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Weight Loss by Reprogramming Your Metabolism

Adult obesity rates have doubled, and child obesity rates have tripled; obesity is a contributing factor to over thirty different diseases. Therefore, obesity is poison to our population.

When your body takes in nutrients or extra calories it can’t break it down, what does it do with it? It stores it as fat.


“Your body’s going to pack it into the most efficient storage unit around, and the most efficient unit that you have is called fat.”

Food companies have manipulated our brain function to make us crave poisonous, toxic food, for they “create different chemicals that you can put in food to stimulate and excite neurons.”

Therefore, reprogramming your brain is the solution to obesity: “When we talk about reprogramming your brain, we’re going to use that olfactory bulb that stimulates the brain to change your brain’s function to start utilizing nutrients.”

HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, has proven to be very effective in our  practice, for some of the office staff lost fourteen pounds. HCG is a hormone inside of pregnant women’s urine.

HCG stimulates the hypothalamus. “It gets your brain to attack the abnormal fat, so instead of during a diet process, you’re not going after the interstitial fat.”

HCG is almost impossible to get now because it is being outlawed by the government

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How can you be on your way to overcoming obesity (without HCG)?

  • Undergo an x-ray exam, physical exam and drug screen first.
  • Detox your system (Using chlorella & spirulina is recommended.).
  • You have to have enzymes, so stay away from all processed food because they are devoid of enzymes.
  • Work out 20 minutes, three days a week
  • Take vitamin B12 to have energy. Your energy might be low as a result of the new routine.


“Your body isn’t designed to be sick, fat, and nearly dead” 

Take back control of your body and life!


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