• You’ve heard about “piriformis syndrome”, “IT Band syndrome” and other mysterious conditions of the lower back and extremities.  What about ankle and knee problems?  What is the TRUE cause of those conditions?  We go deep into the investigation of the true cause of these conditions always having a profound respect for the dynamic design of… Read More

    The Pelvis: An often Overlooked Source of Disease and Dysfunction
  • Foot and knee problems such as bunions, “flat feet” and “bad knees” that run in the family are actually caused by nerve pressure in the lumbar spine which can lead to an altered gait which destroys the joints of the legs.  Find out how to prevent or reverse this issue in the video. Click to…...

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    Healthy Feet and Knees for LIFE!
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons cases seem to be skyrocketing in America today.  Learn the simple steps to greatly reduce your chances of submitting to these conditions and even how to help reduce the symptoms!  Your brain has been keeping you alive since you were born.  Give it the fuel and exercise it needs to keep running…...

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    Brain Health
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    2015 Eastern Caribbean Cruise with Dr Bergman!
  • Now this is really important about Osteoporosis, how many of people in here have bones, people? Everyone, okay! If anyone wants to take up body building, you can join my favorite group but have to be a minimum of 75 years old. Maybe I’ll be there because I have about 23 years left. Osteoporosis is… Read More

  • Now, tonight we’re talking about home remedies. The tough part with this is it’s going to kind of put responsibility on you. How many people utilize medical care? I know, I know, what’s tough is when I say “medical care,” They’re not really into health care. One of my patients, she’s a pharmacist, and there… Read More

  • What is a subluxation? Tonight we’re going to talk about subluxations. Now, subluxations, that’s a term for a bone out of place putting pressure on the nervous system, limiting how the body functions.  First off, let’s look at a quick anatomy lesson. From the side your body should have gentle curves. Looking at the spine… Read More

  • Psychiatric illnesses, now one of the most frustrating things, when you’re looking at the research, is most of the research that was done on this was done back in the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s and 70′s. Now were they more advanced back then? I don’t know, let’s take a look. So first off, how common are… Read More

  • People often avoid chiropractors because of some horror story they have heard about someone’s distant relative or friend and rarely a personal negative experience.  Stroke, paralysis and even death are obviously serious but the risk of any of these due to a chiropractic adjustment is minuscule. The truth about strokes and chiropractic and more details… Read More

    PUBLIC: Strokes and Chiropractic
  • How do you get Lyme disease?  Well don’t worry about tick bites alone… some information has linked Lyme disease to several sources…including sexual transmission. Tonight, we’re going to be talking about Lyme disease. It’s interesting because we got comments from literally around the world, South Korea, Cambodia, Australia. This one was from one of our… Read More

    PUBLIC: How do you get Lyme Disease?
  • Sometimes my patients come in and ask “What is Ulcerative Colitis, IBS or Crohn’s Disease and what can chiropractic care do about it?” This is a self induced illness so we’ve got to find out why we’re inducing it on ourself. Some people call it our immune disorder. Some people say it’s genetic. None of… Read More

    PUBLIC: What is Ulcerative Colitis, IBS a & Crohn’s?
  • Good. Tonight we’re going to be expanding on thyroid gland. Okay. We did thyroid a couple of weeks ago, and like I said, it was too much information in too short of a time. That’s why July is thyroid month. Okay. Because it is. It’s too complicated a subject, particularly when you talk about the… Read More

    PUBLIC: Thyroid Gland Health & Stress
  • This  is one of the most important talks we’re ever going to do. This is about fermentation, but it’s not really about fermentation. Fermented vegetables are critical to overall gut health. We have to change your perception. Now, are bacteria good or bad? Don’t answer. What does the television tell .you? Audience members: Bad. Bad,… Read More

    PUBLIC: Fermented Vegetables such as Kimchi and Sauerkraut
  • Many people have asked us why we would setup a membership site like Owners-Guide.  The answer is simple. People only pay attention to (and VALUE) those things in which they have invested.  Too many times we give free advice and people don’t follow through, even though it is in their best interest to do so!… Read More

    Why Should You Become a Member?
  • Welcome to the True Health Tuesdays. Okay now, tonight is going to be a little bit different. We’re going to talk about all the different types and benefits of juicing and blending and then we have an enzyme expert Jeannine, who’s is going to demonstrate a very safe, effective method to open a coconut, and… Read More

    PUBLIC: Benefits of Juicing
  • During this Half Hour to Health, I discuss allergies, asthma, hay fever and all the overreactions of the body. I describe the history of allergies as “a new phenomenon that has affected so many people.” I define allergies as “an unhealthy immune system response.” I am concerned because allergies have tripled in the past twenty… Read More

    PUBLIC: Cure allergies FAST
  •   Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD Disorder) and  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD Disorder) and the cause of them both. ADD disorder and ADHD disorder are being “Treated in the United States at epidemic proportions with medication, stimulants.” However, “Instead of drugging the kids, I’m here to present a possible cause of it.” A normal neck is… Read More

  • Hello, I’m Dr. John Bergman for Common Sense in Healthcare.Tonight we’re going to talk about the cure for headaches. Okay, now any medical journal you read between 93 to 97% of all headaches are cervicogenic, which means they come from the neck. So here’s a clue. Should you take a drug or fix the neck? Obviously, fix the… Read More

    PUBLIC: Cure for Headaches; Migraines and Tension Headaches
  • Autoimmune disorders are the fourth most popular disease known; however, it was almost unknown about four years ago. Furthermore, autoimmune disorders are when the body’s immune system reacts properly in the wrong direction. That leads to this question: “Why is it that the immune system, which is designed to recognize pathogens, is attacking itself?” Moreover, we… Read More

    PUBLIC: Autoimmune Disorders Overview
  • Welcome to the Half Hour to Health. Now tonight we’re talking foods that heal, foods that kill.  We’re living in a backwards society. We’ve got an FDA that’s supposed to control where you’re supposed to be able to go up to the counter, blindly pull anything off of the shelf and eat it without reading… Read More

    PUBLIC: Foods that Heal vs Foods that KILL
  •      Good. First off, thank you so much for making it here tonight, because I’ve got to tell you, to take time out of your day just to learn something. This information is radically different than what you’re going to learn from your doctor, and you’re going to find out why, because a lot… Read More

    PUBLIC: Natural Cancer Cures
  • This  Forks Over Knives review is for Americans wondering where we went wrong. In the film, Forks over Knives. The film asserts that deadly diseases, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, can be prevented, controlled or reversed, if we improve (change) our diets. What is the meaning behind the name of the movie?

    Public Post:Forks Over Knives Review
  • If you’ve ever taken a medication, you need to detox. All prescription medications either block a receptor site or poison an enzyme.  It is critical that anyone taking prescription, or OTC (over the counter) meds detox their system.  While this may seem a daunting task, the dynamic design of the human body makes it fairly… Read More

    PUBLIC POST: What is Detox?
  • We’re going to talk about blood pressure, OK? Now, what’s tough is, this is one of the most ignorant therapies I’ve ever seen on the planet. And we’re going to start to break through a lot of barriers. It has to do with not just legend, but with false medical practices. So when we look… Read More

    PUBLIC POST: Blood Pressure
  • How to Get Deep Sleep Thank you so much for making it here because, you’ve got to figure, a third of our lives we spend in bed. And you can probably get all of this information off the TV set. Well, first off, you’re going to learn how to reverse disease using sleep. Sleep is… Read More

    Public Post: How to Get Deep Sleep
  • FOOT HEALTH This is a really important subject because I have two. I have a right and a left. No, I’m kidding, but when you look at it, because, healthy feet, the number one fear of people as we age is, loss of mobility, loss of function. And if you know that feet are not… Read More

    Public Post: How to Have Healthy Feet
  •   We’re talking about depression and bipolar disorder, but you’ve got to figure it all has to do with digestion. I know that sounds weird, but when you look at this, first off this is epidemic. Now this fellow here, Robert Whitaker wrote a brilliant book called The Epidemic, and it is an epidemic. If you… Read More

    Public Post: Depression & Bipolar Disorder
  • Fibromyalgia: Real Solutions for a Real Problem Now, the tough part with this is, it’s a disease that, according to medical authorities, is incurable. Now, the symptoms are real. The symptoms are absolutely real, but, does the disease itself exist? Well, lets looks into that. Now, first off, this is the Mayo Clinic definition of… Read More

    Public Post: Fibromyalgia

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Foods that Heal

Welcome to the Half Hour to Health. Now tonight we're talking foods that heal, foods that kill.  We're living in a backwards society. We've got an FDA that's supposed to control where you're supposed … Read More

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Hello, I'm Dr. John Bergman for Common Sense in Healthcare.Tonight we're going to talk about the cure for headaches. Okay, now any medical journal you read between 93 to 97% of all headaches are … Read More


The treatments for osteoporosis and osteopenia are growing every day...but are they safe?  Following these instructions can help keep your bones healthy and strong for decades to come WITHOUT … Read More