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PUBLIC: Thyroid Gland Health

Thyroid Gland Health

Thank you so much making it here.  We’re going to be talking about the thyroid gland. I’ve been working to get this lecture tied in the half-hour and I realized it’s impossible!  It can’t be done; you can’t talk about the linkage between the thyroid, the adrenals, the pituitary, the liver, the function of the lung. You can’t explain the entire T3, T4 ratio, you can’t explain this stuff.  It’s impossible so what I’m going to do is give a rough overview of how the thyroid works. Because you really can’t isolate the organ and that’s where modern medicine, and remember, this is the Dark Ages.  It truly is. 

When I was asked my mission when I was on the holistic Chamber of Commerce panel.  They said, “What’s your mission?” and I thought about it and thought: Well, my mission is to explain that 2013 is the Dark Ages.  This is when we have an ignorant–the leading cause of death is medical care.  The fourth leading cause of death is the right drug, at the time, and the right dosage for the right disease.  We’re going to these supposed “health care professionals” that are causing death so that’s foolish.

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