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What is High Blood Pressure? pressureSo what is high blood pressure? So many people today have been made to believe that blood pressure is something that should remain constant.  They scare you with high cholesterol, risk of stroke and even death!  The reality is that blood pressure is a very dynamic (ever changing) number that SHOULD be higher in certain circumstances.  Do you think an olympic weight-lifter should have the same blood pressure as a teenage girl?  Of course not! Your body knows when more oxygen is required and will increase blood pressure accordingly to fill that need.  The Western diet, full of fat, processed foods and neurotoxins, damages the circulatory system which can make it work harder than necessary.  Heart rate is controlled by the central nervous system and must be operating at 100% in order to have optimal health.  I have listed some of the most frequently asked questions below to ease your mind about the “perfect” blood pressure of 120/80.  Educate yourself before you blindly take a recommended prescription to lower blood pressure.


What is considered high blood pressure?

It really depends on the country you are in.  America has a very narrow range.  They have normal blood pressure, low blood pressure, pre-hypertension and hypertension.  The numbers are different in India and Europe.  Blood Pressure is designed to fluctuate depending on a person’s physiology. 

Are blood pressure meds safe?

No they are not.  To chemically alter physiology is a violation of biologic law.  

How do I take my blood pressure at home?

To have the most accurate blood pressure reading you need to take 10 minutes.  Deep breathe (in through the nose out through the mouth) with the left arm raised to a point (and supported by the back of a chair) level with the heart. This will change your physiology and therefore give you a consistent reading every time. 

Is salt really that bad for me?

No.  Salt is actually really good for you, especially mineralized salt.  It can actually lower blood pressure and help relieve joint pain.

Is there a natural way to lower blood pressure?

Yes, breathing and water.  Proper nutrition, hydration and respiration will give you healthy blood which leads to healthy blood pressure.  See our free video by filling out the form below. 
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I get dizzy when I stand up sometimes.  Is that from my blood pressure?

There are three things that effect balance. The eyeball on the horizon called the vestibulo-ocular system, information coming up the dorsal columns of the spinal cord and the cerebellum.  If you go from sitting to rising and feel dizzy then it could be a nervous system issue because blood pressure is suppose to increase in that situation.

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  1. Raj Patel says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 67 years old and doing excercises regularly everyday for 1 to 2 hours and I run/walk for about 5 miles a day.. right now I am training for a full marathon after a little problem in my knees which is now coorected.

    I am a vegetarian no eggs no fish no seafood.

    I have GERD as per doctor which was diagnosed 5 years back and since then I am on LANPRO 3O (Lanzoprazol) Without this I can’t eat anything…

    And last year my doctor hooked me with another drug Benicar 20.

    I want to get out of these chemicals…

    My History :

    I had my left leg fractured when I was a kid (5-7 years old )

    I falled down with a pull up bar and hit me on my left leg.. after that I falled down my driveway after removing snow. And couple car accidents but no visible injury or pain ..

    I got my knee pain while descending non working escalator with a jerk in my right knee.

    So please guide me how to get out of my medication.


    Raj Patel

    610 310 8325

    • Hi Raj, First of all we need to get you to a corrective chiropractor this will ensure that your spine is healthy, which is the primary cause of most knee issues. With your history of GERD you have some nerve pressure in your thoracic area, check out our video on cervical spine Once you get your nervous system working and fix the nerve pressure in your neck and upper thoracic spine you should be able to stop the drugs. Find a good Corrective Chiropractor he can further guide you in getting off of drugs as well as fixing GERD. And check out our video on correcting GERD you will find it is very easy to do
      Dr B

  2. Carol Morris says:

    Hi Dr.B- seems like I am writing to you daily! I’ getting on board with things; a few things at a time! Still haven’t starting the juicing yet, but have not forgotten! Forgot to tell you I am now drinking Almond Milk and Lactose-free milk. Also eating 7-grain gluten-free bread! Got the Bromelaine tablets and started taking them yesterday. I have an appointment with the M.D. on Friday to discuss my blood pressure issues. Keeping a record of the readings ( 2-3x day). Feeling well and off the Nsaids for pain. Yay! More soon…

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