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What is a subluxation?

Tonight we’re going to talk about subluxations. Now, subluxations, that’s a term for a bone out of place putting pressure on the nervous system, limiting how the body functions. 

First off, let’s look at a quick anatomy lesson. From the side your body should have gentle curves. Looking at the spine from the front to back, those vertebrae should be straight up and down. The brain controls and coordinates every function of the body. If that brain has a free flow of information the body can adapt. It can adapt to environmental circumstances, and organ function and the entire life of the body is functioning at an optimal health level. Now, if there is ever a small trauma, or an interruption, or an abnormal position of those bones from, say, auto accident, slips, falls, traumas, and even the birth process itself is traumatic for the mother as well as the child. 

So, who should be checked for subluxations? Everybody. I want to show you something. Because understand that these nerves that come out, 90% of them have no pain fibers. So if you’re waiting for pain to get your body checked that’s way too late. Get it checked now. I’m going to show you why.

Take a look at this. Right here this is how the brain functions. The brain sends a billion impulses a second down to control the heart function, lung function, stomach function, every function in the body is controlled by that brain. Look at this X-ray here. Now, is that a straight shot, or does that look like there’s buckling and turning and bending? Those are subluxations. That means that this brain cannot communicate. That signal may be interrupted. If that signal’s interrupted, lack of function results. This person had a massive shifting inside of the rib cage area. If these organs are affected there, you’re talking abnormal blood pressure, you’re talking abnormal lung fuction, you’re talking abnormal function.


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John Bergman
Dr. Bergman was launched into chiropractic by a devastating accident that nearly ended his life. At 30 years old Dr. Berman was a hard working single dad when he was hit by a speeding car that left him with 2 fractured legs, a fractured skull and chest, bruised liver and heart... (see the welcome page for more details)
John Bergman
John Bergman
John Bergman

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  1. Hi Doc, hiya I’m over the worse but still a long way to go. For the first time in 5years my Back and Body is flexible, house work, moving, standing tall, no working stick but still use the walker chair to go out shopping, door to door witnessing.
    I can’t express enough how grateful we all are!!!
    I’m on the floor doing my roll towel in 6 days from the bed to the floor cause the bed was too easy and I couldn’t feel any discomfort, but I can’t last the whole 18mins on the floor yet like I did on the bed, but it was sore when I start on the bed anyway hehehe. With much love and appreciation from Jehovah God above, Yea Baby!!!

  2. Nancy Figueroa says:

    Hi, Dr Bergmen, I need your opinion how to get rid of the numbness in my left finger tip and tongue, in which it is very agitating. I notice that it’s wore when my blood is high. I want to get this in comtrol Nancy Figueroa

  3. robert howard says:

    Hi thanks for your cometment to help others. me wife has a bad back on pain meds for over ten years. she is going to a new pain management doctor soon. I was reading on there web site that they do Spinal decompression and laser therapy. I really not sure about this, so I thought I ould ask you.

  4. Joy Baker says:

    I want to thank you for devoting your life to helping people be well. It’s a lot of work when it piles up after years of ignorance. But hope is there, and as I have improved I see the light in the tunnel. I look forward to increasing my freedom daily and hope to meet you someday. I am so grateful to be off of allergy meds and pain meds. These ruled me for several years. Now my diet has pulled through as a needed change had to take place. I am working to increase my knowledge. Humbly, Joy Baker

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