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Power of Plants

Power of plants, disease, and depression. What does all of that have to do with each other? Well, first off, are we the healthiest society the world’s ever seen?

Well, we spend the most on healthcare. Well first you’re going to find out, and this is really frustrating, that who we go to for healthcare, the guys in the white jackets, they’re not really taught methodologies to understand that health is the natural state and that disease is from deficiency and toxicity. See, disease, and I’m glad you’re sitting down, this will knock you over, disease doesn’t exist. Go on, say it. Wait a second. Okay, good. What does diabetes weigh? Anyone? Bueller? What does cancer look like outside of the body? What does high blood pressure look like in a box? Oh, so these things don’t exist outside of the body.

Okay, so now, first off, let’s look about this, because we’re going to talk about enzymes. This, you may know a little bit about them. You’re going to know a lot more in just a really short time. First off, there are ways to go in, help a chemical reaction, and then leave that chemical reaction without changing themselves. Now, there’s 5,000 that we know of exist. We think there may about 10,000 enzymes that we haven’t identified, so we’re talking thousands and thousands and thousands. Now, our government is sinking tons of dollars and research to find out how health is. I know. No, they’re not. 

Anyway, to find out how all the enzymes work and their intimate interactions, it’s going to take a long time until our government gets more health oriented, or, instead of funding chemical research, we actually research life. Now this, multiple types. What we’re mainly going to talk about is digestive and metabolic enzymes, because that’s huge. Now, have you ever heard of an aspirin a day for a healthy heart?

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Okay. Well, now your body and we’re going to talk about how you reverse disease, it’s a sea of metabolic processes. If you build your body up faster than it breaks down, you stop aging. If you build your body up faster than you break down, you reverse cancer. Now, what’s interesting, the aspirin a day for a healthy heart, not only is that no longer recommended, but if you ever see somebody with bruising everywhere on their arm, go up behind them and say, “Hey, on aspirin therapy, are you?” Yeah, they will, because what that does, aspirin seems it slows down metabolic processes.

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