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The Arthritis Cure reversal

How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally

People ask me all the time, “what is the arthritis cure?” There is a common misconception that arthritis is just part of growing old.  The body is designed in a such an amazing way that it regenerates constantly.  Billions of cells die and billions are created every day.  This means that the blood is only about 120 days old and the skeleton is 12 to 16 months old.  The only thing you have in your body that is the same “chronilogical age” as you, are your memories!  In my best-selling book, How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally, I go into detail on the simple techniques to reverse any arthritic changes you may have in your body because I understand how the body works.  I have also included a four video series that you can access for free in various locations on this site.  Just look for the opt-in boxes that appear in the sidebar or in the actual posts itself. (see below)Hybrid Connect Error : Connector could not be found


Is arthritis reversible?

  • Absolutely, as long as the joint can move, it regenerates. Movement is the key.

My knees are ‘bone on bone’ so I have to have surgery, right?

  • If joint is actually bone on bone it is impossible to move and therefore can’t regenerate. If there is even the slightest bit of movement in a joint, especially the knee joint, it can absolutely regenerate. All you need is movement and proper nutrition.

Isn’t it just part of aging?

  • Absolutely not. There is no way that arthritis is from aging.  All the studies show that older joints and younger joints are just as viable. It is only the result of trauma.

What’s so bad about NSAIDs?

  • They actually BLOCK the building blocks of cartilage which is proteoglycan production.  They also decrease the inflammatory response which is how the body repairs itself.

What are your natural remedies?

  • See our FREE four part video series for specific details.

What does arthritis even mean?

  • Arth- means joint and -itis means inflammation which is inaccurate.  It is actually the body reacting to a deficiency, trauma or toxicity in the body.

Is cracking my knuckles bad for me?

  • No, it is actually beneficial. A British medical journal did a study that revealed the benefits of cracking your knuckles. Cracking your neck or your back by twisting or turning, however, means there is abnormal joint function with pressure building up and releasing in the joint. That needs to be checked. So cracking your knuckles, as long as you are doing it in both directions with the fingers straight, will create healthy joints.


  1. Houssam Barakat says:

    Hi Dr,

    first thank you for all your efforts, you and many real health professional have pull us out from the dark cave that we were living in …

    In short, i am helping my mom to recover her health, she is 63 years old, 151 CM, 80 KG (176 LBS), and the most important she has her gallbladder removed long time ago (more than 20 years ago). She has:
    – Diabetes (type 2): which is now under our control, with low carb low fat diet, she is diabetes free now.
    – Arthritis in one leg joint (which is my concern now): a scan done early shows a degeneration of a part of the cartilage, and some mild calcification in the joint. She can walk normally with some pain.
    – High blood pressure problem and mild calcification in the aortic value (as reported): This should be my next step to fix

    Currently she is under 2 BP medication: Adalat LA 30 and Atonium Plus

    For Arthritis, i am facing the below:
    – Can’t get her weight down, taking into consideration that there is no gallbladder
    – What blood test should i conduct to monitor the progress ? her ESR is high 61 mm/hr (in September), her CRP is normal, not done any RF test yet
    – What is the best diet/supplements for her case ?

    Many thanks for your time,

    • Hello Houssam,

      First of all, it’s important to focus on what’s really important so you have to start asking the correct questions. Rather than getting her diabetes and high blood pressure under control and alleviating the arthritic pain, you must ask the questions… why did she develop diabetes? Why does she have high blood pressure? And why does she have arthritis?

      All of these are symptoms of underlying problems that must be corrected to get her body functioning optimally again.

      So for her diabetes, chronic stress whether it’s chemical, physical or emotional stress will cause a stress response which will tax the adrenal and thyroid glands. The adrenals will secrete cortisol which overtime will cause a breakdown of organs like the pancreas. So anytime you see someone with diabetes, start thinking about any chronic stressors that they’re being exposed to. If you’d like to learn more about natural solutions for diabetes, check out the video below:

      For her high blood pressure, chronic stress will play an extremely important role in blood pressure regulation. The health and quality of the blood is another very important factor because if her blood is nutrient deficient and loaded with toxins then her blood pressure must be higher to pump this thick and toxic blood through her blood vessels. Here’s a video on blood pressure if you’d like to learn more:

      For her arthritis, to understand how arthritis can be reversed you first have to understand why it develops in the first place. Arthritic bone changes take years to develop and they only develop in response to 3 things: an injury/trauma to the joint, improper biomechanics (movement) of the joint or incorrect structure of the overall spine when arthritis occurs in the spine. Arthritis is a natural response of the body to either protect the joint from further injury or to adapt to new structural changes occurring in the body. Here’s a video on arthritis reversal:

      And finally, for the gallbladder… gallbladders become diseased and unhealthy due to a toxic diet that is usually high in processed food, especially animal fats and refined sugar. With the gallbladder removed it will be difficult for her body to absorb fats and the solution is simple… Coconut oil… it’s a medium chain fatty acid and doesn’t require bile or the gallbladder in order to be used or absorbed by the body. You can mix coconut oil into a smoothie, you can cook with it, and even use it as a moisturizer and it will be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Coconut oil is one of the best and most beneficial fats in the world to keep you healthy.

      Check out my video on the Gallbladder for more info:

      The first step would be incorporating all the proper diet and lifestyle changes to give her body everything it needs to heal properly. Start by switching her to an organic, plant based diet with plenty of healthy fats like coconut oil. She needs to avoid any packaged or processed food because these are loaded with toxins which directly affect the health and quality of her body. She also needs to supplement appropriately with vitamin D3, vitamin C with bioflavonoids, omega 3 (fish oil), Lugol’s Solution (iodine), chlorella, spirulina and a mineral/amino acid supplement like Body Balance from Life Force. Make sure you get the highest quality supplements you can find because these are vital for improving her health.
      Here’s a video if you’d like to learn more:

      I also suggest juicing vegetables and blending fruits on a daily basis. Juicing and blending are fantastic because the soluble fiber in veggie juice can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream and bind to toxins which may be affecting the health of your body. Juicing/blending also pre-digests the food so the nutrients/minerals are more easily absorbed by your body. There are also enzymes and natural probiotics in the veggie juice/blended fruit that will radically improve your digestive system.
      Here’s a detailed video about juicing if you’d like to learn more:

      The most important part of the healing process will be correcting any underlying issues with her spine and stimulating the nervous system to promote healing as well as normal function of her organ systems and body. To do this, you need to find a corrective chiropractor that can analyze her spine and nervous system, identify the specific problems, and correct them accordingly. Structural and bio-mechanical problems in the spine can cause nerve interference or nerve impingement which cause dysfunction of the organs and interrupt the communication between the brain and body. By restoring proper nerve flow and communication to the body you’ll see massive changes in her health. This is what I do every day in my office and I see incredible changes with every single patient. Make sure you find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to reshape the structure of the spine, restore normal biomechanics, and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing and normal function.

      Here’s a video that’ll help you find the best possible chiropractor in your area:

      I think that’s enough information to get you started. Let me know if you or your mom have any questions.

      • Houssam Barakat says:

        Thanks Doc for the quick and helpful reply, i still have some questions, hope you can clarify for me:

        – For the fish Oil, it will be an EPA and DHA, without gallbladder, can her body digest it also?
        Can I depend only on coconut oil? Shouldn’t she be taken lipase, bile salt or ox bile to compensate the fat digestion?
        – You were right about the spine alignment, i have an old report for her (2013) it state that :
        “There are changes in osteodegenerative disease with mild narrowing of the L5-S1 disc space,
        There is rotoscoliosis of the spine onvex to right”
        To check her actual status should I ask for X-RAY or RMI for the spine and neck?
        – If I don’t have access to organic vegetables and fruits, with what can I wash the vegetable and fruits to minimize their chemicals?

        I am willing to take an online consultation, having too much things to discuss, but I need first to make all the possible diagnostics

        • The gallbladder is where bile is stored and concentrated. The liver is responsible for producing bile. So with the gallbladder gone she will still be producing bile, but she can’t store and concentrate it to properly breakdown fats. She will still be able to breakdown fats because her liver is constantly dripping bile in the small intestines, but it’s not as efficient without the gallbladder. The best solution is to increase her fat intake throughout the day, especially healthy fats like Omega 3’s. Coconut oil is also fantastic because it doesn’t require bile to be broken down and utilized by the body.

          As for her spinal issues, it would be best to find a chiropractor that can take x-rays and analyze her spine properly. You can use these 7 questions to find the best possible chiropractor in your area. If they answer at least 5 with a YES, then you can be sure you’ve found a decent chiropractor.

          1. Do you take x-rays? (essential to find the subluxations)
          2. Do you get listings off of x-rays? (shows where to adjust)
          3. Do you take post x-rays to document structural changes made?
          4. Are your treatment goals to reshape and restore the natural curves?
          5. Are you familiar with correcting disc injuries?
          6. Do you work on post surgical patients?
          7. Can you reverse arthritis?

          If you don’t have access to fresh organic fruits and vegetables, you have a few options. There are certain types of non-organic produce that don’t contain a large amounts of pesticides which are safe to consume. In the US these are listed as the “Clean 15″. If you do a google search for the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean 15″ you’ll get a list of the 12 dirtiest, most contaminated types of produce as well as 15 of the cleanest types of produce.

          There are certain types of fruits and veggies that are relatively safe to buy non-organic. These are known as the “Clean 15″ which include:
          Onions, Avocado, Sweet Corn (watch for GMO), Pineapple, Mango, Sweet Peas, Eggplant, Cauliflower, Asparagus, Kiwi, Cabbage, Watermelon, Grapefruit, Sweet Potatoes, and Honeydew Melon. This list is changing every year so make sure you get an up to date list whenever you’re shopping.

          You’ll also want to watch out for the “Dirty Dozen” which are foods that you should absolutely buy organic because the non-organic options are extremely toxic. These include Apples, Celery, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Grapes, Nectarines, Peaches, Potatoes, Spinach, Strawberries, Blueberries, and Sweet Bell Peppers. Also Green beans and kale are moving up on the most sprayed list.

  2. Grace Kang says:

    Hello Doc.
    I know someone who lives in Korea with a right knee problem. She hurts more going down the stairs. Since I(as a chiropractor) could not check her spine, I told her to do the weight dangling excercise as you showed on your video. She tried it and she said pain got worse and could not walk for a week. I told her to stop the excercise until she sees someone who could see her spine. It is very hard to find a chiropractor in Korea. Is there anything else she could try in terms of excercise? I am new to the website and this is not the page to ask questions, right? hope you will see this.

    • Hello Grace,

      First of all, that weight dangling exercise is contraindicated if there’s any ligamentous damage to the knees. The reason for this is that it stresses the ligaments and muscles involved in knee function. So if she has any torn ligaments or muscles surrounding the knee this exercise will cause tremendous pain and might cause further damage. I’d recommend she at least get an x-ray or MRI to see what’s going with the knee because neither one of us can tell what going on without analyzing the knee. The best option for her would be to find a chiropractor that can analyze both the spine and lower extremities to correct any underlying problems that are affecting knee function.

      She can use this list of 7 questions to find a good chiropractor in her area and if the chiropractor answers yes to all 7, then they should be able to correct any underlying problems with the knees and spine:
      1. Do you take x-rays? (essential to find the subluxations)
      2. Do you get listings off of x-rays? (shows where to adjust)
      3. Do you take post x-rays to document structural changes made?
      4. Are your treatment goals to reshape and restore the natural curves?
      5. Are you familiar with correcting disc injuries?
      6. Do you work on post surgical patients?
      7. Can you reverse arthritis?

      Let me know if you have any more questions, I’ll help in any way I can.

      Dr. B

  3. garywestwood says:

    hi john, as an elderly masters sportsman just turned 60, I would be grateful for some holistic advice….I play squash 3-4 days per week, gym with weights one day per week, practice on court with sprints one day per week..Have had shoulder ache on racket arm on and off for 2 years so have gone down doctors route, x-rays, ultra sound scans etc. Have been told have arthritic shoulder with bone spur, needing removal and shaving on bone, eventually should joint replacement………….After watching your videos have decided to follow your advice on life style, i.e juicing, no pain killing drugs, reduce meat intake, with search for corrective chiropractor and have cancelled operation. In addition i have arthritis in knee. Have seen your videos for shoulders and knee exercise, and was wondering should i stop hard training and sports while doing such rehab, in addition is it possible to get a “general” meal and juicing plan…i.e breakfeast, lunch etc and when to juice. Also if you have time a few quick questions to get my plan clear….-
    – with juicing is the sugar content dangerous or likely to increade weight gain??
    – I take glucosamine tablets for my joints, good/bad ???
    – I have reduced dairy intake, is soya milk ok as substitute ???
    – After training, sport and exercise is it better to apply heat or ice to joints ???
    – My squash specifice training includes squats and lunges, would you advice against this with arthritic knee ????
    – have started drinking water in quantities you recommend…….will visits to toilet in night reduce with time lol ?????
    many thanks for changing my outlook, gary w.

    • Hi Gary,
      You are absolutely on the right track and doing everything I would recommend. We have to clean your blood and heal your gut. Get on healthy vegetable juices and a plant based diet. Organic plants and only healthy animal products once a week. Avoid polyunsaturated fates like corn oil, soy oil, canola oil. key to your recovery is to take pressure off of your nervous system, so for arthritis you have to get your nervous system checked as soon as possible by a corrective Chiropractor, you maybe able to find one in your area, check out our video on how to find a good one. Here is the link for diabetes,

      Don’t worry about the weight gain from the vegetable juice most of it is just going to flush out your digestive track and clean the arteries, absolutely no soy milk and no soy products for a good milk product use raw organic cows milk or coconut milk, after training moist heat on the joints is going to be fantastic, glucosamine is good but I’d recommend Great Lakes gelatin the green bovine type in your smoothies you’ll get more bang for the buck, for any exercise like squats if you’re sore more than an hour afterwards then you’re streaming your joints too much if you’re sort less than an hour that’s a good gauge. For water intake your body will get used to the increased volume but we also need to get your prostate in shape, I’m going to do a talk specifically on prostate in February but now look at her men’s health video also prostate massage and moist heat applied right over the prostate and Keagle exercises are fantastic to reduce nighttime bathroom trips. I put some sample recipes down below.
      Sample diet and Recipes
      Break fast:
#1 Egg/s with 1 tbs organic virgin coconut oil fresh clove of chopped garlic season with sea
salt and cayenne pepper and sliced melted raw goat cheese
#2 Fresh fruit with berries, melon, citrus, apples (all fruit needs to be organic if you eat the
peal) fruit by itself or with yogurt and/or oatmeal
#3 Fresh cooked steel cut oatmeal with dried fruit, honey, cinnamon, sea salt
#1 Fruit and Braised Greens with lemony potatoes
#2 Fresh Green Greek salad with grilled wild fish
#3 Spring mixed greens with organic hormone free grilled chicken/beef
#1 Braised Greens lemony potatoes, grilled Protein (tofu, chicken, buffalo, beef, fish, legumes,)
Steamed veggies ( broccoli, green beans, carrots) with raw goat cheese , desert=Fresh
fruit by itself or with ice cream/yogurt
      #2 Greek green beans with garlic mashed potatoes, desert=Fresh fruit by itself or with ice
Braised Greens = 2 Kale,2 collard greens, 2 dandelion, 3 spinach, 2 lemons: wash all and
cross cut kale/ collard to 3/4 “ pieces, put in big pot over med heat with 1/2 cup virgin olive
oil season with sea salt cayenne pepper, and simmer for about 45 min. until tender then add
lemon juice
Lemony Potatoes = 5 lb red organic potatoes, 4 lemons: Wash and cut potatoes cut into 1/2 “
cubes put on cookie sheets one layer mix 3/4 cups olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, cayenne
pepper , and bake at 325 for about 1 hr, turning with a spatula every 15 min. until golden
Greek Green Beans = 5 lbs organic green beans, 6-8 grated fresh Romano tomatoes, 1 cup
olive oil: Green beans washed and ends cut put in a big pot over med heat with olive oil, tomatoes
season with sea salt cayenne pepper cook until tender about an hour
Garlic mashed potatoes = 5 lbs organic red potatoes, 2 cups olive oil, 6-10 cloves of fresh
garlic: wash and boil potatoes until tender then drain and add fresh finely chopped garlic and
heat garlic for just 2 min. in 1/2 cup of olive oil then add potatoes and mash up adding more
olive oil , sea salt and cayenne pepper to taste
      Tasty and nutritious juice
Produces 20, 16oz mason jars of juice
3 , 3lb bags of Apples,
2 , 5 lb bags of carrots
6 bundles of Spinach
3 bundles of celery
Special add-ons for juice:
Garlic for colds/flues
Ginger for stomach issues
Kale for strong immune system and iron
Bell peppers for extra vit. C
Beets + Beet Greens
      Coconut Smoothie workout / breakfast:
1 young coconut, 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop veggie raw protein
powder, 2 tbs raw cacao chips, 1 scoop spiralina
      Great fruit ice cream:
2 frozen banana’s run through the masticating juicer with
closed screen add chocolate chips or fresh berries
      Fast Veggie Dinner for 4
8 carrots cut in half and quarters length wise
5 zucchini cut length wise in quarters
1 leek chopped
4 bell peppers: red, green, orange, yellow cut 1/4 length wise pieces
2 tbs organic coconut oil
1 tsp Celtic sea salt
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/8 lb grated raw cheese
Heat the coconut oil in a very large pan , toss in the carrots and seasonings
first then the peppers, then the leek, zucchini and cover and stir the
veggies every couple of min. cook till tender yet firm takes about 10 min.
sprinkle cheese just before serving ( great for the next day lunches)
      Great Fast Soup
3 Bell peppers green, red, orange Chopped
1/2 red onion chopped
4 big cloves of garlic
1 tbs. coconut oil
2 jalapeño peppers (optional)
1 box of organic fire roated or basil tomato soup
2 packages of free range organic turkey meat balls
Sauté the veggies in the oil for 4 minutes toss in the box of soup and the
turkey balls heat slowly for about 8 minutes just before boiling and
simmer for about 6 min. until the turkey balls are hot

      Hope that helps get you started my friend!
      Dr .B

      • garywestwood says:

        hi john many thanks for reply and advice, but after watching a documentary on juicing and antioxident intake in the U.K, i am left confused and would be grateful for your input….The documentary tested the response of antioxident juicing on the public,, with the results showing that after juicing, antioxident levels were raised for 4-5 hours then drop below the norm and take up to 24 hours to recover to the bodies normal levels.. The prognosis was the body produces its own antioxidents so by adding more the body slows down till normal levels are restored through homistasis. i,e by adding higher levels the body is thrown out of balance!! Hope i have explained properly, and would welcome your thoughts, many thanks gary.

        • Hello Gary,

          Yes, the body does produce it’s own antioxidants and by taking in or consuming antioxidant foods you’re radically altering the balance. The problem here is that you need to give your body the necessary ingredients needed to make it’s own antioxidants and the only way to do that is by consuming a variety of nutrients and minerals. There must always be a balance of rest and repair verse stress and breakdown. Since our bodies are constantly being bombarded with chemical, physical, and emotional stress then best way to achieve this balance is to consuming a large amount of nutrients and antioxidants as well as incorporating proper lifestyle changes that are necessary to promote health.

          Taking all of this into consideration it’s best to overload your body with health promoting foods rather than expect your body to make its own antioxidants. The worst case scenario would be that you consume too many nutrients and your body ends up excreting the excess.

          Let me know if you have any more questions and keep up the good work. You Rock!
          Dr. B.

  4. Simon lacey says:

    I wish I found you a couple of years ago, I have osteoarthritis in my right hip I’m 35 I fractured my femur when I was 15, they put pins their, the X-rays don’t look good with bone spurs ect, but I did have pain free weeks only a couple of weeks ago. Iv got strict on my diet, and taking joint building supplements
    Do you think theirs a chance of getting back to the pain free times if they were only a couple of weeks ago?
    I’m really trying to avoid having a hip replacement, so I have them special fun times with my kids

    • Hey buddy I’m resend you the answer, I wanna make sure you got it!
      Yes you can reverse arthritis, even with a pin in their. Osteophytes are a fancy name for bone spurs that develop whenever there is an unstable joint. Wolff’s Law states that the body will lay down more calcium to stabilize areas that are experiencing more than usual pressure or force as is the case when joints are misaligned. Therefore, ANY of the videos on reversing arthritis will be beneficial for eliminating osteophytes. I don’t know of any corrective Chiropractors in Australia, but use our 7 questions to find a good one because getting your nervous system working correctly is vital. If they answer at least 5 with a YES, then they are good to go. If you find a good one please let me know. We got few people who come to our office from Down under
      1. Do you take x-rays? (essential to find the subluxations)
      2. Do you get listings off of x-rays? (shows where to adjust)
      3. Do you take post x-rays to document structural changes made?
      4. Are your treatment goals to reshape and restore the natural curves?
      5. Are you familiar with correcting disc injuries?
      6. Do you work on post surgical patients?
      7. Can you reverse arthritis?

      Eating healthy organic animal in small amounts will be ok. Make sure you’re getting a plant based mineral supplement and get some juicing and blending of healthy organic fruits and vegetables. Avoid polyunsaturated oils, no corn oil, no soy oil, and no canola oil, and get lots of coconut oil and healthy amounts of water.

      Dr B

      • Simon lacey says:

        THANKS SO MUCH for your reply iv been doing all of above for 3 weeks, have no pain now and am 98% feel amazing, one month ago I couldn’t walk or sleep in so much pain, also have found an amazing chiro 2minuts from home which answered all your questions and beleaves in reversal of arthritis. I have been seeing the chiro twice a week for ajustments does this seem a lot I had neck issues and lower back issue’s. Which has reduced my snoring which my wife loves.
        Thanks you So Much for taking the time to reply,
        Your Amazing person helping so many people with your videos

        • Hi Simon,
          that’s awesome I’m so happy that you’re doing better. Seeing a chiropractor twice a week is definitely not overdoing it we see patients sometimes three times a day for acute cases. Keep up the good work let me know how you’re doing.
          Dr. B

  5. Karen Longmire says:

    Dr. Bergman

    I recently found your website and have been praying that there would be some alternative to healing my knees other than surgery. I have begun to implement many of your suggestions for regenerating cartilage.

    My problem is the extreme pain I am experiencing behind my knees. I am doing your exercises, but nothing stops my pain, and it reduces me to tears. It seems to be either a tendon or muscle behind my knee. My activities and movements have become so very limited; I can’t get out and garden, play with my grandchildren, or perform my regular duties without great difficulty. My knee aches all night long. I have tried a push, pull, release technique with my thumbs on the tender area but am not getting significant relief. I finally resorted to taking an Advil today to reduce some of the pain which I know does not help regeneration of the tissue. I am at a loss as to how to manage this pain. Could you please offer some suggestions to me?

    I want so very much to find success with your techniques and would appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

    Karen Longmire

    • Hi Karen, First of all, you need to find a corrective chiropractor. This will ensure that your spine is healthy, which is the primary cause of most knee issues. lets regenerate the cartilage, first clean the blood with vegetable juice daily, reduce muscle meats, organic gelatin is a good supplement for joint repair but the main mechanism is distract the joint make sure the blood is healthy and apply moist heat or a seed bag heated as hot as you can without burning your skin placing the heat on the knees while dangling them. For the knees specifically stretch the calf muscle there is a pump in the calf and the knee will never repair without the calf working, check out my video’s on knee repair however the same mechanism is good for all joints. I will help in any way I can
      You won’t need the surgery.
      Dr B

  6. DAVID SINGER says:

    Hello Doctor,
    1). Will you ever have a told about the teeth?
    2). Verigos veins?


  7. sandra romero says:

    Hi Dr.Bergman,
    my name is Sandra i live in Australia . I found you on you tube..since that day I start to feel more hope of a better quality of life for me…I am 50 yo, i have a right knee frozen if (i can use that term)…I will try to explain a bit..
    14 Years Old I was hit by a car..yes… I know!! you can really understand what it is….broken tibia and cast or plaster for 6 months!
    after that time dr says we have to do an operation ($$$$) because bone did not healed … my parents very worried took me to second opinion..dr are fine!!…plaster out!..since that day all was really normal in my life.
    Until my second pregnancy (i have three daughters) i was 32…i started with some discomfort in the knee…putted many kgs on :(
    but still normal life…i was send to a reumathologist because a blood test showed some arthritis..he took some fluid ..and put a needle don’t ask me what it was..i had my babies and the only thing that i wanted was relief to look after girls (silly me).
    after that I get relief and forgot about me knee!..2 years after had another baby all good…until 3 years ago..
    morning stiffness very painful..I saw may specialist since then..the surgeon said you are too young for operation..lets wait 10 years! I went i haven’t get good results..I have to use a walker at all times, i m so frustrated :( this is affecting my life in many different ways..
    I will tell you how i walk so maybe give you a clue…I cannot extend the knee full range,so when I’m sitting i am ok, but when i get up from chair i do not put whole feet on the ground, hard to put heal on…i Have to remember myself to do it .I have awful pain in my muscles if I get a massage is all knotted and extremely painful.
    In 10 days i have to see a chiro..i been searching someone that is able to say at least 5 yes of 7 i hope this is the right one..
    But i much interested in your opinion…thank you in advance for reading my message XX

    • Hi Sandra, We have to get you healthy!! with what you are saying you can’t extend your knee this makes sense if there is lack of fluid to the knee or degeneration, check out our knee and foot health video and try the weight dangling exercise and also we need to get your pelvis stabilized so ask your Chiropractor for a trochanter support and we also need to get your low back adjusted and your calf working better. Also try moist heat on your knee this may help with the pain and help with your range of motion
      I will help in any way I can
      Dr B

      • sandra romero says:

        Hi Dr B,
        here i’m again! since your last msg i’m still trying to find a chiropractor to answer at least 5 of the 7 questions!!
        I can call me happy if they say yes at 2 o 3….. so difficult here in Sydney..
        Couple of weeks ago i had my visit and he made me and X ray!!!!! yes!! most of them don’t do it ..”at least we need it” (how can they correct if they dont know whats going on inside of my body??).
        So i ask him about the belt he says he not recommend because is uncomfortable…who cares?? i bought it and I’m using it at all times..
        Im doing the dangling exercise..every day twice a day..
        in the meantime next monday I will try another chiro..will see…
        i have the x rays on my computer i dont know if you would like to have a look a it and give me your opinion…if yes..tell me please how i have to do it to send them.
        this week i got on my mail your book about healthy foods..i know i have to make some changes on my diet.
        thank you so much Dr B, and i wait for your answer.
        sandra xx

        • Hi Sandra, My heart goes out to you in your search for a corrective Chiropractor it sucks that not all Chiropractors get the big picture, your Chiropractor can email me and I will explain to him how to stabilize a pelvis without being “uncomfortable” UGGGHH!! if your x-rays are digital or just take a picture of them if they are analog in jpeg format and email them to me
          I sure wish you were closer
          Let me know how your doing
          Dr B

      • Nicole Hansen says:

        Dear Dr. Bergman
        I am so happy that I have found you trough the internet. Sadly, I life in Switzerland.. otherwise I would make an appointment with you straight away. I have been disappointed so many times with doctors/chiropractics etc. here…
        I have had an arthritis Hallux rigidus on my left big toe for about the last 10 years. I am a dancer and live from teaching to dance and dancing (still…). I refused to have an operation and to stiffen the joints (as the doctors first suggested to me). I preferred to live with the pain and the restriction in movement.
        Do you really think that I could get more flexibility back, grow new cartelidge and lessen the pain again? It would be everything to me, as I have the most beautiful job in the world (dancer) and I would be able to do it with(out) less pain again and do certain movements again that I have not been able to do for a long time. By the way, I dance in hight heels (Tango Argentino, Latin American dances in couple)!!!
        What can I do… I really lost the trust in doctors here in Switzerland… what would you suggest to me? I would do almost everything in my power, if there is something I can do.
        Thanks very much for taking the time to read this. It is marvelous what you are doing, thank you!

        • Hi Nicloe, I’m so happy to have met you and examined you, you feet will get healthy and now you know with the x-rays we too that the foot problem is not from the foot, We now need to find a Chiropractor to continue the work we started.
          It was a great pleasure to meet you
          Dr B

  8. Link to video through FB is now working…

  9. Paul Reader says:

    Doc, cannot buy the ‘recovering from Arthritis’ book from Amazon to ship to Dubai. Can we buy it as an ebook to use on a mac?

  10. Paul Reader says:

    Doc, another question. Might be in your book but I have to wait for it to arrive from amazon UK.

    Probiotics, alot of people talking about that putting good bacteria in the gut and replacing the bad bacteria.

    Any specific timeframe after juicing – how many days before you should start to take that.

    Then once started how should you sequence. Is there a set amount of time between meals to juice and take probiotics.
    I’m thinking pipework here doc, normally I flush or blow clean, chemically clean and then finish off with oil … LOL.

    BR, Paul.

    • Hi Paul
      Take the probiotics right before meals and before juicing do this for a minimum of 30 days then repopulate your gut with the bacteria from organic vegetables that are naturally there, for the “pipework” question here is a quote “The British and the Americans are 2 great people separated by a common language” I’m not familiar with blow clean or chemically clean, but it did bring a smile to my face :)
      Dr B

  11. Carol Reader says:

    Paul Reader here. Glad to be onboard. Apologies from self and wife Carol for trying to still hail you on You tube,. This makes far more sense.
    I am diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthiritis.
    using the memory bank I recall psoriasis at approximately 16 / 17 years of age.
    it started in my nail bed early 30’s and was misdiagnosed by several GPS (general practitioners, I hail from England, wife Carol is from the States) as fungus.
    It stayed in my big toe until approx 10 years ago when it branched out into my hands – coming up for air!!
    It is now in both thumbs and two nails.
    Arthritis from memory started within the last 10 years but has only been on my mind for approximately two years.
    It is present (from what I can feel or am conscious of) in my left hand (2 fingers) both of my thumbs, and two of my toes on my right foot. Read on a little further re: updates on where it is.

    7 months ago another GP recommended Celebrex. I took it approx every other day. i stopped taking that within the last 2 weeks. Prior to this I visited a Rheumatologist who asked me to read up on the potential drugs. Well, My stomach did the talking and I did not take him up on the offer.

    I have always worked out in the gym to knock out stress and generally take care of myself.
    Whilst eating well when I read some do’s and don’ts I was eating fatty meats, gluten and nightshade vegetables. So basically not on the best of anti arthritis diets.

    trying to take charge of the disease I used Google, guess what, when you type in PA you do not come up. But the pharmaceuticals do.

    With that I went to see the Rheumatologist again and within a week I had a methotrexate injection after having my bloods checked to make sure all was clear.

    I still felt uncomfortable, went back to google, typed in recovering from psoriatic arthritis and this time you did come up.

    In this one week period my left heel has become very tender and I had difficulty walking in the last two days, some very new, I had not encountered anything remotely at this level. Reading alot of patient forums many seem to have had conditions that got worse on PA drugs. But not all.

    Well, I was due for the second injection today and I cancelled. Instead I was with a chiropractor and had my first alignment, 5 to go. Next one on Monday.

    We have started the vegetable juicing and have cut out the major 5 food nasty’s for Arthritis, luckily process foods are something I have never eaten for many years.

    So it is early days. Sorry to go on, the above is as short a summary I can give.

    My questions to you John,

    1, You have come out strong on NSAIDS and my GPs windows may well be getting a visit by a brick or two.
    But I have not seen you talk about DMARDS (methotrexate is one of them) or Biologicals which the Rheumie’s are getting very excited about. I believe Phil Mickleson is one of the highest profile proponents of Biologicals (enbrel??)

    I want to try and heal myself in a natural way because what you say appeals to my background. I am in the oil and gas industry, I bring online new drilling rigs, drillships as a commissioning manager and when something stops that process we look at root causes.

    2, Given my understanding of your lectures I believe the following is what I must do:

    a, Check out the nervous system, I assume this means a Chiropracter getting me aligned
    b, get the diet right. Vegetable juicing at a rate of 0.5lb juiced vegetables (no nightshades) to 50lb body mass. So I am taking 2lbs of juiced vegetables, in fact I bloody love them and cannot stop drinking the stuff. Hope there is not a limit.
    No gluten
    No processed foods
    No nightshade vegetables
    No fatty meats (port, lamb, heavily marbled beef)
    I have also given up a great love of my life red wine.
    c, supplements – Omegas 2 to 4 gels (containing no shellfish), blackseed oil 1 teaspoon, 1 herbal anti-inflammatory

    is Vitamin C a no no? You recently vitamin C chelation, i dont know what it is and also hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy.

    3, Am I on the right track? Is there any of the above I need to omit or add to.

    4, Get into remission, get the RA below 3, stay there by diet, exercise and healthy state of mind. Wife is also coaxing me successfully into Yoga but have to admit the joints get in the way some times!!

    My chiropractor is enthusiastic and wants to participate in work with yourself via me as I have told him when we leave Dubai my case notes are heading your way. But in short he does not have a holistic approach beyond getting the back aligned and supporting that with Physio in the right areas. However, for enthusiasm I think I have the right man whilst in Dubai

    My apologies to all if I have buggered up the forum.

    Hello to all and a healthy new year to you.

    Best Regards, Paul.

    PS are we sure Red wine is not a wonder cure.

    • Hi Paul
      Your diet changes are great, there are a couple of changes that will help regenerate healthy joints, first we need to increase the acid in your stomach there is a great study (Southern Medical Journal 38(4):235-240, April of 1945) for the lack of stomach acid so for supplements get some Betaine Hydrochloride capsules and some plant based mineral supplements, you can go back to the red wine just get some without sulfates and the mineral supplements will, I’m not a fan of methotrexate or enbrel while they do reduce pain and inflammation they also limit healing, Vitamin C with bioflavinoids will be a great vit for inflammation and repair a hyperbaric chamber will increase the oxygen levels in your blood will also help are on the right track with everything, make sure you are juicing carrots and beets for the anti-fungal properties also eliminate and polyunsaturated fats (soy, canola, corn oils, etc..)
      For the yoga you might find that the hot yoga will feel better just make sure you get some coconut water before and after your workouts
      Have a great day
      Dr B

      • Paul Reader says:

        a, Check out the nervous system, I assume this means a Chiropracter getting me aligned – was this a correct assumption on my part when you mentioned getting the nervous system checked out?

        With regards to the hyperbaric chamber is there a set period of time per week to spend in a chamber.

        Bought the Betaine Hydrochloride capsules today and will start popping them, likewise Vitamin C.

        I know we are all different but any timeframe to expect swelling to go and or remission. I assume it takes quite a while.
        No worries on the Fats mentioned above, we don’t go near them.

        Awesome news about the wine. Will make that a red letter date in the future when the swelling has gone and I get some blood tests done again showing levels all moving in the right direction.

        Dont know if it has anything to do with the recent changes but the heel pain has nearly gone, walking normally again. Next stop the extremities.

        BR, Paul.

        • Hi Paul
          For the nervous system check you are right it has to be done on x-ray by a corrective Chiropractor, the hyperbaric chamber should be done weekly for about 4 weeks that should be enough to oxygenate your system, I’m so glad you are getting results fast… expect fast results!! also to help your legs maintain this correction check out the calf stretch exercise on our video’s for adjusting the pelvis, where you put the ball of your foot on a block about 2cm thick and your heal on the ground and stretch your knee over your toe to stretch the pump on the back of your calf
          Have a great day
          Dr B

  12. Ryan Watchel says:

    Hi dr bergman i am woundering something I got grinding in my sholders is there a way to get rid of the grinding? it sounds like it is comming from sholder blade area.

    thanks. ryan

    • Hi Ryan, What you are describing is a problem either from your cervical or thoracic area, could also be from dehydration. 100% of shoulder problems I have seen have some amount of either a loss of curve or forward head carriage, also stand in front of a mirror with your hand relaxed by your side if you see the back of your hands it means you have internally rotated shoulders you should see thumbs in normal shoulders, to fix what you are describing get your neck and back checked by a corrective Chiropractor and you will get better fast.
      Dr B

  13. Harlech1000 says:

    Hi Dr B

    Still trying to find a Chiropractor who believes the same way as you do. Is there any question I can ask them to find out whether the Chiropractor may be suitable for my needs in this regards? I’ve tried asking about whether they think its possible to regenerate cartilage as I thought that might help but all I got was the answer …
    there are many drugs and surgery that can help or it depends on whether the arthritis is caused by infection or misalignment.

    None seemed to say a firm “yes” and I do know that there are other mitigating factors that will affect each personal circumstance but if they can’t start off with a “yes its certainly possible” how can you trust them to do the best for you and just not resort to “actually you really need surgery or drugs.”

    Your help has been invaluable to me so far and that from half way across the world.


    • Hi Tracy
      I know how frustrating it can be, when I teach doctors that arthritis reversal is possible and see their eye’s light up when they see the possibilities that is a great joy. Here is a list of questions we have sent around the world if you get a “yes” to 5 of them you have a good Chiropractor if you get a “yes” to all 7 then you have a rock star
      1. Do you take x-rays?
      2. Do you get spinal listings off of the x-rays? (some Doctors only take x-rays because they can bill for them)
      3. Is your goal to restore normal function or only symptom relief? (most Doctors: MD’s, DC’s, Physical therapists treat only symptoms and that is NOT Corrective Care)
      4. Do you take post x-rays to document the structural changes made? ( this is the only way to show correction)
      5. Are you familiar with repairing disc injuries? (this requires a high level of skill)
      6. Do you work with post spinal surgery patients? (this requires a high level of skill)
      7. Do you work with Pediatrics and the Elderly? (this requires very specific techniques )

      For any questions Please contact :
      Dr John Bergman D.C. 714-962-5891

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