bring on premature menopause to end this problem and separate her organs again and they are saying that giving the scar tissue she may end up with more injury to her organs because of the complication of this surgery. With risk to injuring Bowel, bladder and nerves and she already has damage to some nerves in the lower abdomen due to previous surgeries.
    She’s also having problems with her neck, mid, lower back and pelvis
    She needs to give an answer to the doctors on Wednesday 5/08/2015 to agree, or not to for surgery. Should she accept this surgery or do you think there is any possibility for healing?
    Can she reverse the scar tissues from sticking everything together now and in the future?
    Current medications, Endone 5mg, Panadeine Forte 500mg 30mg, Jurnista 8mg, OxyContin 10mg, Mobic 15mg, Tramal 50mg, Tramal SR 150mg, Imovane 7.5mg and Macrodantin 50mg for recurrent UTI. Advil and Nurofene plus also for bad headaches.
    Thank you for taking the time to read and giving her and me some hope for the future.

    Kind regards


  36. Hi Dr. Bergman,
    I received results today from a PET scan that showed 3cm cervical cancer with left parametrial extension. The primary cancer has spread. I have been given a concerning ‘treatment’ plan that includes external radiation along with low-dose chemotherapy, followed by internal radiation. The internal radiation will leave permanent damage requiring on-going maintenance to prevent tissues from scarring and sticking together; the first stage will have its obvious effects to varying degrees. I was told that this was the gold standard of treatment available to me and that all women they’ve seen who sought alternative therapies failed and are regretting their decisions. My many questions were followed with the response that I need to go away and think about what I want to do.
    I have been meditating often, have been eating wisely for the whole of this year and am often told how well I look. Some tell me they feel I would be resilient in dealing with side effects. I’m very concerned about the damaging effect of the proposed treatment.
    I note much in your videos and find them inspiring. You have said that 95% of cancers are reversible. Could mine, with its spread, fit into this category? I would be grateful for your opinion.

    • When they tell you that the “cancer has spread” that is wrong, all cancers are systemic and have to do with a weakened immune system, check out our video Natural Cancer Treatments. You first have to get your nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor and check your pelvis checked for instability, before you treat the abnormal cell growth “cancer” you need to find the cause, then look into ozone therapy, hyperbaric therapy and juicing root vegetables. Whether you choose or not to have radiation, and chemo-therapy you will need a healthy immune response.
      I will help in any way I can

      Dr B

      I have been having tingling feeling all over my body for couple years now, lately i start having sleepless nights, severe headaches,Dizziness , heaviness in my head, numbness in spin area and sometimes unbalanced not able to stand with feeling weak .
      Went to neuro logist and other specialist and not yet sure what is my diagnosis . They did many tests inclusive of MRI which shows i have idiopathic intracrancial hypetension. Moderately severe subcortical signal abnormalities indeterminate for microischemic changes versus inflammatory demyelination. Nuerologist gave me ACETOZOLAMIDE 250MG i really stopped because i felt worse.

      Doctor i really need help , now am recommended to do another test after doing almost10, am to do a visual evoked potential test.

      • Aldin,
        We have got to get you healthy! Find a corrective chiropractor in your area to determine if you have nerve pressure. I suspect your upper cervical spine is misaligned which can result in the symptoms you are describing. CLICK HERE for the 7 questions. If your potential chiropractor can answer yes to 5 of the 7 then you are in the right place. Make sure to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day. Dehydration can often cause dizziness. For example: a 100lb person would need to drink 50 ounces of water daily. I will help in any way I can.

        • Thank you John i will try to find a chiropractor in Jamaica here and let you know

          • Hi dr. B,
            Still no progress, heard of one chiropractor who is off the island currently so i am w aiting . My condition getting worse as my lumbarspine
            Area acting up feeling numbness tingling sharp mild pain and tightness which cause may feet ovfeel weak. This is really sad and am sacred because every other night i have panic attack in my sleep

            I am not thinking to visit overseas for help, but i have a full time job here. Do you work in new York too….? I really need help doctor.
            I am still guided by doctor here who send me to do a visual evoked test, came back negative , then he recently sent me to dosome blood test again so by next week i wI’ll get results.
            Dr. B am tired i really want to know what other direction to take.

          • Hi Aldin
            You don’t need more crazy tests, you need to get to a corrective Chiropractor use our 7 questions to find a good one, also check out our pelvic health video because it sounds like you have an unstable pelvis, you may need a trochanter support, also make sure you are getting a healthy amount of omega-3’s, also check out our video on depression the mechanical problem and solution to rewiring your brain to solve your depression.
            You will get better
            I will help in any way I can
            Dr B

          • Roxanne Rose says:

            Hi aldin , There is a chiropractor in Jamaica Dr Harvey his website is He has multiply locations across the island. Hope this will be of some help.

  37. Ilirjana Belegu says:

    Dear Dr Bergman !

    Finally I got the chance to write to you. Thank you for all the wonderful & hard work you do for us.

    I will write my health history as following:

    Am 46 years old female. Three kids 24,16,8 years old. All natural normal births & few abortions (willing ones). Menstrual circle before was very regular (1 in 28 days). Stressful & unhappy marriage relationship for 25 years. At the age of 39 I underwent a tubal ligation procedure. From the age of 40 I started to have few disruptions of the menstrual circle e.g. twice a month but never missing. At the age of 41 i had a traumatic loss of a family member that I have not been through completely & my menses started to come once every 4 months then every 6 months and now have stopped altogether since September 2014.
    Summer 2013 started strength physical exercises 45 min daily with Pauline Nordin videos. Never trained like this before. My knees & shoulders & joints started to crack (still do ) & I lost weight. I had nightmares, was restless & had a sensation as my body was eating itself from inside for nutrients. One day after my exercising routine i was (on empty stomach) combing my long hair & my neck was turned on the right side for few min when i felt an ache at the start of my left eyebrow & my head was spinning around at my left side. Could not keep balance for at least 30 min. Have had this episode few other times since then as well as left eye migrena (as a doctor said) more often lately though. I have allways had pain in my left shoulder up to the neck.

    Summer 2013 I started a sugar detox diet (no fruits, sweets, carbs) with only animal protein (meats & salmon) & brown rice & nuts (almonds & walnuts raw). Started to feel pain in stomach & fever &tiredness ( sometimes in upper part & in lower part) & after 20 min had diarrhea. I was feeling low & I could not get out of the house in the fear of having other diarrhea episodes. Interesting, my breast went very flat & sagging up to now.

    I stopped this diet & exercising hard. I felt a sharp pain in my right side under my rib cage as it is up to now.
    February 2014 a polyp in my gallbladder 6mm, December 2014 this polyp was 5/7 mm,
    February 2015 another doctor said I had many micro polyps & one 5-6 mm at the same place, Amilaze levels were 202. Cholesterol 312. Ferritine 150. March April started to incorporate green juices did some fasting & eating as much raw as possible a little bit of dairy & meat. April 2015 test results went back to normal only sugar levels were higher (still within norms) I will check them again at the begining of June. May 2015 these two polyps were 7.5/7mm & 5/4 mm. doctor adviced I do a magnetic resonance & that soon I should be prepared to remove the gallbladder bcs maybe it is not stones but tumors & I am so scared. I dont have to remove my gallbladder instead want to make it clean & 100 % functional. I do still have one bowel movement a day usually constipated & am so worried about my pancreas as well.

    I have Helicobacter P & abrasiv gastrit. I am lactose intolerant. My digestion is not good (constipated) & my intestines are lazy. My blood sugar levels are not stable & usually after 3-4 hours without eating i start to feel nervous & restless & agresive & I do have episodes of shortage of breath everyday. When lie in bed I feel numb in a small part of my left hip. This was worst few months ago. Did x rays & doc said: nothing to worry about. I have pain in the ankle of my left leg as well. Both these come and go. When i was lemon water fasting for 24 hours I had strong middle chest pain & strong palpitations. I am 1.62 cm tall & 52.5 kg weight…..

    Currently am taking only a liver formula 1/4 tbs twice daily & Mezym F (pancreatic enzymes) 1 after each meal, and perform enemas once every three days…..

    Please advice me what to do & where to start with all the above health problems.

    I am so scared of doctors & tests & test machines.
    I do not think we do have in my country Correct Chiropractor-s so please advice if you know somebody around e.g. in Macedonia etc…
    I have a family history of pancreatic cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes….

    Many many regards for you

    I will look forward for your answer

    • Hi Jane, you’re going through a lot. First thing you have to do is find a corrective chiropractor, Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone in Macedonia. Ask the 7 questions below, If they answer at least 5 with a YES, then they are good to go.
      1. Do you take x-rays?
      2. Do you get spinal listings off of the x-rays? ( some Doctors only take x-rays because they can bill for them)
      3. Is your goal to restore normal function or only symptom relief? (Most Doctors: MD’s, DC’s, Physical therapists treat only symptoms and that is NOT Corrective care)
      4. Do you take post x-rays to document the structural changes made? (This is the only way to show correction)
      5. Are you familiar with repairing disc injuries? (this requires a high level of skill)
      6. Do you work with post spinal surgery patients? (this requires a high level of skill )
      7. Do you work with Pediatrics and the Elderly? (this requires very specific techniques)

      The key to your recovery is to take the pressure off of your nervous system. Here is a link to the page on headaches Keep in mind up to 97% of headaches come from the neck. Also check out our video on depression and mechanical problem use those techniques to rewire your brain. Get lots of D-3 5000 to 10,000 per day. You should be eating 100% organic and juicing root vegetables. With difficult menstrual cycles you may have nerve pressure and an unstable pelvis. Once you get a healthy nerve supply and healthy blood supply you will get better. We need to get your body working in a non-stressed state your probably in a fight or flight state.
      I will help in any way I can
      Dr B

  38. beverly massi says:

    Hi Dr. Bergman ,have been following you on you tube for a couple of months and I really like your approach to health. I was diagnosed with common variable immune deficiency and receive monthly iGg infusions . On top of that I have bronchiectasis, chronic sinusitis where I cough up mucus all day and I also have hypothyroidism .I also have terrible posture, any hope?
    signed: exhausted!

    • Hi Beverly, there is hope for you. CVID means that you produce very little antibodies, there is another condition that is genetic called agammaglobulinemia and they can’t produce any antibodies and they recover from bacterial and viral infections just like people without that condition so the diagnosis and how your body responds to infections my not be accurate.
      Let’s get you healthy, First we have to get your nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor, the nervous system controls your immune system and that is the key to getting you healthy. 80% of your immune system is located in the gut. Add supplements like Vitamin C with bioflavinoids, green vegetable juice, eliminate animal products, and eliminate polyunsaturated fats(like most nuts), and make sure your getting healthy fats like coconut oil.
      Let me know how you are doing

      Dr B

  39. Michael Wanlass says:

    Hello Dr. Bergman,

    I came across your youtube videos a week ago, and I was greatly intrigued by them. I wish I lived close enough to come and visit you face-to-face. Please excuse my rather lengthy post. I just want to give you a clear picture of my situation.

    Early last year, I had surgery to correct femoroacetabular impingement in both my hips. It involved labral repairs and the removal of osteophytes on the heads of my femurs. There were also small, full-thickness chondral defects in the vicinity of my labral tears that the doctor did not see fit to address. All things considered, my recovery has gone quite well. I have good range of motion and little discomfort. However, I am uncomfortable about the idea of leaving those chondral defects untreated. I have practiced martial arts (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, wrestling) since I was a freshman in high school. At only 27 years old, I look forward to many more years of studying and, eventually, teaching martial arts. It’s difficult for me to proceed with my old confidence, however, knowing that I have cartilage damage that may get worse over time. I’m willing to do whatever I have to do now to prevent that from happening.

    Furthermore, I have slight scoliosis and slightly bowed legs (it’s a little more pronounced in my right leg). Since my paternal grandmother, father, and brothers also have bowed legs, it seems we might be genetically predisposed to bowleggedness. In addition to repairing the residual damage from my hip surgeries, I’m also keen on fixing these problems if possible.

    Since my surgeries, my health awareness has changed dramatically. Over the past year, my diet has improved to the point that I now live on a plant-based, organic, mostly raw diet. I’ve been experimenting with herbs, as well. In many ways, I feel and look better than I have in years. My body, however, still doesn’t feel as structurally sound as I think it should be. After watching some of your videos, I believe that a corrective chiropractor who fits your 7 criteria might be able to help me with that.

    I live in Utah right now. Before I start scouring the Salt Lake City area for the right chiropractor, do you by chance know a chiropractor living in this area who shares your viewpoints on chiropractics and overall health? Based on what I’ve told you, do you think he can help me with all of my problems, including my bowleggedness? If chiropractics can’t help my bow legs, do you know of any other non-surgical means of fixing them? I appreciate any insights and suggestions you can offer.

    Thank you,


    • I do not know of any correct the chiropractor in your area. Use our 7 questions to find a good one because getting your nervous system working correctly is vital:
      1. Do you take x-rays?
      2. Do you get spinal listings off of the x-rays? ( some Doctors only take x-rays because they can bill for them)
      3. Is your goal to restore normal function or only symptom relief? (Most Doctors: MD’s, DC’s, Physical therapists treat only symptoms and that is NOT Corrective care)
      4. Do you take post x-rays to document the structural changes made? (This is the only way to show correction)
      5. Are you familiar with repairing disc injuries? (this requires a high level of skill)
      6. Do you work with post spinal surgery patients? (this requires a high level of skill )
      7. Do you work with Pediatrics and the Elderly? (this requires very specific techniques).

      Bowed legs are from 2 things the nerves that supply the knees and digestion both of which can be effected by the scoliosis, so you have to get checked by a Chiropractor skilled in the correction of a scoliosis. The only way to fix the legs and restore strength to the hips is get the nervous system working correctly and stabilize your pelvis, ask your Chiropractor if a trochanter support is appropriate for you, You will get better health is your natural state.
      I’ll help in anyway I can.

      Dr B

  40. hamam touqan says:

    Hello Dr.Bergman
    i am really sick of doctors and online consulting because again most of them just cares about money and give magical promises that are useless. i tried to go to many doctors and had consultancy from few online, nothing is working. they all confirms to me that i have hypertension.
    i am 25 years old guy, i used to be athletic ( bodybuilding , swimming , boxing) and it was part of my life until i got 2 injuries in my legs and i had to quit about 2 years ago until i completely heal.
    5 months ago , i started to workout again meanwhile i had some neck pain that was new to me , i thought it was due to work in office.
    few weeks and i started to experience unusual heart beating during workout and it was frightening , along with chest pain when i am resting.
    i went to a doctor , he checked my heart and my BP and he said i have to keep checking my bp everyday for 2 weeks , then after 2 weeks he was sure that i have high blood pressure and he gave me meds . i really don’t feel well on these meds, even my blood pressure is not totally controlled it gets down sometimes to 110/60 and sometimes 150/95 without stressing or unusual movement. and experienced all side effects of these meds that we all know. i forget to mention that when i started to workout again months ago , i was overweight (about 110 kg) and i started the ketogenic diet which is very helpful for fat loss and health, i didn’t even experience blood pressure lowering in this diet as many people do. now i am using ACE inhibitors after being on Beta-Blockers meds . still not feeling well , my neck hurts me even when my blood pressure is low , i lost weight ( i am now 95 ) but not significant effect on my bp.
    this is my situation Dr . i am really sick of doctors and bp. the only thing that made me come here is that you sound different from them , you are out of that criminal box .
    please Dr help me ,

    thanks alot

    • Hi, I love the “out of that criminal box” first your body is self regulating so your blood pressure is raised for a reason and your neck pain is a clue that there is nerve pressure, also you are not taking your blood pressure correctly (most people don’t) check out our video on how to correct high blood pressure, you need to deep breath for 10 minutes before you take your bp and you need to get your nervous system checked as soon as possible by a corrective Chiropractor because you will find nerve pressure in the neck or upper back, once the nerve pressure is reduced by specific Chiropractic adjustments the bp will be normal (usually about 2 weeks max)
      I will help in any way I can
      Dr B


    Afternoon Dr Bergman,

    One of my friends had blood in his urine for 8 months to a year then started to have pain in his abdomen area – went into hospital and they said he had a cancerous tumour on the top of his left kidney and that they would need to take out the whole kidney (nephrectomy) . This procedure was done in April 2014 and as well as the kidney being removed they also removed the left Adrenal Gland, urethra, and the surrounding Lymph nodes. The operation was deemed a success and they said that there were no signs of cancerous cells left in or around that part of his body due to the body parts being removed in the operation.

    From April 2014 to February 2015 he had been going to have blood tests, X-Rays and scans (from the neck down only!) every 3 months, of which each time the doctors said his results were negative towards signs of any Cancer in his body. Then in the middle of February this year he stated to suffer from a headache (lasting 2 weeks). That then developed into him occasionally forgetting what he would want to say in conversations and sometimes searching for certain words whilst in the middle of sentences.

    He went in to hospital and they scanned his head and saw a swelling at the front of his head and at the centre of the swelling was a tumour. Another two tumours were also found towards the back of his head and the doctors were saying the cancer had travelled up to his brain (metastasis). They gave him a steroid (Dexamethasome) to reduce the swelling and pain killers and said that where the swelling is, it affects a person’s memory (hence why he would occasionally forget words when speaking sometimes) and that the swelling was fast growing but the tumour was slow growing. They also went on to say if he doesn’t get it treated urgently (by radio therapy) his life expectancy would be approximately 3 months but if he chooses Radio Therapy he could expect to live up to 3 years.

    From the beginning of March he introduced the following into his daily routine to both increase oxygen into his body as well as help reduce the tumours: Exercising once a day 7 days a week (power walking, light weights, sit ups, press ups, and tennis), eating 3 meals a day (fish, starch free basmati rice, a large bowl of green leafy salad vegetables and 3 litres (US oz = 101.442) of water per day, as well as including Spirulina, Chlorella, Turmeric, Reishi & Chaga Mushrooms, MSM, Acerola and Activated Charcoal).

    NOTE: while he was out jogging 4 weeks ago he fainted hitting his head on the floor, having a small short seizure. The hospital doctor said nothing was fractured and the tumours hadn’t gotten any bigger if he doesn’t get the Radio Therapy soon he could experience more fits, his body would start to feel a lot more tired, it could be harder for him to be woken out of sleep and he could eventually slip into a coma or not wake up at all.

    Dr. Bergman, my friend does not want to go ahead with Radio Therapy at all (even though they are trying to pressure him into it!). Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could advise him/ me on the following: (1). what he could do as an alternative to get rid of the cancerous tumours e.g. cleansing his body through diet and exercise (or any other methods you can think of). (2). he was told by a staff member at the hospital that it’s very risky to fly on a plane with tumours in the brain due to the high altitude, air pressure and oxygen levels available on a plane at that level of altitude. Are you able to offer something that he could take that could reduce the risk?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Your friend is on the right track to get his immune system stronger, the doctors are wrong when they said they got the cancer when they removed the kidney, all cancers are systemic and have to do with a weakened immune system, his kidney issue was a clue to a weakened immune system and not the problem, he needs to get to a corrective Chiropractor as soon as possible to get a full x-ray series of his whole spine, the remaining adrenal and his pancreas are essential to have healthy response to the tumors, he will also have some neck issues that have to be corrected by the Chiropractor, he also needs to look into ozone therapy, hyperbaric therapy, and gerson therapy for the juicing of root vegetables. Whether he chooses or not to have radiation therapy of his brain he will need a healthy immune response and I understand his not choosing that therapy because the outcome is poor. Any therapy he chooses make sure it helps his immune system and doesn’t harm it.
      I will help in any way I can
      Dr B

  42. Arian Asolli says:

    Dear Dr. Bergman,

    Firstly, I find your videos very informative and the best part about them is that they give you hope to all the possible problems (meaning that they calm one down). I would indeed love to schedule a visit with you but I live in Europe, so not sure if that’s going to be possible. I will briefly describe some symptoms: sporadic pain behind both knees (quite often for the past month esp after walking, I can see the veins a little behind one of them but no swelling), sporadic pain in some muscles around body (couple of seconds and they go). Rare muscle twitching and cramps especially in upper parts of both legs and some twitching under the eye. Sometimes tingling and numbness in fingers. Recently the upper back pain started and it seems like I always need to put some soft stuff behind my neck when I sit down/relax. What’s worrying me is that I also started to have some dry mouth&tongue symptoms. I have been under severe stress after googling too much about these symptoms (like 2 weeks ago) to the point I couldn’t sleep for 2 days. Lastly, the muscles below my armpit have been hurting for like a over a year already but the pain was bearable so i just let it go. It’s weird since I had a mimic of these symptoms last year and they all disappeared suddenly after I changed place but now they returned altogether :( I must add that since watching your videos, I have quit smoking and switched to a fruit&vegetable&nuts and salmon diet (1 week already). So, what’s your recommendation on all this and if seeing a specialist is the best, then do you happen to know a good one in Europe? Thanks in advance for your comments. All the best to you sir, Arian (25yrs old)

    • Hi Arian, you need to find a corrective chiropractor get your nervous system checked, what you are describing is not a muscle issue but nerve pressure. One of the best Chiropractors in Europe is in London Dr. Terry Chimes. Give him a call he may know of someone close to you. Also check out our video on knee and foot health there is a great exercises which should help get you started in the right direction.
      Dr B

  43. Hi Dr Bergman,
    My sister has epilepsy several years , and getting keppra and lamodex , i didnt find any of your videos about epilepsy.
    Can chiro help or any diet epilepsy patient . and where can i find chiro like you vision in Israel that can help my sister.

    • Hi Jos, Chiropractic care can help and may even be able to eliminate the epilepsy, I know a great Chiropractor in Tel Aviv – Dr. Ronen Mendi – his contact telephone # is: 04-636-3880
      I will help in any way I can, she will get better
      Dr B

  44. ali nadeem says:

    Dear Dr Bergman,
    My sister has recently diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome, she has irregular periods , acne and excessive hair growth.
    She is 26 years old , married , has a normal weight but she eats a lot of bad food. She eats a lot of processed food, very small amount of vegetables and fruits, high glycemic index food, GMO and Gluten.
    The doctor has asked her to take supplements (folic acid and sth called cystomin which is a mix of vitamins and minerals), the doctor asked to do a blood test to see the hormone levels and ultrasound scan to make sure that that she has PCOS. After that I think the doctor will prescribed for her metformin.
    The doctor doesn’t mention anything about changing her diet, I believe that if she changes her diet will make tremendous difference , like eating low glycemic food, a lot of vegetables, healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil , grass fed butter), moderate amount of protein, supplements like (Krill oil, Magnesium, Iodine , Vitamin K2, Selenium,Vitamin A).
    I’ve the following questions :
    1- Does my claims about changing her diet are right?
    2- Dr. Eric Berg has talked in one of his videos about PCOS ( and he said GMO foods one of the main causes of PCOS, so if she eliminates diet pepsi which she consumes a lot ( which contains Aspartame) , corn (most of it GMO) will this help ?
    3-DO you think PCOS is incurable ? And what do you think the best approach to deal with PCOS?

    Best Regards.

    • Hi Ali, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is from the body walling off toxic food, I have had several patients who have been given the same medical advice and unless she makes the diet change she will not get better, so far 100% of my patients that have had PCOS have recovered and most have been given the incentive to change their lifestyles because they wanted to have children, so your sister needs incentive and she needs to follow your advice.
      Dr B

  45. Randall Garwick says:

    I came into the hospital last Tuesday with pneumonia which they think may have caused me to have secondary a-fib. They have already tried to get my heart back in rhythm with a couple of medications and now the third one they want to try is amiodarone. If it doesn’t work, they want to do shock treatment. I have also had Heparin for blood thinner every day twice a day for five days and am taking an antibiotic once each day for the pneumonia. Should I keep taking the Heparin or can I drop this? Is there anything I can do for the A-fib that does not involve drugs? I need some direction? I have already turned down taking baby aspirin, a drug for cholesterol and a drug for my stomach.

    • Hi Randall, once you get your nervous system working and fix the nerve pressure in your neck and upper thoracic spine you should be able to stop the drugs, your Chiropractor will guide you in getting off of them
      Dr B

  46. charles lee says:

    Dr. John, I have a friend that needs help, My husband 43 has to have a pacer/defib he isn’t on any meds. The entire right side of his heart is basically fat. It is hereditary. It’s called ARVD arythmagenic right ventricular dyspepsia. Nothing medicine can do for it. The pacer/defib is the only thing keeping him alive.
    Can this be helped or fixed? Thanks Sam

    • Hi Sam, There is a difference between genetic and genetic expression, he only expressed this variant because of some other stressors, have him get checked by a corrective Chiropractor as soon as possible he will have forward head carriage and a problem with his upper thoracic spine, if you can find a Chiropractor to do a HRV (heart Rate Variability) test that will help see if he is sympathetic or parasympathetic dominant and that is vital to know the difference in correcting heart abnormalities
      Dr B

  47. Stephanie Reidhead says:

    Dr. B, I’m so excited to have found you and your videos, finally someone that makes sense and doesn’t say hum, I’m not sure but lets try this ____ medication and see what happens…. ludicrous!! My husband & I are going on your cruise.

    I’m trying to figure out if it is best for me, my sister and at least 2-3 other friends to just make a trip to your office from North Eastern Arizona about 12 hours away from you or do one of the other options.

    My sister is 45, she has had thyroid cancer off and on since she was 18. The medical Dr’s have completely butchered her up, removing thyroid, accidently removing para thyroids (she almost died at 18), removed several lymph nodes, and having 8-9 surgeries since, 1 every 1 to 2 years for 20 years. She now has been cancer free for about 8 years but her blood pressure is very high so they have her on several medications including Synthroid (not sure of names of others). They have completely scared her into thinking that she will die without the medication.
    What is your recommendation for us to get her some help first and then myself & a couple others as well?

    Thanks so much in Advance,

    • Hi Stephanie, I look forward to meeting you on the cruise! Lets help your sister! For all cancers we need to get her nervous system checked as soon as possible by a corrective Chiropractor she will have nerve pressure in her neck and an unstable pelvis and altered adrenal function, lets not wait to get her care, use our list of 7 questions to find a corrective Chiropractor close to you. When is comes to waiting to get care… I’m not the most patient person… I’m more of a get help NOW kinda guy! Find a good Chiropractor close or I will see you in California or the Caribbean
      Thank you for taking care of your sister and friends
      You Rock!!
      Dr B

  48. Dr. Bergman, is a herniated disc, (lumbar 3-4) helped or at risk of more injury by chiropractic adjustment? There is some abnormal curvature in lower spine which needs adjustment but I question if I need to allow disc to heal first with juicing. I am following your nutritional instructions, doing stretches and focusing on postural changes. My bones are peneal for which I do take calcium supplements. I have had chiropractic adjustments to spine in conjunction with care for shoulder and knee. The disc just flared up and intense pain sent me to ER. I had to take steroid shot, 1 oxycodone (no additional) and Naproxen. Pain is lessened now and I am trying to allow healing to avoid surgery. Will spinal adjustment strain the disc? Thank you for all your instructional videos.

    • Hi Patricia, You need to get top a Chiropractor skilled in disc injuries, you will need a pelvic support and the Chiropractor needs to look at your whole spine because usually there is a cervical and thoracic component, don’t wait for the pain to reduce from juicing you need that disc to heal in a correct position, check out our video on the 7 questions a Chiropractor needs to answer to see if they have the right skill set to help disc injuries
      Dr B

  49. Duncan_c_clarke says:

    Hi Dr. Bergman,

    Firstly, many thanks for your lectures, talks and literature. We truely need more medical professionals like you.
    So, without going on to much, I will endeavour to brief you with my problem(s).
    I am a snowboard instructor/coach and have for the past 13 years I have ridden full time in the mountains. I focused my energy predominately into freestyle, which as you can imagine has taken a toll on my body. During the summer I would work as a chainsaw operator and before that I worked in hospitality. All in all a highly active lifestyle that has taken it’s toll physically and mentally.
    So to rewind back:
    2006 I began to suffer from anticipatory, performance and social anxiety(all kind of one in the same). This has never really been completey resolved, although I have made vast improvements and at times when life has been settled I have felt a sense of grounded well being I still have a nervous system that is very edgy.
    2010 I suffered a trauma to my left knee, I recovered but was left with torn meniscus.
    I rode for the next 3 years with my torn meniscus and no pain until a slow growing cyst forming on the side of my knee began to give me unbearably deep aching in the knee joint.
    November 2012 (30 years old) I had a basic arthroscpic surgery to remove a portion of lateral meniscus (2/3) and to decompress the cyst In my knee.
    With my surgion green lighting it, I returned to snowboarding and teaching just 1 month later.
    6 weeks post suddenly the healing from my operation stops, I feel my knee tightening up and losing range of motion and then while riding with my girlfriend things get suddenly very bad. It swells up like crazy and I take the next month off work. I rest and ice and try to get better but gradually the sharp, stabbing pains begin. I could feel it tightening more and within a matter of weeks I have hyper sensitive nerves, a knee that runs hot and cold, edema, purple discolouration and after 3 months of treading water I have a head that is so full of worry that I wanted to breakdown.
    I’ll fast forward. It is now 2 years since the symptoms started and I have made some improvements. After a year on crutches and experiencing a range of symptoms I am now walking much more freely and sometimes at a brisk pace. I cycle a little and I can do various stretches as I have gained back some range of motion.
    I have changed my diet into a mostly raw organic veg, fruit,fish and oatmeal. I no longer drink and avoid refined sugars to the best of my ability(except for some dark chocolate), I aim to do my physio daily and practice visualisation healing.
    But I am still a long way off getting back to my occupations and I miss my active lifestyle of surfing, climbing and snowboarding (I read your own personal story of serious trauma, so of course you understand just how crushing it is to live such an active lifestyle and then have it taken!)
    At this current moment my symptoms are as follows:
    Sharp pain when squating and walking down and up stairs(mostly over the medial and anterior aspecs(it feel like a nerve is trapped over the medial joint line(perhaps the Saphenous or infrapatellar saphenous branch?)
    Purple/red discolouration during a flare up or when I am standing up.
    Edema on the medial aspect (this subsides with rest but comes back with any activity)
    Lost range of motion. And most lately, in the past 1 year(the earliest memorable slight symptom goes back 3 months post op) I have began getting pains in both my elbows and also my right knee. They are itchy/scratchy/prickly in nature and sometimes little sharp pains and the feeling like a hot pin is being pushed against the skin, this can happen anywhere on the body! When these phantom pains flare up, of course my left knee become worse aswell.
    I feel like I have done so much but I know I am missing something as my pain continues.
    Perhaps a skype consultation would be beneficial (I live in Scotland) as I have other history to mention. Perhaps a trip to your clinic would be much more beneficial. I’d love to get a full check up, the distance is a problem though.
    So far along my healing journey I have come across many people that have continued my hope that I will heal. But your knowledge and enlightenment has been truely the most profound so far. So I thank you again, for all your advice, methods and information.

    Wishing you all the best of health,


    Ps I find the weighed pendulum knee exercise you recommend fantastic. I feel it eases pressure off of the nerves and has been the best thing yet. I practice twice daily and visualise my meniscus regenerating (is this really possible?!) :)
    Thanks again!

    • Hi Duncan, We need to get your nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor the nerves to your knees and legs and gut need to be checked, we will get you back to a healthy life style, start using moist heat when you are doing that weight swinging exercise, you maybe in a sympathetic dominant state and that would be the source of the anxiety and slow healing.
      I will help in any way I can
      Dr B

    • Duncan Clarke says:

      Hi Dr. Bergman,

      Many thanks for answering my long rant:)
      This sounds pro active, which I like! Can you recomend a good corrective chiropractor here in the UK? Ideally I’d prefer to come to your clinic which could be a possibility as I’ll be visiting friends in San Francsico in June. Would you be able to let me know the price for this kind of check up?
      Thanks so much for your support

      • Duncan Clarke says:

        Ps what are your thoughts on Pulsed Radiofrequency for the treatment of nerve pain? My specialist suggested it and today I was driving to my appointment but pulled over and cancelled last second for fear it could cause further problems. I feel blocking a nerve could just mask the problem and not cure it. Am I right?

        So sorry to bombard you with questions… I’m just so scared of making the wrong moves with this!

        Wishing you all the best as always


        • Hi Duncan, you are absolutely correct blocking a nerve is far from fixing the cause, you need to find the pressure on the nervous system as soon as possible, altered nerve function will have a source and the best place to start is with a complete checkup by a corrective Chiropractor
          Dr B

      • Duncan,
        If you are going to be coming in to the office we have an out-of-towner special that you can book through this page

      • Duncan,
        If you are going to be coming in to the office we have an out-of-towner special that you can book it here

        • Duncan Clarke says:

          Hi John,

          Firstly, sorry to get back so slowly. The NHS here in the UK has exhausted all their knowledge and today said that we have come to the end of the road with what they can do for me. Pain management is all they can offer me now… aka symptom drug masks! Knowing the body better now, (with a great help from you) I know that is not the way forwards… So I will most definitely make an appointment to see you, very soon. I have to finish up college first and then I’ll be free for summer.
          Thank you so much for all your advice. I look forwards to visiting you soon!

          Take care and all the best from the Scottish Highlands!

  50. Hello Dr. Bergman,
    I think I heard from one video that wrinkles result from the body not processing fats. You mentioned meeting an old {European?} man who had no wrinkles at all. I cant remember which video, I’ve watched so many, all great sources of information and motivation.
    Is there a natural way of eliminating facial wrinkles? particularly bags under eyes, folds at corner of mouth? How does processing fats relate to wrinkles? {I have lost weight intentionally thru diet/ I thought bags under eyes might be result of weight loss}

    • Hi Patricia, the wrinkles are from not digesting fats and proteins correctly, make sure you are eating healthy foods, take digestive enzymes and juicing and blending to clean your arteries, and get to a corrective Chiropractor to make sure your nervous system is working correctly
      look for results in about 60 days
      Dr B

    • Peggy A McDonnell says:

      John, I am so happy about finding your site..I have had lyme disease for 20 years ..I have not taken any Antibiotics..I have done Hight Vit C and tons more..:( I have been in pain all these yrs and never once did any doc suggest getting X-rays.. I am in Crescent City Calif with my hubby.. He’s building a on to a cheese factory ( We don’t eat cheese) We went raw 8 yrs ago and now eat 80% raw with a small amount of meat twice a week and know grains ..but nothing would help this pain….the pain going down my legs was so bad I could barely walked over to a Chiropractor sign I could see from the job site..(my husband was in the middle of a meeting he could not get out of) ..:( Dr Sean Gray did a series of X-rays and oh my god!!! from the back of my head to my tail bone there is so many places that is bone on bone..The docs HAVE BEEN TELL ME, THAT ALL MY PAIN IS DO TO LYME..I cried for 3 days for 2 reason one because of bring so dam mad that I have had to deal with this pain for so long ..I have changed so many things to help myself and nothing has helped ..and all along it was my back..:( and 2 because I’m so happy to have have found you and my I just have to heal..I ‘m doing decompression..( I have to say I don’t like the Bed) however I will do what ever it takes to get rid of this pain..Thank u Thank u for all your get work..I am hoping to come and meet you, and to see if you can think of anything else I can do.. Change is something I have never had a problem doing ..anything to feel better..
      Again Thank U Peg

      • Hi Peg, make sure your Chiropractor will take before and after x-rays to document the structural changes, I’m not a fan of the standard decompression machines you will have a lateral component or there will be a buckling to the side that those machines don’t address and make sure he corrects the loss of curve in your neck and try a trochanter support, with all you have gone through your pelvis will be unstable, you will get better fast
        Dr B

        • Peggy A McDonnell says:

          Dr B ,
          Thank you so much for getting back with me..I couldn’t find the reply until today..That’s my fault ..:( Looking back at my spelling mistakes i’m surprised you understood me at all. I just looked up the trochanter support thank you..Should I be concerned about the decompression for my husband ? I just finished the 23 day..My husband is starting his March 10th .. I feel that Dr Gray is very passionate about helping , However in saying that I do want to get a second opinion, I always do :) ..Would it benefit myself,husband and my son to send you our x-rays ..I would love to have some consultation with you about this.. We are looking at come and see you this summer..Thank you again for all you great work
          P.S Have you read the book ( The Cancer Killers the cause is the cure.? he beat cancer with chiropractic care and other things as well, it’s a very good read..:) I am a nutritionist my self and have been so upset with not being able to heal myself now I believe I can, I was just missing the most important part.. My husband and my self was the owner and operator of ( it’s still up if you would like to take a look) for years until I got so sick..I thought I knew about health until reading this book and found you..I had know idea about the importance of the spine in reference to our organs.. Thanks again

          • Hi Peg, Make sure your Chiropractor is taking pre and post x-rays to document the structural changes with the standard decompression most Doc’s don’t take them because the standard decompression doesn’t address the lateral component that is part of the subluxation complex, you can e-mail me your x-rays and I will help in any way I can, you are the renaissance woman taking charge of your families health in the dark ages, you ROCK!!!
            Dr B

          • Peggy A McDonnell says:

            Thank you John, I will figure out how to email them, not sure how to do that there big films. If I can’t we will be coming to see you this summer and I will bring them at that time..Mine, Husband and Son..Thanks again for all your great working looking forward to meeting you..-:)

          • Hi Peggy, I look forward to meeting you and your family,
            See you soon
            Dr B

  51. Silvia Schmucki says:

    What can i do … or how to treat a baker cyst..knee…?
    Thank you for an answer..

    • Hi Silvia, for a bakers cyst you have to get your nervous system checked in the lumbar and pelvic area’s because the source of the cyst is altered mechanics and altered nerve supply, so the calf, the foot, the thigh all have to be in good working order and the pancreas and adrenals have to be working then the bakers cyst goes away
      Dr B

  52. Hi Dr. Bergman,
    Can you recommend a corrective chiropractor in the Salt Lake City area? I have neuropathy in my feet which seems to be slowly getting worse.
    If we were to do an online consult would you work with a local chiropractor here, or would I need to eventually see you in person at your office?
    Thanks much!

    • Hi Bret, I don’t know of any corrective Chiropractors in your area, I do have Skype consultations available at , neuropathy in the feet usually comes from compressed nerves in the feet and low back but also you need to get your neck checked because at least 50% of back issues have a neck component, you are lucky because foot neuropathy resolves usually very fast.
      I will help in any way I can
      Dr B

    • mrspollack09 says:

      Dr Bergman – I’m learning so much from your you tube videos and decided it was time to sign up! I am a RN up in the SF Bay Area and was hoping you might be able to recommend a Chiropractor like yourself up here? I live in San Rafael – which is North of San Francisco – in Marin County.
      Thanks for all you are doing to change the world!

  53. carol Terry says:

    Hello Dr. Bergman! I am a big fan of yours! My question is, I have arthritis in my hip. My Dr. Said its it’s almost bone on bone. I have been having pain for about 2 years and they want to give me a hip replacement. After viewing your arthritis video, I changed my diet. I cut out sugar, bread, and crackers, and started juicing, for a few months now. Although I feel better then I have in years, I still have a lot of pain. I do not want the surgery, and would do anything not to have it. Is it possible to heal completely? Or should I have the surgery?
    Thank you, you are very inspirational,
    Sincerely, Carol

    • Hi Carol, If you can sit and stand then the hip is NOT bone on bone, so to regenerate the hip you have to get the mechanics of the pelvis, knee, calf, foot, and low back by a corrective Chiropractor, an exercise we give to regenerate hips is have the patient stand with a heavy weight on the ankle and just dangle the leg like a pendulum of a clock for about 10 min. and use moist heat during and after on the hip but first you need to get your nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor you will have pressure on the lumbar and thoracic area.
      Let me know how you are doing
      Dr B

  54. Steven James says:

    Hi Dr Bergman. Firstly, Hello from Rural Britain. I can only mirror what everyone else says about your advice and videos, Superb !! Even my teenage boys watch your videos as homework ! I recently had a slip at work on a wet floor, landing on my right side. Despite a few days off with medium pain and slight bruising, I managed to return to work after a few days off. Two months later I have started to experience pain in the right thumb and forefinger and slight numbness in the right arm. I have also noticed temperature change and a mottled appearance to the skin in those areas also. A stiff neck also is manifesting, with slight rotation I can feel it clicking. I have seen a doctor who prescribed Naproxin and Omeprazole !!!! I threw the prescription away stat.. I am 52, I exercise daily, juice and blend and drink distilled water , love organic eggs cheese and butter too ( just as a bit of background) A doctor (MD) friend mentioned Complex Regional Pain Syndrome…which on research tells me what it is (according to the Royal College of Physicians)… but not how to treat it , Holistically. I have had no X rays but a diagnosis from my Doctor of whiplash. The pain is greater at night and wakes me up and I have reduced grip in the right hand. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Steve, Thank you for your kind words, lets get you healthy, you have to get a set of x-rays from a corrective Chiropractor because with what you are describing you have nerve pressure in your neck mid back and possibly an unstable pelvis, we have to get you healthy your boys need you, once you get those x-rays based on your history you will recover fast
      Let me know how you are doing
      Merry Christmas
      Dr B

  55. laura wilson says:

    Hi Dr. B :-)

    Let me begin by mirroring everyone else… Your insight is amazing. Thank you for the work you do and the time you commit to helping others heal. You are a miracle.

    Over a year ago I had a bicycle accident. The bike’s bar smashed into the junction of my leg and hip and my doctor (3 days post trauma) said there was femoral artery and nerve bruising. The entire area was deep purple and black but I could still place weight on it so we never thought of checking for fracture. She did make an x-ray later and found 4 “slightly comminuted” fractures of the ischium. She sent me to the ortho surgeons and they could not see the fractures 3 weeks later in a new x-ray.

    My doc was a wholistic DO and was making adjustments to my back prefaced by percussion hammering to counter pain I was having prior to the accident. She continued afterwards, adding accupuncture therapy. It was felling pretty good when I lost my job (and insurance) but the condition has returned with a vengance. I now have severe pain hip to crotch, a freezing sensation on the inside/back of my leg from knee to pelvis, significant swelling in my feet after sitting for a while and my glutes go numb. I find myself bending from the waist towards the left after sitting for a while and my posture is getting worse. I just hurt all over. I have always had poor circulation in my hands and feet and I stay cold all the time. I sit in a 140^F IR sauna for 30 minutes without sweating. When I had a job I kept the heater going continuously and everyone laughed at my “Tropical” office of 85-95^F.

    I need to find a chiropractor that is reasonably priced that won’t send me to a physician to fill me with pills. I won’t take them. I ate 800mg Motrin for years growing up military. It only complicated things in the long run. I live in Lockhart, TX – a little over an hour south of Austin, 45 minutes northeast of San Marcos. Can you recommend a good honest health practioner in the area?

    As much as I would give to come to California, it’s just not in the budget. One day, though I hope to meet you.


    • Hi Laura, You are describing an unstable pelvis and lumbar subluxations you will also have damage to your neck, so you need to get to a corrective Chiropractor as soon as possible, and get a trochanter support for your pelvis, the loss of ability to adapt to temperature changes is an adrenal and thyroid issue brought on by the bike trauma so correct the nerve supply and you will get better fast, call Dr Shane Hand in Amarillo and he may know of a good Chiropractor close to you
      Let me know how you are doing
      Dr B

  56. Robert Fisher says:

    I have scoliosis or a mild form of it. Saw your videos today and am sitting backwards in a chair while writing this and the relief is significant. The last two weeks i have concentrated on scoliosis exercises specifically stretching my right side and getting relief there. My spinal bend is to my left convexly I belief. I get a considerable amount of relief both in my lower back as well as legs when I bend over to my left side on a exercise ball or off a roman chair. Is there anything else I can be doing? How can I get a Trochanter belt?

    • Hi Robert, You need to restore the natural curves of your spine like the curve in your neck and lumbar area’s, you need to get a set of stress x-rays from a corrective Chiropractor to find the primary curve and the apex so you can lay on a block or rolled towel to create a lateral force, if you do all of that with specific Chiropractic adjustments you will get a great correction for the trochanter support I get ours from Myer distributing your Chiropractor can order you one
      Dr B

  57. Any suggestion for Peyronies? Could scar tissue dissolve with diet?

    • Hi Patricia, To solve Peyronies, you need to restore the nerve supply from the pelvis, get healthy diet changes and heat and massage the area have your Chiropractor direct your care, and look for a fast recovery
      Dr B

  58. Brenda Martin says:

    Experiencing breathing problems, dry mouth, dry throat–visited Chiro Wellness in Illinois, was told sciatta nerve, scoliosis, neck problems, head has shifted forward, chiropractor gave me a next adjustment and lower back adjustment on Thursday and was fine but on Friday noticed breathing problems and has continued until now early Sunday AM,1:49 AM. Cannot locate an emergency chiropractor that is opened today, Sunday. Can you please tell me what I can do to breathe in the meantime. I work in a prison and realize nervous system is affected. What do I do to get some sleep and rest? Thanks. Brenda

    • Hi Brenda, with the subluxations you describe you may find relief from laying on your stomach withe your elbows on the ground just a little bit in front of your shoulders and put your chin in your palms the way a child would watch tv and do some deep breathing if you notice any radiating pain then this exercise you are not ready for yet but this will help with the forward head carriage and may decrease your symptoms
      let me know how you are doing
      Dr B

  59. carol Terry says:

    Well hello.. I just joined the revelution. I love every word you say.. I have a arthritic hip, and am supposed to have surgery beginning of next year. I am scared to death, and now, searching the web for answers, I found you. I am going to make an appt. But my question is for my daughter. She has scolliousis. Can that be cured? She exercises and eats right, but she was told surgery was inevitable. She’s 35. I didn’t find any information about this. Thank you so much for you, and your valuable info.. Carol

  60. Euan Laffan says:

    Hi Dr Bergman can you please email me the email address you can email you @ after you have paid for a Skype package that gives you access for a year. I ended up in emergence again today and have had some new scans of the cervical spine done and would like you to run your eye over them especially one part that is interesting. I will email you the scanes or we can set up a half hour Skype session to do it, I don’t mind either way.

    Thanks from me to you lol


  61. Hello Sir,

    Any advice on Gout and getting rid of tophi in the body. Thank you.

    • Hi Eric, for Gout you need to get your nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor and get on a plant based diet with lots of root vegetable juicing and you should see fast results
      Dr B

      • I have intense big toe pain !!!!!!!! left foot ,burning nerve pain, at night lying down pain goes to 9 pain level.
        Med docs test show L-5 ——-to toe lost in connectivity. .
        Going to Georgetown, Texas corrective chiropractic , Dr Allen treating with adjustment of back and foot, plus cold laser.
        Not helping for more than I day or possibly 2.
        I am having to take pain med to sleep. Doing exercises.
        not shown to have high AC1
        Have exhausted medical doc’s with no answer. This has been a 5 year fight to relief of pain, Do not know what to do next ????. X rays show nothing is wrong there.

        Pain will stop for 30 days out of every 9 months, then returns slowly over 2 weeks.

        All docs say do not know what to do, just live with pain.

        Please help ASAP , over the counter pain relief really up sets my stomach.
        I have watched videos and doing everything they show.
        Please call or email , I need your help ………

        • Hi Terry, Your Chiropractor can throw away the laser, have your Chiropractor check you for cervical subluxations and an unstable pelvis also get some root vegetable juices to help your kidneys, you don’t have a toe problem this is a toxic response so look for forward head carriage, pelvic instability, and toxic bowels has the source, your Chiropractor can contact me and I will help in any way I can
          Expect fast results I have seen this same problem hundreds of times and it usually takes a couple of weeks max
          Dr B

  62. Ms. Michele says:

    Hi Dr. Bergman,
    I love all of your videos and have learned so much from you. You are a very special individual. Keep up the amazing work!

    I am writing to ask a question for my mother. She is 77 and is having pain in her knees, has big bunions on her feet, and pain on the balls of her feet that sometimes makes it hard for her to walk or stand for a long time (but she is mobile).

    She and my father just returned from a 3 month stay in northern Portugal in their hometown where she experienced daily swelling of the ankles and feet, although again, she was still able to go out for daily walks. They were at an elevation above sea level in the mountains, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. When she is at home in New Jersey, she does not have this swelling. She has been home for 1 week and she is still swollen.

    In addition, the skin on her legs appears to be a weird dark tan color …like a dark dull brown/orangeish color. That is not her normal coloring.

    She also has bouts of difficulty breathing…..finding it hard to catch her breath. This has gone on for many years…and it comes and goes.
    Her nose is perpetually stuffed too and she does complain about sinus pressure.

    I do also see that she has a rounded back (small hump) which she has had for a few years now.

    Of course she is on the standard cholesterol and HBP meds, and also takes a few supplements like a low dose of Vit d3 and a protein enzyme. Not sure of any other meds.

    She has been to a podiatrist for the whole foot and bunion pain, but he just gave her expensive orthotics and said that pain on the bottom of her feet is due to getting older and the fat cushions under the feet going away.

    From watching all of your videos…..I know that this is total nonsense. Don’t get me started.

    I called a well respected chiropractor today in our area who seemed pretty good per their website to get a consultation for my mom, but once I mentioned leg swelling he would not touch her and recommended I take her to a hospital first.

    Any suggestions or advice on next steps would be much appreciated.


    P.S. I love that you end every video with the same simple advice including prayer and meditation. So cool that you really get the mind/body connection. I practice an incredible ancient chinese meditation and inner cultivation practice called Falun Dafa. Doctor B, I think you would love it! The exercises have transformed my health..not to mention my whole being. :-)

    • Hi Michele, You mom have extreme pressure on her nervous system and we need to get her to a corrective one that understands that the leg swelling is from the lack of function of her calf muscle and that along with her foot issues is from nerve pressure from her low back and pelvis and your right her high cholesterol and high blood pressure are both adaptations to a toxic environment, so her solution is first get to a corrective Chiropractor then heal her gut and restore the normal foot and calf function by walking in the grass bare foot but that won’t work until she gets normal nerve supply.
      I will help in any way I can and your mom is lucky to have a healer like you for a daughter
      Dr B

  63. craig grenat says:

    My wife has gloucoma and is allergic to the drops and the surgery didn’t work. What do you know about this condition? I haven’t found any info on your site. Thanks Craig

    • Hi Craig, for the solution to glaucoma we have to get her nervous system checked and I mean her whole spine, then clean her blood with soluble fibers from juicing and detox her system, supplements that she will need is astaxanthin and a plant based mineral, she may need other supplements but that will be directed by her corrective Chiropractor
      Let me know how she is doing
      Dr B

  64. do you have any information on gynecomastia for males 18 and older- would like to hear from you before we go through with surgery. thank you

    • Hi Tojl9814, Gynecomastia comes from drug use (prescription drugs) or excess estrogen exposure from fast food or processed foods, you need to correct the cause first then the body maybe able to heal without surgery, you also need to get your nervous system checked by a Corrective Chiropractor to find any nerve pressure that may have contributed all should be done to see if surgery is necessary.
      Dr B

      • Tawnya Jones says:

        Dear Dr. Bergman:
        I live and practice nursing in Dallas Texas , not a popular city right now :( …..but anyway I along with my collegues are concerned about the Ebola scare. Yes, we know what the mainstream medicine is advocating. But is there anything from a wholistic/natural medicine point of view that we might do to enable our bodies to fight this disease in case we are exposed? I am eating a whole plant diet ( well maybe cheating a little with a tad of dairy), I avoid vaccines, I avoid processed foods, I eat almost 90% organic (yep grow my own garden), and practice good infection control. I don’t drink or smoke. My collegues also follow pretty closely these guidelines.
        Thanks in advance!!

        • Hi Tawnya, your doing everything that I would recommend, when you look at the facts about ebola, out of the 7,100 cases since dec 2013 until now only about 3,000 deaths and that is a 55% survival rate with no can in countries with poor nutrition, poor sanitation and very little care, also look at the care the ebola patient got here an experimental drug 24 hours before death and dialysis I don’t know if this was therapy for ebola or if he had kidney disease if it was therapy how crazy to give a guy with a hemorrhagic disease dialysis, your immune system will protect you this is the same type of panic for AID’s from the 1980’s
          Dr B

  65. Attila Mutlu says:

    Hi from the land of OZ Dr Bergman,
    Over the years the docs gave me lots of antibiotics and roaccutane for acne, my diet was crap and stress levels were very high which actually made me bed ridden.
    I have been diagnosed with gastritis, pre barretts, Gerd and fatty liver. My hormones went out of whack so it was like was possessed but now i am getting back to reality again. I went the natural supplement way and i found that it helped out a lot. I still wake up feeling groggy sometimes my hands and feet go cold occasionally, i get a metallic taste in my mouth and lower abdomen burning with light headaches on top of the head and around the temples. i have stopped taking all medications and also i only drink water and occasionally kefir. Lol what are you suggestions 😉

    • Hi Attila, Great job taking back your health!! We have to get your nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor first then we have to check you for fungal growth.. first thing in the morning when you wake up, before you brush your teeth or drink any water, work up by using your tongue to scrap the sides of your mouth to get lots of spit, then spit in a full glass of water, if the spit sinks/forms a cloud/ or forms strings, then you have candida or fungus, we have a protocol for that, also check out Kit Cambell the candida queen for her turpentine protocol.
      let me know the results of the spit test
      Dr B

  66. Hi Dr Bergman,
    I have had 2 Lyme disease tests done off the NHS uk which came back negative but have just paid for better testing from the USA ” igenex ” and immunosciences lab which is suggesting I have lymes disease!! I have had the symptoms for around 2 years now and I just wanted to know before spending any more money what your success rates are on helping or curing people of this horrible infection? Can i be completely cured?? The doctor who sorted the tests for me said I need to go on anti biotics for 10 months which I really don’t want to do. I have an amazing corrective chiropractor who has helped me this last year on my symptoms etc but unfortunately not a lot of people are knowledgeable on lymes disease in the Uk like they are in the USA so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Also I need advice on having coconut oil in my diet! I’ve been trying to have about 3 tablespoons a day but my stomach doesn’t seem to settle when I put a couple of table spoons in my smoothies and it makes me want to be sick!! Any suggestions?!
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Kate, You won’t need the antibiotics, in fact you don’t need to fight the infection you only need to get your immune system and digestive system working correctly, make sure your corrective Chiropractor is using per and post xrays to document the structural changes he is making, and so far we have corrected everyone with these protocols, and the coconut oil will be tolerated once you nervous system gets out of the sympathetic dominant state and that should be just a couple of weeks
      Dr B

      • Thankyou so much for your advice! What package would you suggest for me? as I am thinking I would like your help with your advice/protocol etc! Just need to know what package and cost would be best for me to get well.
        Many thanks
        Katie :-)

  67. Euan Laffan says:

    Hi Dr Bergman, I have booked and paid for a hour Skype consult with you this Sat 13th. I have been contacted by about it but I am having trouble finding the Skype contact they gave, “skype contact request at John Bergman in Huntington Beach, CA” can you shed some light on the issue I am new to Skype,

    Thanks Euan.

    • Euan Laffan says:

      Hi Dr Bergman,
      I am a bit concerned that I have been done $1,100 (AU) when I booked for an skype package, I have looked into and the email from has a link to a web site which is hosted by WP Engine, when you click on the link for you don’t go there but get a warning message that WP Engine might be trying to steal my information and to not continue, if you continue the web page does not come up but insted you get a 502 bad gateway message, not happy

    • it was great talking to you Euan, let me know how your doing. I’m so excited for you to heal fast!!
      Dr B

      • Euan Laffan says:

        Hi Dr Bergman, I have been doing the exercises you suggested to the letter, every day, and have been improving both physically and mentally. I saw a corrective chiropractic today and was impressed with his attentiveness to my complaints, he said just before he adjusted my neck on the right that is was very stiff, this is a list of his treatments;

        Adjustments, Corrective Care, Extremity Adjusting, Maintenance Care, Pain Management, Patient Education, Posture Correction, Preventative Maintenance, Rehabilitation, Remedial Massage, Spinal Adjustment, Spinal Exercises, Spinal X-Ray, Subluxation

        Soon after his adjustments the pain was greatly reduced and have halved my pain meds tonight “yea ha”.

        My son (you will be glad to hear is unvaccinated since birth) said he was scared when we were on Skype because I was so excited haha he has not seen me so full of energy like that before, finding you and a correct diagnosis after 4 years would do that to you.

        Thanks again, hope to see you on the cruise

  68. I was looking for your video on candida or autism. I must be a dumbass I can’t find either, or even a menu for videos. I love the Youtube stuff so I became a member but I can’t find any relevant information.


  69. Maci Dierking says:

    Hi John!
    Maci here I LOVE all of your videos , a lot of the information regarding diet and health I was already aligned with. Me and my mother have been teaching the benefits of cultured foods for years and have gotten rid of my leaky gut/ibs and helped thousands of people. A few years ago however I fell into a depression after a heartbreak. At that time I was exercising regularly (possibly even too much if thats even possible) I was a great weight for my height and I had very clean minimalistic diet, as well as being pretty good at focusing on happiness and the law of gratitude. When I got my heartbroken my mental state sank worse and worse and as it did so the chemical reaction in my body came into play, I began experiencing high levels of adrenal stress that caused a multitude of issues no matter how good I ate or exercised, I began having small leg pains that increased and increased until my entire body was throbbing all the time and even some panic attacks, this resulted in me seeing chiropractor after chiropractor as I did not want to take drugs or steroids or coritisol shots for the pain/depression. Anywho I have long since met a WONDERFUL man and was married this year in Laguna Beach very close to you it turns comes out! My adrenals are almost 100% back to normal, almost all my upper back/neck pain is gone, but this darn pelvis/hip/sciatic/periformis/sacrum pain is persisting. It comes and goes but I decided I was sick of not doing the exercise i love. I am able to walk everyday with little pain and I can sometimes bike. But I was used to running and doing bootcamps and lifting weights which I adore and am now very scared of as they seem to anger my hips. I have listened to over 60 of your videos and have began walking barefoot (earthing) almost everyday and do the regenerative exercises as well as going even stricter in my diet. I recently also purchased a trocantor belt and am on day 3. However towards the end of day i noticed that I am having shooting electrical like pains in my ankle every 10-30 minutes. They seem different than the inflamed nerve pain I am used to and sometimes take my breath away. I am really hoping that this new development is my pelvis trying to realign itself after years of being in the wrong spot and the sacrum is hitting nerves occasionally as it is trying to do so. I wonder if this is normal? I am doing loads of stretches and try not to sit for very long as well. I am ready to get my love of exercise back. I am only 29 and full of life but the pain is starting to bring me down again. Thank you for your help. Much love,

    • Maci,
      First of all CONGRATULATIONS on getting married! You are doing everything right. The only thing I would stress is to make sure you are only wearing the belt when you are standing or walking. Two other options come to mind.
      1. make sure to do the foot on the block stretch with the knee bent. This will help ensure that pump on the back of the leg is working correctly.
      2. try doing the gas pedal stretch. This is first thing in the morning. Just press down with one foot like your pushing a gas pedal then relax and push with the other foot. This cross-crawl mechanism can help maintain proper foot biomechanics while your pelvis gets back to where it needs to be.

  70. universal71 says:

    Hey Dr. B –

    My wife and I love your videos and have been following your advice… feeling much better.
    Need to get your advice… I have dealt with PVC’s for the last 10 years. My cardiologist says they are benign and that my heart function and valves are “perfect”. Well, after seeing a Chiro, I had mentioned that a gastro doc who scoped me said I had a moderate hiatal hernia. The Chiro doc said she believes that the pressure of the hernia is pushing on the vegus which in turn is disturbing the electrical impulses on my heart. She will do an adjustment on both the hernia and neck/spine. There are times after this where I can go many weeks without a PVC and other times where it gets worse. Not really sure she is up to the task (she also will NOT do an x-ray, she just “feels” my spine) What are your thoughts? Also would you happen to know of a top Chiro Doc in Palm Beach or Broward (Ft. Lauderdale) Florida. I have checked websites and reviews, but no one that strikes me as more than a “Whack and Crack” doc. Keep up the great work Dr. Bergman !!! Regards, Aaron

    • You have got to find a Corrective Chiropractor. If they can answer 5 of the 7 questions below, then they are good to go with.
      1. Do you take x-rays? (essential to find the subluxations)
      2. Do you get listings off of x-rays? (shows where to adjust)
      3. Do you take post x-rays to document structural changes made?
      4. Are your treatment goals to reshape and restore the natural curves?
      5. Are you familiar with correcting disc injuries?
      6. Do you work on post surgical patients?
      7. Can you reverse arthritis?
      Dr B

  71. powerwasher says:

    Hello Dr. Bergman, I am still watching a lot of your videos and had some different questions.
    I am at 340 pounds and really want to lose weight but so confused as there is new talk about hormones are what keep people from losing weight, cut back on carbs, cut back on fats, cut back on proteins, etc….. Just don’t know who to believe or listen to.

    I have a Breville Juicer and the nutribullet but don’t know who to believe or what to do.

    Should I do a liquid diet for a few days, weeks?

    I have looked all over your website but could not find anything specific just for losing a lot of weight unless I overlooked it.

    My knees are hurting a lot but I think are doing a little bit better thanks to your exercises you mentioned on the video about swinging the legs a little bit with ankle weights but I need them a lot better as I am not able to work full weeks as I need to rest my knees after a full day or two of work and really need to get back to work full time.

    Please let me know what to do about losing weight, supplements and exercises to do.

    Thank You.

    • powerwasher says:

      I forgot to ask about glycerin to help rebuild the knees, I have always heard to use unflavored gelatin with orange juice a couple times a day and that will help rebuild joints. With my knees in constant pain, would you recommend this or something else so I can get back to working full time and strengthen my knees so I can start exercising?

      Thank You.

      • Make sure your doing those knee exercises and the gelatin is a great supplement also get your nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor and make sure your calves are working well do those exercises on our knee and foot health video
        Dr B

    • Hi Powerwasher, The best method to get to your ideal weight is first visualize how you would feel and what you would do when you reach your ideal weight, make this visualization as real as possible, ex:”what will it be like to run up that hill and feel the grass rush by your legs with a strong healthy breathing deep and feeling that deep energy reserves feel the sun on your face and the wind rushing by your ears” for food have 1 main meal and 1 small meal per day and fasting from 8pm till 12:30 the next day and drinking a lot of water and no polyunsaturated fats, also have a plant based diet cooked with healthy coconut oil, reduce and alcohol and get healthy juicing and blending, check out our juicing and blending video’s and eat only when your hungry and only eat a small amount until your satisfied and you should loose 20 lbs per month minimum.
      Let me know how your doing
      Dr B

  72. Terryw77 says:

    Dr Bergman
    II’ve been watching your lectures on youtube. And would like to find A Dr Austin Texas.
    I have had stomach problems, for 25 years and have beentaking Nexium other antacids which have lost a lot of their effect I’m having stomach issues again…..How do I get help .
    Thank in advance
    Terry Williams

  73. grantoes says:


    Last September I was stabbed and during surgery had my spleen removed. Since then I seem to have leaky gut, psoriasis and major hairloss and showing signs of fatigue and possibly thyroid issues. Im concerned about it being hashimoto’s as I think this means changing the diet slightly. I have been on a leaky gut diet but I’m just not feeling any better. I started seeing a chiropractor and getting weekly acupuncture. Is there anything else you recommend? I have started juicing but I’m not sure what the best things to heal the gut are to put in it. Can you offer some advice?


    Grant – Scotland

    • Hi Grant, Make sure your Chiropractor took x-rays and is going to correct the nerve pressure and will take a post x-ray to show that changes were made, then once you get the pressure off of your upper neck and make sure your pelvis is stable then check out our juicing and blending video and our handout for the best juicing and blending formulas, look for about 30 days to heal the gut also check out our sleep video because after a trauma you may have interupted sleep patterns
      Let me know how your doing
      Dr B

  74. tmb2093 says:

    hello dr.,

    how much veggie juice per day should I drink to clean my arteries, also how do I restore my libido, I am 33 yrs old.

    • Hello
      To clean the blood you need 40 to 60 ounces of vegetable juice a day. Increase your spicy food intake as well as that will clean the blood and increase the elasticity of the arteries which increases circulation as well. You can even try a cayenne pepper supplement (but MAKE SURE to eat IMMEDIATELY after you take it). I take 450 mg capsules from nature’s way. I can’t stress enough that you MUST eat after or it will really burn! This increase in circulation will help libido as well.

    • Also get your nervous system checked by a corrective chiropractor. Pressure on the spinal nerves that come from the low back can effect sexual function.

      • tmb2093 says:

        thanks dr.B for your response……also I am a fan of your videos on youtube….and I started going to a chiropractor about a month ago, after watching your videos!!!

  75. todd zimerman says:

    Hi Dr. Bergman
    Do you have any advice for curing nasal polyps. WE have a 25 year old son that has had them removed once and now they have returned and he is looking at a second operation. He originally got so that he couldn’t breath very well and had a lot of mucus. one night he was having a really hard time breathing and we took him to emergency and they gave him an inhaler which he has used on and off, but he is on it everyday now again. he also can’t smell with this condition.

    • Hi Todd, we need to get his nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor who also knows how to adjust his facial and cranial bones particularly his maxillary and sphenoid and have him eliminate gluten and dairy because he may have a leaky gut but the Chiropractor will be able to identify if he has that condition.
      I will help in any way I can
      Dr B

      • todd zimerman says:

        Thank you. You wouldn’t have a name of a good chiropractor in the Calgary Alberta, Canada area would you? If not I’ve seen the questions to ask when we go looking.

  76. Jermayne Williams says:

    Dear Dr. John Bergman,

    I have been watching your videos on YouTube, and I like your philosophy of natural healing.

    3 years ago I had a hip injury (posterior dislocation) whilst playing soccer which resulted in an orthopaedic surgeon telling me I had to have surgery. They suggested to me that they put 6 pins and a plate around my acetabulum (hip joint) and said that without the support of the pins my hip was likely to dislocate again. Feeling overwhelmed in that situation I agreed to the surgery and allowed the surgeons to operate.

    3 years later and I have not been able to get full range of movement back in my hip as of yet, and recently my hip has been feeling sore and stiff with limited range of movement. As a Fitness Instructor it deeply saddens me to be in this situation at the age of 26, I have been able to train clients but I am a shell of my former self because I am lacking range of movement in my hip and it is limiting my capabilities to run and play soccer!

    My intuition tells me that I should not have let them put the pins in in the first place and now I am thinking about the possibility of getting them (the pins and plate) removed, although I don’t know if they (the surgeons) would perform this procedure.

    I know that it is hard for you to talk about such an incident without being able to examine a patient, but any advice you can offer I will be truly grateful?

    Thank you sir.

    • Hi Jermayne,
      There might be a solution! the nerves that supply the hip area come out of the top of the lumbar and with all the work you have done on the hip you might have an unstable pelvis, so you need to get to a corrective Chiropractor to get x-rays of your spine and a trochanter support for the pelvis and check your calf muscle for tightness, look at our video on pelvis health
      I will help in anyway I can
      Dr B

  77. Hi Dr. B, first of all…. Thank you for changing lives! You have no idea how much you bless us all! Second, is it still necessary to take a multi v you’re taking body balance?

  78. Hi Dr. Bergman,
    Greetings from the other side of the pond (sorry England). I’ve had Osteoarthritis in my left hip for @ 3 years now, obviously there’s no way I can get in to see you folks. So I was thinking after watching your reversal vids would switching to your recommended diets ie; the juices etc cure it with time or should I book in with a Chiro as well?
    Kind regards

    • Hi Jamie, To regenerate your hip we have to get your blood cleaned with the soluable fibers from juicing and you have to get your nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor you will have nerve pressure at the top of the lumbar and an unstable pelvis and we have to restore the function of your calf and the muscle balance or your thigh, there is a good Chiropractor in London Dr Terry Chimes he may know of a corrective Chiropractor close to you, try a trochanter support for your pelvis and once your nerve supply to the hip gets restored and the blood gets cleaned up then we can cause inflammation at your hip and it will regenerate.
      I will help in any way I can my Friend
      Dr B

      • Hi again Dr. Bergman, Thanks for the info. Just hope there is a Chiro. with your vision local to us.
        Take care

      • Simon lacey says:

        Hi Dr. Bergman
        I fractured my femur when I was 15 they put a pin, and screws, I’m now 35 have osteoarthritis in the hip,
        I love your video’s, do you think I have a chance of reversing the Athritis even with a pin in their?
        That leg does lack a little blood flow,
        I’d love to be able to get back the way I was a couple of years ago so I can play with my kids? Willing to do anything?
        Do you recommend anyone in Melbourne Australia where I live,
        I started the organic veggie diet do you think it’s best to stay off meat all together?
        Open for any suggestions?

        • Yes you can reverse arthritis, even with a pin in their. Osteophytes are a fancy name for bone spurs that develop whenever there is an unstable joint. Wolff’s Law states that the body will lay down more calcium to stabilize areas that are experiencing more than usual pressure or force as is the case when joints are misaligned. Therefore, ANY of the videos on reversing arthritis will be beneficial for eliminating osteophytes. I don’t know of any corrective Chiropractors in Australia, but use our 7 questions to find a good one because getting your nervous system working correctly is vital. If they answer at least 5 with a YES, then they are good to go. If you find a good one please let me know. We got few people who come to our office from Down under
          1. Do you take x-rays? (essential to find the subluxations)
          2. Do you get listings off of x-rays? (shows where to adjust)
          3. Do you take post x-rays to document structural changes made?
          4. Are your treatment goals to reshape and restore the natural curves?
          5. Are you familiar with correcting disc injuries?
          6. Do you work on post surgical patients?
          7. Can you reverse arthritis?

          Eating healthy organic animal in small amounts will be ok. Make sure you’re getting a plant based mineral supplement and get some juicing and blending of healthy organic fruits and vegetables. Avoid polyunsaturated oils, no corn oil, no soy oil, and no canola oil, and get lots of coconut oil and healthy amounts of water.

  79. Eve Page says:

    LOVE all your videos!! Been watching them for awhile now.
    Unfortunately, I just got injured TWO DAYS AGO! My boyfriend took me to a cheap massage place and the bent me, with all his strength in wrong directions. The worse being, having me lay on my tummy, then he lifted me straight up by my shoulders, bending me backwards in a 90` angle. I kept thinking he was going to stop any moment. By the time I said something, it was too late. Immediately, my back, neck, and shoulders were sore. Got a headache for a day. Back and neck still sore. I’m a 39 year old vegan and this is the first time I’ve gotten a back problem. I just started an internship and it took years to get this far in life. (No family since childhood, although I was grew up in Huntington Beach.) I no longer live in Orange Co. By any chance, COULD YOU RECOMMEND someone in Northern California that could help?

    • Eve Page says:

      Perhaps I could drive down there. Do you have a$20 consultation specials available on the weekends?

    • Hi Eve, I don’t know of any corrective Chiropractors in nor cal but here is a list of questions to find a good one you are probably missing a cuvein your neck and that needs to be corrected,
      here is a list of questions to find a good one:
      1. do you take x-rays? you get spinal listing off of those x-rays?
      3. do you reverse arthritis?
      4. do you work on post surgical cases?
      5. do you take post x-rays to document the structural changes made?
      6. do you work on children and osteoporosis patients?
      7. is your goal to restore normal function beyond symptoms?
      If you find a chiropractor that answers “yes” to 5 of those questions you found a good one, if you find a Chiropractor that says “Yes” to all 7 then you found a rock star!
      Dr B

  80. Heidrun says:

    Hi Dr Bergman,
    many thanks for your great work and online health support. I am very much concerned about my 26 year old nephew`s health. He was diagnosed with salicylate intolerance and can´t even eat organic fruit and vegetables as the contain salicylate. How could he boost his immune system and would he benefit from chiropractic or enzymes? any ideas? could´t find anything on your web side.
    Best regards from Germany,

    • Hi Heidrun, Your nephew has to get his nervous checked by a corrective Chiropractor as soon as possible then we can heal his gut with juicing blending and digestive enzymes
      I will help in any way I can
      Dr B

  81. karl200 says:

    Hi dr Bergman.
    I have a question about tetanus vaccine. Would you recommend not to have it? Ive watch vids about vaccines but you never say what would be the alternative for certain vaccines. I as as i have kids 1 and 2 years who have had there mmr jabs as well as tetanus. Should people stop having these? But i worry if my kids did get it of how much it would be my fault.

    Thanks karl

    • Hi Karl, I did a video on Tetanus and it is dangerous vaccine, vaccination is not an effective way to have a healthy immune system, the best for health is to give your kids healthy food healthy supplements like omega 3’s minerals and healthy foods and keep their nervous systems healthy with corrective Chiropractic care
      Dr B


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  5. […] Hi Jamie, To regenerate your hip we have to get your blood cleaned with the soluable fibers from juicing and you have to get your nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor you will have nerve pressure at the top of the lumbar and an unstable pelvis and we have to restore the function of your calf and the muscle balance or your thigh, there is a good Chiropractor in London Dr Terry Chimes he may know of a corrective Chiropractor close to you, try a trochanter support for your pelvis and once your nerve supply to the hip gets restored and the blood gets cleaned up then we can cause inflammation at your hip and it will regenerate. I will help in any way I can my Friend Dr B […]

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