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What is Detox?

If you’ve ever taken a medication, you need to detox.

How do you detox your body?  

  • Get your nerve supply checked.
  • Get a colonic and clean your liver.
  • Eat mostly raw, healthy and organic foods.
  • Drink cleansing drinks (must contain bentonite clay and psyllium husk).
  • Consume more enzymes.
  • Supplement with vitamins and minerals.
  • Exercise regularly.


Why should I detox?

  •  Because we are living in a toxic environment. In fact, you detox simply by breathing, sweating, urination or defecation. There fore, you are already detoxing.  

Isn’t detox just for drug addicts?

  • Drug addicts do need detoxification but the drug addicts I deal with are taking Advil, Aleve or Tylenol. Those are some of the deadliest drugs in America.  Tylenol is the deadliest drug in America in relation to the liver.

Are prescription drugs safe?

  • Absolutely not.  Prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in America.  That is with the correct prescription for the “correct condition”.  Prescriptions are dangerous.  They poison an enzyme or block receptor sites on cells.  That slowly kills you.

What is the best way to detox?

  • Eliminate the toxins in your system.  A vegetable juice fast would be ideal.  Exercise is beneficial because of increased respiration, perspiration and excretion.

Are there any other detox options?

  • See above answer. Simpler is better.  A vegetable juice fast may also be beneficial in some cases.  Stay tuned for posts regarding how to juice and some of our favorite recipes.

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  1. Yvette Johnson says:

    Hi doc….I am a member now, but I’ve tried to log into the forum repeatedly – it keeps saying it does not recognise my name or username or anything….?

    Is the forum for only certain members?


  2. Really enjoying all your videos. Learning a lot about anatomy and functions . Thanks.
    I am 66, my mom is 94. She was placed on blood pressure meds and also triamterene to help keep the BP lower, which is made way to low, so the doctor said every other day is fine. I read up on it and it can just be stopped, so mom said “do it !” I did so , I am decreasing her BP meds(cardizem 240mg) over a few days and hope to have her off this stuff. Also I took the “baby aspirin ” off her list. No other meds. We are both on a vegan diet, except for the occasional organic egg for her( I prepare everything for her), no processed foods, juicing with all sorts of organic vegetables/fruit, She take a probiotic supplement. I’m encouraging her to get up as much as possible and walk, she drinks about 6 cups of water each day. Nearly every problem she has had in the past few years was due to dehydration. She wants to be drug- free and we are almost there ! Thanks for all you do; it is super appreciated ! Carole

    • Hi Carole, Thank you for taking care of mom, your doing everything right to help her, have her drink more water and make sure she deep breaths for 10 minutes before you take her blood pressure and get her nervous system checked by a corrective Chiropractor as soon as possible, and she will get better
      You Rock!!
      Dr B

  3. Donna Matovich says:

    I have elevated liver enzymes. What is the best way to detox the liver and bring the numbers done.

    • Hi Donna, First we have to get your nervous system healthy then heal your gut then make sure your colon is working well and then we can detox, do you have a good corrective Chiropractor? make sure they have recent x-rays!
      I will help in any way I can
      Dr B

  4. Brenda & John Guenther says:

    Dr B, First of all we found you just in time. We both have multiple issues but the most pressing is that my husband had an infected tooth, had to have it pulled & was on antibiotics for 10 days. Two days after finishing that round of antibiotics he had what he thought was a urine infection, turned out to be a prostate infection. This Dr put him on a strong antibiotic called Cipro. He’s been experiencing burning in his stomach, dark stools, extreme nervousness along with dizziness, headaches etc. and after 7 days he’s ready to stop (prescription is for 14 days 500 mg). He’s afraid if he stops the Cipro, the infection will return. He has been taking probiotics and yogurt 4 hours after a dose, he says it helps but not enough to continue as prescribed. He’s also been juicing, but not the juicing with fruits & flaxseeds with almond milk. I use coconut oil when I cook, and that’s one thing I am doing as you suggested. Is there something else we can do without possibly getting into the antibiotic rut?

    Thanks for your help
    Brenda & John

    • Try colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic. You can get it at most health food stores. Also, a warm moist cloth on the lower abdomen for ten minutes will help increase the circulation which allows the white blood cells to travel faster to the infection site to fight it off.

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